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It was a regular day for Dawn. Nothing particular out of the ordinary. Just walking through the forest with Ash and Brock on her way to her next contest.

"Wow Dawn, good job winning your last contest." Ash said as he gave her a confident thumbs up.

"Thanks Ash, I wasn't sure if I was going to win it, but I was able to pull through thanks to my pokemon." She replied as she smiled down at piplup who was peacefully resting in her arms.

"Yeah, you have really improved a lot in the last couple weeks, and I'm sure you'll do fine on your next contest." Brock added.

"Thanks Brock. We are going to train real hard." Dawn said.

"So when is your next contest?" Ash asked.

"In about a week, so we better hurry if we want to make it on time." Dawn answered as she walked ahead of the group in a hurry.

The sun was shining bright and the wind was blowing at the perfect speed. It was a great day to be outside traveling with your friends or anyone for that matter. As they continued through the forest, they soon found themselves at a huge clearing. There was a large waterfall cascading down a steep cliff that flowed down to a sparkling river. Trees surrounded the clearing with the most precious bunch of flowers you will ever see grown underneath the trees. And to add to that, the suns rays reflected off of the river which lite up the entire area.

"Wow, it's so pretty here." Said Ash as they all marveled at their beautiful surroundings.

"It is really pretty, but how are we going to get over that cliff?" Dawn asked with concern in her voice as she looked at the large cliff that blocked their way.

"Don't worry Dawn, we can just climb over it." Ash reassured her with confidence in his voice.

"Iiii don't knowwww" She replied unsuringly.

But Ash being who he is, wasn't going to let some cliff get in his way of continuing their journey.

"It'll be easy." Ash threw his fist high in the air with a huge smiled stretched across his face.


"Noooo…."Ash groaned as he hung from the side of the cliff.

'This looked a lot easier to do then actually doing it'. Ash thought to himself.

Dawn, Brock and Pikachu watched Ash struggled to climb the cliff from the ground, giant sweat drops rolling down the sides of their heads in a comical manner.

"Be careful Ash, cliffs like that can be very unstable, some of the rocks may be loose." Brock tried to warn Ash.

"Don't worry Brock, I'll be fine." While he was turned around, trying to reassure Brock, Ash didn't notice that he grabbed onto a loose rock "

Oh, no, wha…Aaaahhhh!" Unable to grab onto another rock quick enough, Ash came crumbling down to the ground in a giant crash.

"Ouch" Ash groaned.

His body face down in the dirt, arms sticking out twitching, it was too hard for Dawn and Brock not to laugh at Ash's misfortune.

"Pathetic." A voice said from a distance. They all turned around and saw none other then Paul standing there with his hands in his pockets.

"You act like such a little kid, how pathetic." Paul said as he glared at the group.

Ash jumped up from the ground and glared back at Paul.

"Who are you calling pathetic?!" Ash yelled.

"Hn" Was the only response that Paul gave.

"What's so funny Paul!"

Paul didn't answer, he stood there with a smirk on his face, watching as every word he said angered Ash even further.

"I'll give you something to laugh about, let's have a battle!" Ash demanded as he began taking out a poke-ball.

"Hn, fine, this'll be fun." Paul said as he too took out a poke-ball.

As soon as Dawn realized what was going down, she decided to intervene. "Whoa! No no no no no! Ash, we don't have time for this, my contest is in a week and we still have to get to the next city!" Dawn yelled.

"Come on Dawn, I gotta beat him." Ash begged.

But Dawn wouldn't budge. "Ash, nothing is going to happen to Paul between now and my contest, just battle him another time."

"I don't want to wait until another time. Come on Dawn. Pleeeaaassse." Ash said with huge puppy dog eyes plastered across his face.

"hmmmmm?" Dawn tried to resist, but who can resist huge puppy dog eyes. She couldn't take it anymore, and finally gave in.

"Fine." She said in defeat.

"Thanks Dawn, it won't be long!" Ash yelled in excitement.

"Yeah, it won't take long for me to crush this loser." Paul added which angered Ash.

"What did you say Paul!" He yelled.


"I'll be the referee." Said Brock.

"Electabuzz, stand by for battle!" Paul threw his poke-ball in the air, and out came electabuzz.

"Pikachu, I choose you!" Ash yelled as Pikachu ran in front of him.

With both of their pokemon out, they began to battle. Dawn and Brock sat on a giant log next to the cliff and watched as both pokemon exchanged attacks. (I'm bad with writing pokemon battles, so imagine one happening.[Even after finishing chap. 10 I still can't write Pokemon battles.])

"Electabuzz, Brick Break!" Paul commanded.

"Pikachu, Irontail!" Ash told Pikachu.

Both pokemon were about to clash when all of a sudden...?! "Pika!" Pikachu yelled. To no ones surprise it was Team Rocket! And their giant robot just grabbed Pikachu with one of its multiple hands.

"Hahahahaha!" Jessie laugh in triumph, "Little twerp, we finally have Pikachu!"

"Pikachu!" Ash yelled, "Use, thunderbolt!" "pikaCHUUU!" Pikachu used thunderbolt, but it was no use.

"Hahahahaha! Sorry twerp, that won't work, this robot is pokemon proof." Jessie said.

"Uuuuhhh! These losers again, this is the second time you've interrupted one of our battles, I don't have all day to deal with you guys." Paul said, obviously agitated by their presence.

"Yeah, me neither so just give Pikachu back and get out of here!" Dawn yelled.

"Hey it's the rude twerp again, and he's working together with the girly twerp." James pointed out.

"Who said I was working together with him, I just have better things to do then sit here wasting my time with you guys." Dawn replied defensively.

James leaned over and began whispering to Jessie and Meowth, "Since when did the girly twerp get so mean?" He asked. They both shrugged.

Dawn stood up, and dropped piplup to the ground, "Piplup, use whirlpool on the ground under the robot!" Piplup did what it was told and used whirlpool under the robot. The water threw the robot off balance and it began slipping everywhere.

"Electabuzz, use brick break on the leg!" Paul commanded. Electabuzz ran at the robot and broke right through the leg.

"Ahhh, James! I thought you said it was pokemon proof!" Jessie frantically yelled.

"I thought it was!" With only 1 leg, the robot was out of control. It ran into the side of the cliff, which loosened some of the rocks, and then it dropped Pikachu.

"Pikachu, use thunder bolt now!" Ash said. Pikachu sent a bolt of lightning surging through the robot.

"Oh no, not again, this is all your fault Meowth!" Jessie accused.

"Why is it my fault!"

"Because you built it!"

"No, I didn't, James did!"

"What!" James was now dragged back into the argument.

Their argument never finished though because about a minute later, the robot explodes sending them soaring into the sky.

"Team Rocket is blasting off again!"

And with a finishing twinkle in the sky, they were gone. But the explosion from the robot shook the entire landscape, and rocks began to fall off of the cliff. With all this commotion, Paul didn't notice the rock hurdling his way.

"Hey Paul look out!" Dawn runs and tackles Paul to the ground, knocking both of them out of the way in time.

"Uhhh, that was a close one." Dawn said as she brushed the sweat off of her forehead.

"Can you get off me!" Paul demanded.

"What? Oh sorry." Dawn rolled off of him, and they both stood up, brushing the dirt off of themselves.

"What did you do that for?" Paul harshly asked.

Dawn was a little taken back by Paul's harsh tone of voice, but decided to answer his question never the less. "Umm dude, you were about to be crush by a rock."

"I could have saved myself no problem." Paul arrogantly answered.

"A thanks would be nice but whatever." Dawn replied with annoyance in her voice.

"Yeah well I didn't ask for your help."

"Yeah well, you needed it."

"Yeah well next time don't, I don't need help from you or any of these other pathetic losers." Paul hissed.

"Unbelievable! I put all my pride aside to save your life, and you don't even appreciate it. You're so full of yourself that you can't even see when someone's trying to do something nice for you. You know what, just get out of here Paul, ok? Just go, it's not like anyone wants you here anyway, everyone hates you!" Dawn spat. She was practically steaming with anger and frustration.

"Hn, I was about to leave anyway, the last thing I want to do is spend my time around you losers." Paul shoves his hands in his pockets, and walks away.

Dawn stood there with her hands clenched, "Uuugh, I hate that guy so much." She hissed.

"Me too." Ash added. Brock stood there watching his friends, talk about how much they hate Paul when he noticed dark clouds were beginning to form in the distance.

"Hey guys, it looks like it's going to rain, we should probably find a pokemon center and stay there for the night." Brock suggested.

"But…what about my contest?" Dawn innocently asked.

"Don't worry Dawn, we'll start heading there first thing in the morning." Brock assured.

She smiled, "You're right, besides I don't want to get my hair wet."

But ironic enough, on their way to the pokemon center, it started raining. "My hair! Oh, today can't get any worse."

Or could it? You'll have to figure out next time!

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