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"So, I've finished the EA Beam guys! Which is great news, unless I had something preventing me from using it for crime, you know, like friggin' League Probation! Knowing me, the EA Beam's probably got some testing to be done on it, too. Maybe I'll do that in the meantime." Dr. Horrible grabbed a sticky note from his desk and scribbled a reminder to do that, and stuck it on the frame of his computer monitor. He returned his gaze back to the webcam. "It's been two months. I'm tired of sitting around and twiddling my thumbs while my name fades into obscurity. And I can't do anything about it!" Defeatedly, he flicked a crumpled up piece of paper on his desk. He didn't even flick it right, as it depressingly rolled off the edge instead of flying in the air. He sighed.

"I'm losing my mind, because everything I've worked for is fading away."

"That's really depressing, Doc," Moist called from another room.

"Not now, Moist! I'm recording a blog!"

He poked his head in from the kitchen, making himself visible to the camera. "Oh, sorry, Doc," he waved, "Carry on."

"So I'll test my EA Beam, I guess…what else? Emails to read?" He fumbled through a stack of papers mixed with blueprints for the EA Beam, among other evil schemes.

"Here's one from MaybeMabyeNot27. 'Dr. Horrible: Sorry about the you being down in the dumps lately. I was curious if you had any advice for any starting villains out there who want do evil deeds better…'

"Well, I'm probably the best person to ask right now…I guess what you need is…"

"Inspiration? Yeah. That sounds pretty cut and dry. Inspiration. How do I get inspiration, you ask? Well, I—"

Right at that moment, a loud smack was heard as something flying at high velocity hit the closed apartment window.

"Holy—" He rose from the desk, camera still rolling. He ran up to the widow sill, wondering what exactly the disturbance was. As Moist followed behind from the kitchen, Dr. Horrible found, to his surprise, a disoriented pigeon recovered on his fire escape. A letter was inexplicably tied around its neck. As the Doctor unlocked the window, the bird, with a sense of determination, flew past his shoulder into the apartment.

"Ah! No!" He gasped, erratically reaching for the pigeon. As it evaded his grasp, it landed on his keyboard. Before either Moist or the Doctor could utter another cry, the pigeon cleared its throat. Wide-eyed, the two gave each other an 'is this really happening' look and moved closer to the desk.

"I carry a message," began the bird in a very low tone, "from the E.L.E. and Bad Horse himself."

"Bad Horse? Really?"

"The one and only Stallion of Vice," stated the pigeon.

At a loss for words, he simply shrugged at Moist and reached for the letter wrapped around its neck. He read the sealed stationary silently.

"So, do you have a name, mysterious-talking-letter-pigeon?" Moist ventured to the bird.

It gave a deep sigh. "No, sadly I am nameless. My master, Fury Leika, has not named me, or any of the other mutant birds she has at her disposal. Doves, swans, and parakeets, to name a few, all under her dominion. Yet all, like myself, remain without a title, like my ancestors before me."

Moist blinked. "Um…well said."

"Moist!" Dr. Horrible exclaimed. "I'm done!"

"Whaddya mean 'done'?"

"I'm out! Of League Probation!"

"Doc! That's great!"

Dr. Horrible turned to the camera on his monitor, remembering that it was still recording. "Internet! Look, I'm back!" He showed the letter off to his audience. He eyed over the letter once more. "Hm. There does seem to be a…catch."

"Which is…?" Moist motioned impatiently for him to continue.

"You have to be reinstated through an act of evil to come back," replied the deep-voiced pigeon.

"Yeah…" Dr. Horrible sat back in his deskchair. "Which…which shouldn't be hard, now that the EA Beam is done! Yes! Perfect! Thank you, talking pigeon!"

Dr. Horrible faced his audience, grinning giddily and pressing his fingertips together. "Moist, we've got some testing to do. The Doctor is back in practice!"

"Good catchphrasing, Doc!"