Jessa's POV

It had been four days since my accident and the 'quake. The earthquake hadn't caused much damage but my accident did. Cathy and Jonah decided to keep me cooped up in the Kato's loft without my consent. All Cathy does is fuss over me, I hate it. I can't leave the loft without Cathy having a cow and I haven't seen Makoa in days. I'm pretty sure Darby, Megan and Cade are avoiding me to keep from having to talk about it, which only make's this so much worse than it should be. I haven't done anything but sleep, eat, watch tv, and sleep some more.

I heard footsteps and a soft knock. I looked at my clock, 3:21 in the morning. I was barely asleep and was glad Megan and Cathy were sound asleep. I slowly got up and opened the door a crack. Though Cade and I weren't related by blood we both had an uncanny ability to see in the dark.

"What?" I whispered. I looked and saw Cade, Darby and Megan.

"Megan?" I was surprised and looked at her bed. I slowly walked over there and moved the covers, pillows. I smiled and walked back to the door.

"What?" I whispered. In the dark I saw Cade smile and I could see Megan and him holding hands.

"We have an idea," Darby replied. I walked out of the loft and looked down. I was wearing a jeans and a tank-top. God, I need to change. Megan and Darby ran out of the house quietly. Cade picked me up like a baby and ran out of the house, slowly.

"What the-" I yelled but Cade stuck his hand on my mouth.

"Shut up," he snapped. I bit his hand and he pulled it away.

"Where are you taking me?" I growled. Cade smiled and slowed down to a walked. He put me down and put his hands on my eyes.

"Cade," I growled. I hated not being able to see, it made me feel vulnerable and alone and Cade knew that.

"It's alright," he said. He put his hand on my shoulder and I screamed. He immediately pulled away and gasped.

"Oh my god I am so sorry, Jes," he said. I nodded and held back another scream.

Cade's POV

I am such an idiot. Why did I listen to Megan and Darby? I put Jessa in danger by insisting that she come with us. I am such a horrible brother. All she ever did was care for me and love me and all I ever have ever done was endanger her.

I led her to the barn and covered her eyes. I saw the annoyance and pain in her eyes as I covered them. Megan and Darby led out a tiny foal and I smiled.

"Ta daaaah," Megan and Darby said as I uncovered her eyes. Darby turned on the light and you could see the foals pattern.

"What?" Jessa asked. She sounded very confused.

"We already talked to Jonah, he's yours," Darby

"Not to sound ungrateful but couldn't this have waited till...i dont know seven, when normal peaople are up?" Jessa asked.

"Cathy doesn't know yet," I turned around at the famaliar voice, Jonah.

"So you sneak out, get a horse, wake me up at 3 in the morning and tell me that the 'over-seer' doesnt know?" Jessa asked. She smiled and started laughing. She walked over to the foal and kisses his forehead.

"Does he have a name?" she asked. Jonah shook his head. Jessa smiled and ran over by me and Jonah. She kissed Jonah's cheek, kissed my cheek and hugged Megan and Darby.

"I'm gonna name him Sea Sand," she said with a smile.

After about thirty minute of talking and laughing we heard snoring. I looked over to see Jessa and Sea Sand asleep on a pile of hay. Jessa's arm was wrapped around her foal. I walked over to pick her up but Jonah stopped me.

"Let her sleep," he whispered and we all went back to bed.

Cathy's POV

Where is she? I almost screamed when i saw her bed empty. She is injuried! I ran down stairs and opened Jonah's door.

"," I screamed completely out of breath. He smiled and pointed towards the barn. I glared at him and ran to the barn.

"JESSA! Are you Ok?" I was screaming now. I looked into a stall. A little white appalossa with a black speckled rump foal laid next to Jessa. I opened the door, causing the foal to jump.

"Jessa!" i shook her awake.

"Hey," she muttered, i could see she had not gotten alot of sleep.

"Go back to bed sweetheart, we have a big day later," I sighed. I wanted to make sure she was safe. She smile and closed her eyes, getting a few hours in before the big day started