Georgia's mum picked us up and took us back to her house. I had brought all my stuff in a small back pack so that it would be easier to carry around town. The three of us were going to be taking over the living room for the night, we brought down a load of quilts and pillows and sleeping backs down and laid them down on the floor like a kind of nest. In town we had bought loads of sweets, mainly ones that vegetarians could eat - as Imogen was one – but some only Georgia and I could eat. We settled down to watch our favourite episodes of Doctor Who. By the fifth episode Imogen was asleep, curled around a pillow. We turned off the TV to give her some peace and started to talk quietly.
"So Georgia how's the thing with Toby going?" Toby was a new student who had joined a week after I had. Georgia had a small (large) crush on him and his 'adorable' hazel eyes. Georgia blushed at the mention of Toby's name.
"I don't think he knows who I am. Anyway, Sam, are you ever going to forgive Jake?" she asked. Trying to get off the subject of Toby.
"No!" I said firmly
"Why? What did he do?"
"Nothing really, I just thought he might've liked me and then he had to go defend Ellie. Who is a complete cow to my besties.
"Aw, do you think of us as your besties?" she asked
"Course I do!" I said nudging her shoulder.
"We have that music project on Monday don't we?" She asked
"Yeah, I hope to God I get paired with you!" I said, desperately hoping I wouldn't have to face Jake.
"So do I, but Toby does music, though I'm here for you to protect you from Jake!" She said
"I would love for you to get paired with Toby, and then he might actually notice you." I said "Then at least one of us would be with the one they like." I murmured
"I KNEW YOU LIKED JAKE!" Georgia yelped in joy
"Okay, so what if I do? He obviously prefers Ellie!" I cried, I truly thought Jake had liked me, obviously he preferred beauty over brains.
"But you should be with him; you're much prettier than Ellie!" Georgia said
"Course I am, that's why he took her side!" I started crying slightly, I had had my heart broken once before. By a guy called PJ, he asked me out and then stood me up. To make it worse soon enough the whole school knew. I stayed home and cried the whole week.
"I have had my heart broken before Georgia; I don't want it to happen again!"
"What if he is the one who won't break your heart?"
"I don't really want to take the chance, PJ really hurt me before and I just don't think I can deal with it again!" I started crying and Georgia hugged me until I was cried out. I had never had friends like Georgia and Immy before. I liked it.