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"Sam, honey, we're here!" my Mum's blue eyes - which I had inherited – sparkled with excitement at the prospect of our new home and her new job. My Mum is the complete opposite to me, very girly-girly, loves to wear summer dresses and can hardly sit still. Our new house wasn't huge but it wasn't tiny either. As I walked into the entrance hall of my new home I sighed with exhaustion, long drives tended to do that to me, but I lugged my carrier bag up the stairs all the same.
"I get the biggest room!" Mum yelled up the stairs, so I walked into the second largest bedroom.

My first sight of the room made me swear silently under my breath, it was hot pink and my neutral coloured bedspread and decorations stood out like a sore thumb against the horrific colour. The colour was going to have to be sorted out, SOON.

I started to unpack my clothes and put them in my wardrobe and chest of drawers. When I was only halfway through packing away my t-shirts and jeans, strictly no skirts or dresses (which caused my mother distress, that I wouldn't even think about dresses or skirts) my Mum called me down for a dinner of pizza and garlic bread, whilst watching QI.

After that was finished I went to unpack the rest of my clothes and my Mum cleaned the dishes. As I unpacked I put my iPod on its docking station and sang along. When everything was finally packed away there was a knock at the door.

"Sam, can you get that!" my Mum asked from her position in the hallway, holding a soapy cloth and some cleaning spray.
"Sure" I replied. I leapt down the stairs 2 at a time and opened the door, on the other side stood a man and a woman, two children standing in front of them and a boy with dark brown hair who looked around my age standing behind them. The boy had a look about him that said 'I do not want to be here' but when he saw me I swore I saw his eyes light up for a second, though it was probably just my imagination.
"Hi, I'm Sue Brockman, this is my husband Pete and our three children, Ben," she pointed to the young boy with unruly, curly, brown hair. Who proceeded to smile a toothy smile at me, "Karen," she said as she pointed to only girl who had curly, golden hair, "and Jake." She finished, pointing to the teenager with dark brown hair that fell a little into his eyes.
"Hi, my names Sam, my Mum's just cleaning up, we only just moved in and everything's a little dusty" I explained.
"Hi Sam, we live next door!" Karen said happily.
"Mum, the new neighbours are here!" I yelled over my shoulder "Would you like to come in?" I asked.
"No, its fine we just popped over to say hello to our new neighbours." Pete said.
"Are you sure?" my Mum asked as she finally arrived at the door. "My name's April Clarkson by the way, I'm Sam's mum."
"No, we've got to be getting dinner ready soon anyway, see you around" As my Mum and Sue were talking I was looking into Jake's bright blue eyes, they were extremely enchanting. Did I like him? I didn't even know him! All I did know was that he cute and seemed friendly, friendly enough to come over and visit the boring new neighbours – at any rate. The whole family said good bye and just as I closed the door, I saw Ben and Karen racing back to their house, this family seemed like nicer neighbours than our other one back at our previous house. Maybe life here wouldn't be as bad as I thought it would be!

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