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Chapter 45

Few weeks later

The saying "The truth will set you free" was not a saying Izaya would use to describe his life, for the most part anyway. So when Shinra decided that it would be best to reveal himself to the city of Ikebukuro he was not thrilled. Shizuo was also against it not only for Izaya's safety but for Tsuki's as well. Shinra simply stated that with time society would accept something that causes no direct harm to them. Shizuo really didn't know what he meant by that or even cared. The next day to Shizuo's horror he found out that Shinra had gone and alerted the press. And practically everyone in between. That explained all the looks Shizuo had gotten that morning while on the job with Tom and Vorona.

Naturally Shizuo's first instinct was to threaten Shinra's life but Shinra continued with his theory that with time people would accept it. All of this somehow lead to other gay couples in the city became interested in how it was possible that Izaya was able to get pregnant. This also got the attention of most scientist, doctors, and women who acted like Erika.

Shinra proved persistent and believed in his theory. He practically ordered Shizuo and Izaya to be married as soon as possible. Luckily for the couple they had friends who were more than happy to help. Celty volunteered to take care of Tsuki while Kadota and his gang helped them get everything together. Erika especially was overjoyed. She insisted on falling Izaya and helping him pick out a dress and such.

When the wedding came Erika cried tears of pure fangirl joy. Both Shizuo's brother and Izaya's sisters managed to make it and while Kururi and Mairu were sad they were technically related to Kasuka now they were still happy for their brother. Shizuo's mother was happy to see both of her sons together after so long. A bigger surprise hit when Izaya's mother had arrived. Izaya tensed up when he saw her. She wasn't dressed fancy she wore a normal business skirt and a buttoned up shirt, it didn't seem like she was planning on staying very long. When Izaya approached her she looked at him right in the eye with a serious look on her face that didn't resemble one a mother would give to her own son and simply stated "I don't care anymore, you're an adult" and she walked off immediately afterwards.

After the wedding Shinra and Celty tried to get Izaya used to walking around in the city without being paranoid that a bunch of revenge hungry gang members were going to attack him. He look a knife just in case. Unlike before where simply walking around without his signature parka was enough to make him appear like a normal everyday Japanese male people definitely seemed more aware of him now. While going through the city he noticed that those gang members were definitely still out there and they still wanted revenge but seeing that Izaya was now married to Shizuo they didn't seem brave enough to do anything. Even so Izaya still decided to at least carry a switchblade with him. It gave the raven a nostalgic feeling.

After a few years gay marriage was legalized in Japan after the successful development of a surgery that would allow male pregnancy. So far Izaya appeared to be the only male born with the ability but most scientist believed it was too early to tell if more males were going to be born like this. They even wondered if Tsuki would be able to give birth. Not long after the legalization of gay marriage Izaya found himself pregnant yet again. Tsuki was around four at the time and was very excited.

Tsuki had grown up to be a sweet boy who also possessed his father's strength but had more patience with it. Sometimes he would find himself working too hard on a drawing and snapping his pencil in half or clutching onto his books so hard the binding fell apart. There were occasions where he would tear his scarf and he'd beg his "mama" to sew it for him. Tsuki went to school like any other boy and never thought his family was different. For a while Tsuki was teased at school that resulted in him doing what his father had done long ago. He threw a desk. The name Heiwajima became infamous in that 1st grade classroom and as a result Tsuki was no longer picked on.

Finding out his mama was pregnant made Tsuki determined to be responsible and smart. When he found out his mother was having twins he wasn't the only one happy. Shinra practically burst with joy. The first male birth of twins and he'd actually be able to deliver them this time, he was still a little bitter that he wasn't the one who had delivered Tsuki. A few months later Psyche and Sakuraya were born and to Izaya they were the spitting image of his sisters. Psyche was clearly more of an attention seeker like Mairu and Sakuraya was much quieter like Kururi and even Kasuka.

Tsuki didn't care he loved his two brothers.

4 years later

Tsuki now eight years old ran over to the other side of the park chasing his brothers' ball, a big pink flower covered ball. He was trying his best not to fall and keep his glasses in place. Apparently poor Tsuki was the only one to have inherited aunt Mairu's bad eye sight. Finally catching up to the ball at the far end of the park near some trees Tsuki managed to grab the ball and prepared to go back to his family when he heard faint sobbing. He knew he shouldn't wonder off since he had a tendency of getting lost when he did but he was just so curious. He left the ball safely on the floor and followed the sobbing and saw a small figure clutching his knees.

"Um…Are you okay?" Tsuki said approaching the figure.

"Go away!" the figure said, it sounded like a little boy.

"W-Well I heard you crying and I was wondering if you were hurt." Tsuki said in the nicest voice he had, he outstretched his hand "Need some help?"

The boy lifted his head enough for Tsuki to see his big red eyes, they were so similar to his own. The boy took Tsuki's hand and Tsuki saw a few crapes and cuts on the boy's hand. Tsuki lifted the boy up to his feet and saw that he was shorter than him and wore a long jacket with red trimming. For a brief moment he wondered why the boy wore such a thing in the summer but then again Tsuki wore his scarf year-round. As strange as it was the boy reminded Tsuki of his mother.

"Who are you?" Tsuki said as he lifted up his glasses.

"My name is Hachimenroppi" he said with a serious look on his face that was more funny than intimidating seeing how small he was. Tsuki giggled a little "What are you laughing at?!"

"I just thought you have a funny long name but my name is Tsukishima so I'm not being fair. My mommy and daddy and….well everyone calls me Tsuki. Can I call you Roppi, it's cuter"

"Shut up I am not cute! Stupid human!" Hachimenroppi yelled he ducked down and grabbed a stick and threw it at Tsuki hitting him in the face rather gently.

Tsuki wasn't taken aback or bothered by this "How did you get those cuts?" Tsuki began digging through his vest pockets "I think I have some bandages here somewhere"

"Why do you care?!"

"Well you seem hurt and I might not know you but if I can help you than I think I should"

At that moment Hachimenroppi had on his face what could only be described as a blush of embarrassment. He looked down at his feet and began to speak "I was mad…so I threw myself into this bush that had some thorny plants growing…I didn't think it would hurt so much"

Tsuki then smiled a little and gave the boy a small hug "You shouldn't throw yourself into bushes when you're angry, why were you angry?"

"Because I hate humans!"

Tsuki looked at the boy with hurt eyes "So you hate me, I don't even know you" Tsuki's red eyes filled with sadness.

For the first time Hachimenroppi saw Tsuki's red eyes and felt guilty, he went over to Tsuki and hit his shoulder. He mumbled something under his breath.

"What did you say?"

"I said I'm sorry no need to cry about it!" Roppi crossed his arms and looked at him irritated.

"You know you're not so bad Roppi"

"Don't call me that!" Roppi blushed once more.

"So this means you don't hate me" Tsuki said eagerly.

"Hmph! I….I guess you're alright…..for a human" Roppi heard faint rustling and was surprised by having a bandage put in his hand.

"Found it" Tsuki said with a smile as he watched as Roppi reluctantly applied the bandage. "You know I think you're the type of person my aunt Erika would call a tsundere"

"What's that?"

"Well maybe if you agree to play with me more I will tell you"

Roppi gave Tsuki one last look and after a long sigh began to speak "Okay I guess, is next week here okay with you?" Roppi said trying to sound inconvenienced and failing at it.

"P-Perfect' Tsuki said he'd never had many friends and he was excited to finally have one "Maybe one day you can come over to my house"

Tsuki began walking away and he picked up the ball "See you later Roppi" and with a small wave Tsuki walked away his face greeted by a pink blush of happiness.

Once he was gone Roppi looked at his finger where he had placed the bandage and he could feel his heart beat get faster and the blood rush to his face.

"Why are you speeding up?! Stop it!" Roppi screamed as he hit the left side of his chest right over his heart. Roppi hugged his jacket close to him and out of curiosity began walking in the direction Tsuki had left in. He peered through the trees and managed to spot Tsuki holding that gigantic pink ball. He stood next to two people who Roppi guessed were his parents and two children who both wore pink. As he stared at the older blonde boy he could feel his heart beating faster and blood rushing to his face once again. He was jealous. But why? Because Tsuki seemed happy or because Tsuki wasn't with him anymore. What! No! I just met him! But I guess we can be friends.

Tsuki dusted off his jacket and clothing and prepared to walk back home. For some reason he was looking forward to coming back here next week. Besides I am so not a tsundere! Whatever that may be.

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