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Eight years it has taken me to find her. Eight years of hard work, getting status, gaining power and money; recieving invitations to parties and balls, though I would only go just to see if I could get a glimpse her eyes that are like scarlet gems.


Eight years. 2,921 days. 70,126 hours. How I have lasted without seeing you this long is far beyond me believe me. Maybe it was because I thought of you often? Maybe it was because I dreamt of you so frequently? Maybe it was because I worked so hard in this world just to see you again? Maybe it was because everytime I wanted to snap I thought of your twisted smile? Maybe it was because when I got so depressed I couldn't stand it I, myself, sang the melody you sang so beautifully?

And this day, Arthur Barma has asked me to perform a little music at the Baskerville household. As soon as Baskerville left his tongue, his lips I knew it would be the highest chance I would get just to see your face again. Even though I knew, if I acted too suspiciously in their eyes, I could get killed murdered right there on the spot, I had to take the chance just to see if I could see your face again.

I set everything up. My hood delicately sitting on my head, I began to prepare to play a melody for the people that were attended. Then, I heard, the far off door creak open. My heart leaped.


I knew it was you, even before I looked up. Though I had to make sure it was really, truthfully you. As I looked up, nothing else mattered. When I saw your red eyes, your long black hair, your ivory snow pale skin I could not contain myself.

I loosened my grip on everything. I leapt up, ran toward you, and embrace you and chanted your name until I myself could not breath. I screamed that I wanted to see you, that I was looking for you for the past eight years.

Lacie. You stayed, motionless, in my arms.

As I pulled you away from me, your expression was something of shock, surprise, and confusion. And just as I was going to embrace you again, a hooded figure struck me from behind.

As I fell to the floor, I heard the hooded figure ask you if you knew me. You, in return, said you did not.

Oh, Lacie. I looked for you for eight years. I waited for eight years. And although you claim to not know me, I knew, dispite the words, the snow that was falling would bring you the memories of the day we first met.