Deidara ran into Tobi, knocking them both down. "Ah! Hi senpai! Is something wrong?" Tobi said it so naturally that Deidara just broke down. But, Deidara had plans, too. He wanted to convince people he was in love with Pein so everyone else would back off. "I-I love leader-sama (sob)…" Deidara sobbed. "But-but I-I have to marry Sasori… (sob)" Forgetting all about Sasori's plans, Tobi tried to comfort Deidara. "Aw, senpai…it's okay." Deidara looked up at Tobi with puppy eyes. "R-really?" He asked. Tobi nodded. "Yes! Of course I do senpai!" 'If only he knew that I'm acting, I wouldn't feel so bad…' Deidara thought. Tobi hugged Deidara. "Thanks for cheering me up!" Deidara smiled, tears still in his eyes. Tobi went to go get some juice. "GODDAMMIT! TOBI! YOU FAILED! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? YOU FELL FOR HIS STUPID LITTLE…WHATEVER IT IS!" Tobi cocked his head. "Senpai loves leader-sama, Sasori-senpai."

Sasori shook his head. "Nonono, that's what he WANTED you to believe." Tobi gasped in shock. "He was lying to me?" "Yes." Tobi started crying. "He promised…no secrets…" "Tobi, if we work together, we can get Deidara to stop lying to all of us. You just have to do what I say." Tobi nodded. Deidara found Pein sitting out in the yard. "Tobi's so dumb…He just fell for our plan!" Pein smiled. "That's great!" "One step closer!" Deidara sung. Pein gave him a high-five. 'This is working out well,' He thought. 'But how long will it last?' Dei gave Pein a little kiss on the cheek. "Being an asshole is kinda hard for me…We have to try to get him to hate me though. Know any good ways?" Dei asked, kissing him again. "Well, we haven't flaunted our 'love' in front of him yet. That's a start." Deidara blushed. "This is gonna make me feel awkward." "You'll get used to it."

That night, Deidara slept in Pein's room, considering the fact that Sasori was still sleeping in his room due to construction and marriage. Deidara sleeplessly stared at the ceiling. "Leader-sama…" He mumbled as he poked Pein's cheek. "Mmmm-what…? He mumbled as he opened his eyes. "I can't sleep." "Hush, Dei. Just close your eyes and relax." Deidara snuggled close to him and Pein accepted it. Dei could feel Pein's slow and steady breathing as he fell back to sleep. 'So relaxing…' he thought as drifted off to sleep himself. Deidara woke up to something surprising. Sasori was leaning over him, eyes wide open and whispering "Dei wake up…" "The FUCK?" Deidara screamed, waking up Pein. "Hnmm…? What's the matter?" He mumbled, rubbing his eyes. "What the hell are you doing in here?" "Good morning, sweetie!" Sasori chirped, a little too much optimism in his voice. "Get OUT!" He yelled, throwing a pillow at the redhead. "Yeesh! I come to make sure you don't oversleep and I get yelled at!" Sasori yelled. "You're sweet!" "Cuz that's what I'm known for…" Deidara said sarcastically. Pein sighed. "He'll never learn…" He said hugging the now-frustrated Deidara. "But that's why we're doing this! So he will learn!" Pein nodded in agreement.

Pein and Deidara walked to the kitchen hand-in-hand. Ignoring the fact, Sasori ran over to Deidara. "Hey! Check it out!" Sasori said, holding out a box a bit smaller then his palm. Deidara started sweating. Sasori opened the box to reveal a diamond ring. Deidara gasped. It was truly a beautiful ring, but it was from Sasori, so he shrugged it off, leaving Sasori in the dust.