Cade and Jessa are technically not related. Jessa is Manny's niece and when her parents died she was sent to live with him. When Manny married Dee, Cade's mother, Jessa met Cade. Jessa protected Cade from Manny's abuse as much as she could and the two formed a brother/sister bond.

On the night Cade ran away Jessa refused to go with him. She was too weak and would just slow him down. Reluctantly, Cade left and ran into Jonah. Jonah Kealoha took Cade in and eventually took Jessa in with their horses. They lived happily on 'Iolani Ranch no longer living in fear of their abuse stepfather or in Jessa's case, abusive uncle.

Present Day

"Cade! Time to go!" Jessa yelled from the porch of the bunk house. Cade jumped out of his bunk and put his boots on. His long blonde braid unraveled as he ran out of the bunk house. Jessa stood on the bottom step of the porch.

Jessa was beautiful. She had her long brown/black hair in a braid, she wore jeans and a white blouse, and like Cade she had a Hawaiian paniolo look. Her skin was darker then Cade's and she looked like a native Hawaiian, which she was.

"Are they ready?" Cade asked. Jessa and Cade were taking Megan and Darby to Crimson Vale for a camping trip. Jessa nodded and ran into the tack shop.

"Morning Megan," Jessa said as she entered the tack room. Megan snapped her head around and smiled at Jessa. Tango, Megan's mare, was tied to the pole. Joker, Cade's horse, was grazing outside of the room. Hoku was grazing next to Joker,

"I see Hoku but where's Darby?" Jessa asked. She raised an eyebrow and stared down at Megan. Jessa was only a year older then Megan but at least 7 inches taller.

"I'm here!" Darby called. Jessa looked out of the tack room and saw Darby brushing Makoa, Jessa's black appy with a white speckled rump. Jessa smiled and headed for the sun house to pack for the trip. Everyone else continued to tack up the horses.

Twenty-seven minutes later

At 7:30 everyone was ready. Hoku, Joker, and Tango were all tacked up. Jessa was such a skillful rider that she rode Makoa equipment-less. Jonah came down to talk to them.

"Granddaughter, I want you to be careful," Jonah reminded her. Megan gasped and pretended to be hurt.

"What about me? Or Cade? Or Jessa" Megan asked and started laughing. Jonah and Jess rolled their eyes. Jessa grabbed some of Makoa's mane and flung herself up onto the mare.

"Should we go?" Darby asked. Cade and Jessa nodded. Megan got on Tango and Cade got on Joker. Darby hopped on Hoku and for the first time since she got there she felt like the granddaughter of horse-charmer. She felt was if she belonged there, on the ranch.

"Aku," Jessa whispered to Makoa. The black appaloosa trotted forward.

"Be good and safe," Jonah called out as they disappeared into the woods.

They were a good 45 minutes into the ride before anyone said a word. Darby finally got up the nerve to a question she had been dieing to know the answer to.

"How come you never pressed charges against Manny?" Darby asked. The question was directed at Jessa but all three of them stopped and glared at her.

"Cause she likes me to much," a deep husky voice spat in a mocking turn. Makoa and Joker's ear both flattened. Jessa and Cade snapped their head back. Manny Sharp emerged from the dark forest. Makoa reared and threw her head up. Jessa jumped off and stepped in front of her mare. She calmed the appy down and shot a look at Manny.

"What do you want?" Megan snarled.

"Oh nothing," Manny snapped. A sly smile appeared on his face. He walked by Makoa and slapped her rump. Megan and Darby gasped. Makoa lifted up her leg and reared. When the mare landed back on the ground she stomped her hoof down, right on top of Jessa's shoulder. There was a loud crack and Jessa screamed out in agony. Her scream was so loud that all of the birds on any of the trees within a 2 mile radius flew away. Everything was still for a split second. Darby and Megan were screaming. Cade was still in shock and Manny was laughing like a hyena. Jessa just laid there unconscious in a pool of blood waiting.

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