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The Organization redone

Ch. 1 A New Friend

Welcome to Earth, a world so disconnected from the rest that if you mention Heartless, they'd think you were talking about a leader in their government. They do not trust what they can not fathom to understand. Mutants and Alines are hunted and harmed. Children who are like that are expelled from school. Parents lose their jobs because of this. It's a hard life even for local hero Hawk Logan, a local of Sanzabar. Hawk is the father of our young hero. Hawk lost a lot of creditability when they discovered his seventeen year old daughter Jamie Ellea Tundra Logan was a mutant. She was scorned and lost her friends. Her father was concerned for her. She held up in her room a lot, coming down only for meals and bathroom. She like dear daddy was tall and lean. She was six foot and one inch in height. She was two hundred and fifty pounds in weight. She had short raven hair and bright piercing scarlet eyes.

Every day passed he same for Jamie and Hawk. Hawk tried to get Jamie out of her room but to no avail. Jamie drew, read books, wrote stories, sang to her music or just slept while her dad did his job of government bounty hunter. He knew it only be a matter of time before they turned on him forcing him to kill his own daughter. She was his pride and joy since his wife Tracy died giving birth to her. Hawk thought the only change to come would be the day he received the orders to kill his girl. He never knew a stranger from the out side worlds would come and become his lonely daughter's every thing.

Hawk had just come home when he first saw his daughter's savior. -Twice blessed I am today. No orders to kill Jamie and it seems as if she has a new friend.- Hawk knelt down and and set to first aid. It didn't take long to rouse the stranger. The stranger seemed to be a year older that Jamie. "What's your name son?" Hawk asked. The stranger replied quietly, "Lea, sir or Axel which ever." Hawk nodded then asking "Son, would you join me inside? I have a problem that maybe you can remedy." Axel only agreed grateful for shelter, food, and a soft bed. " Thank-you sir. So what's the problem sir?" Axel asked walking with Hawk into the house. "My daughter... you see she has powers that rival mine and she's scorned by the others save myself. She needs a friend." Hawk sighed. Axel saw a photo of Jamie .

"That's her, it's her senior photo. The year she'll never get to have it sadly." "She's cute, who can say no to a cute face like her's?" Axel said the way he would if a friend of his was harmed. Axel was five foot and eight inches in height. He was one hundred and fifty pounds in height. He had long crimson hair and bright emerald eyes.

Hawk led Axel to Jamie's room and to the start of something new for all them all...

Author's note: this version of Axel is accurate, according to Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.