Frederica rarely smiled genuinely – this she could admit. If her face wasn't devoid of emotion, she was usually scowling or annoyed. When she did smile, it was mostly mocking – because really, who was better than her – but if you were lucky you would get a smirk.

"You can stop smiling now" Kyle grunted as she straddled him to the training room floor. His head was turned to the side and she could see the start of a blush dart across his cheeks – this only served to amuse Frederica more.

"Shut up and let me enjoy my moment will you?" the girl gloated, her smile widening at his obvious discomfort. She leaned over so her face was inches from his and he could feel her breath fan across his face, "am I making you uncomfortable?"

"Well I did promise you a reward if you managed to beat me" he replied, tilting his head slightly so his lips closed over hers. The two were so engrossed in each other that they didn't hear a third person enter.

"Fu-chan, Kyle-kun, dinners – eek" Marie covered her eyes and spun around with speed rivalling Kyle's, "I'm sorry, I didn't, I should've –" too mortified to continue, Marie darted out of the room before either occupants had time to react.

Finally getting off of Kyle, Frederica reached her hand down to help him up, "Someone's getting the firing squad tonight" she said, a gleam in her eye and the beginnings of a smile tugging at her lips.

Yes, Frederica rarely smiled, but without a doubt there's a handful that she specifically reserved those for.