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*cries in a corner*

Chapter 1 Beginnings

Part1- Izaya Orihara

I am god. Its just that simple. I knew it from the very beginning. But, even though I know its true, gods should be able to avoid situations like this, right. I should have been able to see this coming. Look at how pathetic I've become over something as trivial, as human, as love. Ugh what am I turning into, gods shouldn't dedicate themselves to only one person, they should love everyone equally. I should be causing this despair to others, not myself. Oh, how fun this would be if it was someone other than me in this situation, like Namie. This just isn't natural, this CAN'T be my destiny. I wont allow this. I blame you for this Shizu-chan, all of this is your fault, I tried to avoid this but it still happened. I hate you.

Everything in this world fits together it is my job to see that things occur as planned. Luckily for me my little humans are so easily manipulated by their surrounding. I was to start a war but …let's just say Shizu-chan had to ruin it for me.

I can clearly remember when I was born, funny as it may sound, normal humans tend to forget this since it seems unimportant and their grey matter is to underdeveloped to process the information. Oh well to bad for my humans, how I pitiful they can be sometimes. Consumed and then awaken by the blinding light that this world offers. My small pale body shivering from the cold and that's when I first saw them, humans, and…

I laughed. I knew, one day I'd make them all worship me. My birth itself wasn't anything special, but I was. Of course humans like to say everyone is special but that's just another way to say no one is. Everyone's the same, no ones different. Well I guess Shizu-chan is an exception to this.

I can't say I was happy with the family I was born into but what did it matter? Even if I had been born in another I'd still turn out to be my great self. I grew up continuing to study my lovely humans, even as a baby, humans can be so easily fooled by an innocent appearance. I wonder if it would work on Shizu-NO this isn't about him, this is about me. I shouldn't think about him. He's the one I need to stay ahead of. Anyway, this is what I did for the first five years of my life trying to keep an innocent appearance while I observed my naïve little humans.

Shizu-chan didn't know it but I was always there, always. I knew you'd be the one to interfere with my destiny from the moment I saw you.

Our fates are tied even if you don't know it.

Part 2- Shizuo Hiewajima

Damn that-NO FUCK THAT FLEA. This is all his fault, all of it if he hadn't- UGH AHH! ! I have no choice, I hate him, but I have no choice. Alright flea prepare yourself you've just walked into hell.

My family is normal, my brother is normal, I'm not. I don't know why, I never experienced any traumati-traumit-I WASN'T SCREWED UP LIKE THE FLEA WAS, OKAY. Shinra says it has something to do with-something, whatever. Growing up isn't easy when the only one who will go a foot near you is your little brother. But even with that I always had a feeling someone was watching me. I guess it began when I 8 or was it 9 or -

Younger, then the feeling become stronger when I met that lady who use to give me and Kasuka milk. Even stronger when I accidentally hurt her when I was only trying to help. I admit that my life has gotten really fucked up, first the strength and then the flea-GOD DAMN THAT BASTERD- he always has to fuck things up more than they already are. Now I'm stuck with him because of what he did. Ugh! I hate you, Izaya Orihara I really, really hate you.

You make it so hard for me to control myself. I've spent years trying to live a peaceful life and the second you come in everything is FUCKED UP! Why do things have to be this way. If that basterd had never come into my life god knows how my life would be. I wouldn't have been arrest and maybe be able to control my strength. UHGG! All this thinking only makes me want to kill him more!

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