Truth or Dare; New Directions

Whenever somebody's parent's were out of town for the night, or were simply not going to be home the New Directions made it a habit to get together for a game of truth or dare. They had tried having parties but they had all agreed that their group didn't mix with alcohol. So they settled for the next best thing; truth or dare. That is where we find the group, in Rachel's basement her Dad's absent for the weekend, playing truth or dare.

"Okay since it's my house I'll start, Kurt truth or dare?" asked Rachel.

"You are evil with your dares so truth!"

"How far have you gotten with Blaine?" she asked, Kurt turned a deep red from his place on Blaine's lap.

"Let's just say I'm not a virgin anymore," he whispered, receiving cat calls from all the other members.

"Blaine truth or dare?" he asked of his boyfriend.


"Kiss me?" Blaine leaned down and planted a sweet but chaste kiss on Kurt's lips, receiving awe's from the girls, and joking puking sounds from the boys.

"Why are you guys so cute?' asked Quinn.

"We just are!" answered Kurt.

"Alright, Finn truth or dare?" Blaine asked.

"How far have you gotten with Rachel?" he asked shooting her a mischievous look, she blushed.

"We've done it," he said with a smirk, the boys minus Kurt and Blaine all hollered.

"Quinn truth or dare?" he said.

"Dare," she answered, proud of herself.

"Make out with Rachel," he replied with a smirk on his face.

"Ugh!" she groaned. "Come here hobbit!" she giggled as she connected her lips with Rachel's, grazing her tongue along her bottom lip asking for access. Rachel let her tongue in her mouth easily and the worked along each other's teeth in a flawless manner until they were ripped back into reality by some one coughing.

"Where'd Finn go?" she asked.

"He had to go to the bathroom for a minute!" giggled Kurt.

"Oh!" both girls said in unison. They blushed before returning to their seats, which were pillows on Rachel's basement floor.

"Santana truth or dare?" she asked once Finn returned.

"Dare! I ain't no wimp!" she countered.

"Um," she thought. "Oh, I dare you too sit in Finn's lap for the rest of the round!" she announced proudly.

"That's alright with me, there's plenty of Finn blubber there to make it comfy," she snickered as she left her place beside Brittany to go and plop herself down on Finn's lap.

"Okay wheels truth or dare?" she croaked.

"Truth," he said, already shaking in his wheel chair.

"You still got the hots for my girl Britt?" she asked in all seriousness.

"No…" he whispered quietly. "But you really scare me!" he added.

"Don't be afraid of her Artie, she has a soft side!" laughed Blaine.

"I told you not to say anything about that Frodo!" she looked angry but she couldn't keep up the façade for long because soon she was rolling around in a fit of giggles.

"What was that about?" wondered Kurt.

"Don't worry about it babe, I'll tell you later!" he giggled quietly into Kurt's ear. It sent shivers up and down Kurt's spine.

"Tina truth or dare?" asked Artie once everyone had sort of calmed down.

"Truth!" she said, she was not ready for anything to risky tonight, she just wanted to have a fun night of laughs with her friends and her boyfriend.

"Who's hotter – Mike or David Boreanaz!" he asked. He knew that Angel was her favourite show and she had a major crush on the guy who played Angel. It took her a second to answer.

"M-Mike!" she said.

"Took you long enough!" he joked. She silenced him with a kiss.

"Truth or dare Mercedes?" she said in between planting sweet kisses all over Mike's face.


"Is it true you used too like Kurt?" she asked, Mercedes blushed a deep crimson as well as Kurt. Blaine poked him in the ribs asking for more information; Kurt just nodded him off feigning he would tell him later.

"Yeah, but that was a long-long-long-long time ago!" she said, over the initial shock of the question.

"Puckerman, who's hotter? Hudson or Anderson?" she asked a smirk on her face. Puck looked deep in thought.

"Anderson, sorry Finn but you're so tall…it's creepy!" he joked. Blaine looked oddly proud of himself; Kurt wrapped a predatory arm around Blaine's waist. Letting people know he was taken.

"Oh calm you're balls Hummel, I'm not even gay!" he spat. Kurt just grinned.

"Mike, truth or dare?"

"Dare! "He said excitedly, almost the whole entire group had said truth; he was ready to spice it up a little.

"Wrong answer!" he laughed menacingly. "Go grab a can of whip cream from Rachel's fridge and eat it off Rachel's stomach!" everyone gasped, then started to giggle. Mike headed upstairs and a few minutes later came down with a can of whip cream. Rachel giggled and pulled her shirt up to reveal her stomach. Mike administered a good size pile of whip cream before proceeding to lick it all off.

Once he was finished everyone was laughing hysterically, minus Tina who looked a little jealous. He took the can and went over to sit beside his girl friend once again.

"Open your mouth," he said. She looked wary but did as she was asked. He squirted a little bit off whip cream onto her tongue and then ate it all off, ending with a kiss. Once he was satisfied he got it all he turned back to the group who was still laughing.

"Sam, truth or dare?"


"Are you a virgin, if not then who?"

"Nope, her name was Sandy and it was at the strip club I worked at," he said a little ashamedly before receiving cat calls and hollers from all the boys.

"Brittany, truth or dare?" he asked trying to change the topic.

"Dare!" she said excitedly.

"Make out with any girl of your choice other than Santana!" he said and everyone 'ooo'd at the pissed off expression Santana wore. She got up and walked straight over to Mercedes before sitting down and planting a long, wet kiss directly on her lips. Once she finished she and Mercedes fell into a fit off giggles while everyone else seemed shocked.

Brittany returned to her seat before asking Rachel; "Truth or dare?"

"Truth, I am not going to risk a dare right now!"

"Would you date lord tubbington? You always have cats on you're shirts so you're a cat right?" everyone laughed, except for Rachel.

"No! I'm not a cat and no I will not date your ecstasy addicted cat!" he stated.

"That's round one! Who's ready for round two!" said Kurt. They continued playing late into the night, so late that everyone just ended up sleeping on Rachel's basement floor. It was a goodnight, and left everyone wishing that graduation wasn't just a week away.