Ch.12 The Decision

The Crimson Liwifers were complete with twelve effective members each with elements to be a force to reckon with. Each of the twelve swore it's loyalty to Jamie and that is how they ranked. Xaldin started and was followed by Vexen, Lex, Zexion Demyx, Axel, Luxord, Marulxia, Larxene, Roxas and lastly Riku.

Though loyalty was good, they needed a home. They needed a base. "Where should we call home" Jamie asked. None knew till Riku said "The World That Never Was?" Every one was surprised but they agreed.

So it was that they set out to The World That Never Was. It would become their home. It would also be were the next two members would join them. It was as sure as the setting sun on their backs...