Chapter 6

Kyle and I hid in the forest, close to the scuba shop. There was the shimmering of a portal and wolves appeared, running at the sides of Searchers. There was a boy that looked my age with golden brown hair with a sword strapped to his back. I could see his moss green eyes flitting around, being watchful. He was beautiful, very much so. I could smell wolf on him. He was also a Guardian. But it felt like it didn't affect me. I was already in love with someone else. The thought pulled me up short. In love. I was in love with Kyle.

I watched the wolves shift as Inez welcomed them. There was a large charcoal wolf that shifted into another really hot guy with dark hair and eyes that looked like the night sky. Then there was the white wolf with bright golden yellow eyes. When the wolf shifted, it was a girl my age as well, with hair as white as her fur and the same gold eyes. She was also beautiful. All of the wolves were good looking. But then again, all of the panther Guardians were good looking except maybe me, but I knew that everyone felt like they weren't good looking.

The Scion's name was Shay, the white wolf was Calla and the wolf with the sky eyes was Ren. As I studied them, I realized that the three of them were obviously alpha wolves. You could tell by the way they held themselves with such sureness and authority for ones so young. Panthers didn't exactly have alphas or leaders. We were solitary so we didn't need a leader. The wolves didn't smell bad either, all they had was a musk smell that wasn't gross smelling.

Kyle and I withdrew from our hiding spot and headed to the cenote. We waited there for a while, Kyle with his sword drawn and me in cat form. My ears turned and swivelled, listening in for any incoming threats. I heard a yowl from above and a gold body slammed into me.

Mel, what are you doing with a Searcher? They're the bad guys remember? Ariana demanded.

We're fighting on the wrong side, Ari. The Keepers have lied to us forever. The Searchers are the good guys and want to return nature back to its natural balance.

What? She yowled in surprise and backed away from me. Her hackles rose. They have lied to us? Why?

So we would serve them with absolute loyalty. If we don't know anything except what they told us, we are ignorant to what we're doing.

Kyle was fighting off another Guardian, one that I met only a couple of times. He stabbed it in the chest and it screamed and went limb. The scent of blood was fresh in the air, making me more edgy. Kyle looked over at me, questions in his eyes. I gave a shake of my head. Ariana stared deep in my eyes, contemplating something. You're in love with the Searcher, aren't you?


Does he know?

Not yet, unfortunately.

Well, you have to tell him! We're at war Mel!

So will you help us?

Yes of course I am! But you have to tell him!

I sent my sigh to her and she laughed. The water in the cenote bubbled and rose. The water went over our paws. Kyle looked over at us. "Time to go! They have Eydis. The other Guardians will probably attack once they're out!"

We shifted to human form and followed him. Through the trees, I could see a boat fastely approaching the dock. Waiting at the dock, two people reclined in chairs, totally at ease. Inez and Miguel were also in chairs but in the shade, so we couldn't fully see them. A breeze blew my way and I swore. There was blood and a lot of it. I glanced at Kyle. "Inez and Miguel are dead. And those two," gesturing to the waving couple, "are Guardians who killed them."

Kyle paled considerably and he increased our pace. We watched as a Guardian descended from the trees and landed on the surf god Searcher, breaking his neck. More Guardians descended from the trees, filling the air with wicked purring. I saw Calla the white wolf face off against Stefan. He got wounded and fled to the forest. We fought off Guardians as we went. Kyle swore and withdrew two slender spikes from his belt that I didn't notice. He began to perform a dance, lights emerging from the ends of the spikes. It looked like he was weaving something. A square opened. It looked like a portal of some kind. He grabbed us and threw us to the other side.