"Now be good little one while Russia is away," Russia told the little American as he opened the front door, "I am just going to the store to get some groceries, I will be back ~da." He closed the door and was gone. Russia had been keeping the younger America at his home in Russia for the past two days. America hadn't warmed up to Russia all the way yet as he had hoped, because of the stories England used to tell of the cheerful youngster. Its was actually quite sad to see the little nation so nervous around him. He smiled to himself, no matter America would become happy once again under the rule of Russia in time. Russia just had to be patient. It was funny how things were turning out, he couldn't help but chuckle remembering the first day he had brought America to his home.

two days earlier

"Ah, so here we are my little America." said Russia as he brought America to his home. Russia opened the door and ushered himself and the young nation inside from the blistering cold. Once he entered Russia took off his gloved and helped America slip out of the big jacket he had gotten him. It was freezing outside and he did not want his new colony to get cold (but if it was the older America then things would be oh so different). America seemed happy yet nervous to be out of the cold. Russia was still a stranger to him and something about the Russian was putting America on edge. He didn't know what, but something just was. When Russia had hanged America's coat up,America decided it was the best time to do some exploring. He sneaked away from Russia and crept up the nearest stairs, which were very large and swirly for the matter.

The man named Russia's (or Ivan's) house was VERY big and VERY mysterious looking. America quickly crept down the long hallway and tiptoed into the closest room that was open. "Wow!' he thought as he gazed in wonder at the old looking room. A desk was sitting in the middle of the room with bookcases lined along the walls. Documents covered the floor and desk almost like a mini sea. But the thing that impressed America the most was the pictures stretching across the walls. By the looks of it the pictures all seemed to have one thing in coming. They all contained the same man. He had golden blond hair and shiny blue eyes like him. The thing that was different though was that the man was wearing glasses. 'Who is that man?' thought America.

"What are you doing here?" America gasped and turned around, to caught up in his thoughts to hear his watcher.

(Meanwhile...Present time)

Back in England, England got a call from Prussia much to his displeasure... "Hey! Meet the Awesome me at France's house. I have some news that could interest you, kesesese." and with that said he hung up without giving England a chance to respond. 'Uh what could that wanker possibly have that might interest me.' thought England. 'Oh well i have nothing better to do so why not go.' England got up and headed to his car to go to his least liked place... France.

~Back to Flashback~

"What are you doing here?" America gasped and turned around, to caught up in his thoughts to hear his watcher.

"R-Russia...I mean Ivwan, who is thwat man?" He pointed up to one of the pictures. America's voice seemed younger and less developed which meant that the potion was finishing the effects. Russia went to see what the other nation was pointing at and paled slightly. It was America's older self, he was not supposed to be in this room. It could ruin the whole plan. Russia picked America, took him out of the room, and closed and locked the door. "That my dear America is an old friend," Russia said when he turned around, "he..went away for a while, that's all." America tilted his head slightly, "When will hwe be comin back?"

Russia smiled and patted America on the head, "Soon, little one, soon."

~present time~

America sat on one of the old chairs, bored while Russia was away. He didn't like Russia that much, but he was better then being alone. Besides, once Russia did bring him out to see sunflowers (which was his favorite flower) and it seemed that they were Russia's favorite to. Maybe he could surprise Russia with sunflowers and they could be better friends? YA! America hopped down from the chair and ran to the door. Picking sunflowers would make Russia seem less scarier. Reaching for the handle he opened the door. He wasn't planning on though it swinging open and he definitely didn't plan on there being a scary looking girl demon at the other end of the door.

"You aren't my-!" It didn't get to finish it's sentence though as America slammed the door in its face and ran.

'Who was that scary girl!' America thought as he ran to hide from her. Who ever it was she scared him even more than Russia did when he first saw him. America ran to the kitchen and hid in one of the cabinet hoping that the scary girl would leave and Russia would come back, as crazy as that sounds at least with Russia he was safe from demon girls. America was pulled out on his thoughts when the girl slammed open the cabinet and looked at him with a glare. "Where is my BROTHER!" She said with venom dripping with every word.

Authors Notes:

Ohhhhh, now America's gonna get it. Never mess with a angry Belarus^^ Thanks for the reviews and thanks HolyShitIt'sOozing for doin another awesome chapter with me;D