"She should be waking up soon right?" asked Abby looking at Ziva who was lying on a hospital bed.

"Yes my dear do not worry it is perfectly normal for it to take a bit for a patient to wear off the anesthesia slowly."

"But she isn't a normal patient. This is Ziva" argued Abby

"Abby?" Ziva mumbled, eyes still shut.

"Ziva! Guys she's awake" yelled Abby.

Gibbs, who was standing next to her head holding her hand leaned down and lightly brushed her cheek with his hand.

"Ziver" he said. She grumbled slightly and Gibbs couldn't help but smirk.

"Open your eyes. There you go, that's it come on, let me see your beautiful eyes" Gibbs said

Ziva slowly opened her eyes and was met by Gibbs' bright blue eyes looking down at her full of concern etched in his face.

"What happened?" she said her voice scratching

"Here" said Ducky, placing an ice chip in her mouth.

"Jacob Ali shot you but don't worry you got him too. He's dead" Ziva breathed a sigh of relief and then looked around at the other people in the room.

"Hello Miss David how are you feeling?" asked the doctor who had just come in.

"I'm fine" she said automatically "When can I leave?" Gibbs smiled and squeezed her hand

"Well we're going to send in our neurologist, and keep you here for at least 3 days for observation before you are allowed to go home, that is if the neurologist clears you"

"Can't I just leave after the neurologist sees me?"

"You just went through major surgery" the doctor reminded her

"I know, but I also know my own body and what it's capable of, and I want out of here now" she said.

"Ziva, come on let's at least stay here a day that's not going to kill you is it?" asked McGee

"You try sitting here doing nothing McGee" she snapped.

"I'll go get the neurologist" the doctor said hurrying out of the room

"Sorry McGee I just do not like hospitals or doctors…beside's Ducky" she added looking softly at Ducky.

"Thank you my dear, however I must agree with Timothy, you need your rest"

"Which I can get at home" Ziva said.

"Hey guys can we have a minute?" Gibbs asked suddenly.

The entire team stood there in shock and then obediently left the room, Abby shutting the door behind them. Ziva looked up at Gibbs and then scooted to one side of the bed leaving room for Gibbs to sit down next to her. Gibbs took off his shoes and then slid into bed next to her, carefully wrapping one of his arms around her and taking her other hand in his.

"I was worried about you"

"I know…I'm sorry…but I am okay" she said leaning forward their foreheads met for a moment before she covered his lips with hers.

"I love you" Gibbs murmured

"I love you too Jethro"

Ziva repositioned herself so she was curled tightly next to Gibbs, her head resting on his chest she sighed deeply. Gibbs kissed her hair and then wrapped his arms even tighter around her before closing his eyes.

Gibbs eyes suddenly shot open, he couldn't figure out why he was suddenly awake. He looked down at Ziva and noticed that she was still sleeping. That's when he felt someone's eyes on them. Looking around he saw his dad sitting in one of the chairs.

"Hey dad" said Gibbs straightening up slightly, but still keeping his arms wrapped around Ziva's sleeping form.

"So how long has this been going on?" Jackson asked

"Three months"

"I see, and when were you planning to tell me Leroy?"

"I was going to when I knew how serious things were, she just got back from being tortured for months dad we had no idea where things were going to go."

"And do you know now where things are going?" Jackson asked

"I don't know, all I know is that Ziva is a huge part of my life and I never want that to change."

"So it is serious then"

"Yeah" Gibbs said looking down at her.

"Well… it's about time son. You'd better wake her, I sent your team out to get lunch but they should be back anytime, they were mighty put out when you asked them to leave."

"I know"

"Just thought I'd warn you"

"Thanks dad…Ziver" he said looking down at her.

Ziva mumbled and buried her face deeper into his chest. Gibbs smirked at this and kissed her hair before trying again.

"Come on wake up, the teams going to be back any second."

"Fineee" she said sleepily. She slowly sat up and then leaned her back against the pillows.

"Hello Jackson" she said pleasantly

"Hey sweetie how you doing?"

"I am fine, I am sorry for the trouble that Jacob caused you."

"It's alright I'm just glad you're okay"

"I will be as soon as they let me out of the hospital"

As if on cue two people walked into the room.

"Hello Ziva my name is Dr. Harrow, I am the neurologist, can you tell me how you're feeling, any dizziness, confusion, memory loss?"

"I am feeling fine" she said impatiently.

"Right, well I am just going to do a quick exam then okay?" he said. Gibbs taking the hint hopped off of the bed and moved over to have a whispered conversation while the doctors did their exam.

"Okay!" he said after a minute. "Well you seem perfectly fine"

"I know that. Now when can I go home?" she asked looking at her other doctor.

"Ummm well we can have you released at tomorrow afternoon, if someone keeps an eye on you for the next couple of days"

"We are all going to take good care of her doc" said Tony striding into the room with 4 coffees in his hand. Abby, and McGee came in right after him holding a big bag of food.

"Alright then I will get the discharge papers ready for tomorrow" she said and then left to check on her other patients.

"Well so much for the week long stay hey Zee-vah?" Tony asked

Ziva smiled sheepishly and then looked at Abby.

"Please tell me you brought me real food" she said

"Of course! We also brought you a smoothie!" she said producing a drink from inside the bag

"Thanks Abby"

The team talked chatted late in the evening until all of them, except for Gibbs were kicked out of the room.

"We'll see you tomorrow Ziva, we're all staying at Jackson's for a few days before we head home" said Abby

"Night guys" said Ziva as Gibbs shut the door and proceeded to walk over to the bed and hop in. Snuggling against each other they both fell off into a blissful sleep, both happy that everything was now over.