Paint My World with You

This was only intended to be a One-shot, but as I wrote it my brain went crazy with ideas for it to continue, so this will be a story. Not too long. Max, maybe, 10 chapters. It will be short and sweet like Betty! :) lol

Story Prompt: A park is the location, loneliness is the initial theme. A painting is an object that plays a part in the story.

Takes place Season 3, a short while after Crush'd. Mrs. Meade, Alexis and DJ will have a major part in this story as well :) TOTAL DETTY! DUH!

For entertainment only! I don't own Ugly Betty or the characters, just love to write about them! :P

Chapter 1

Daniel was sitting on a bench in the park, the warm sun shining through the scattered trees, a light breeze making it a beautiful day. Despite that, he couldn't help feeling like a part of him was missing. He hadn't realized how much he would be affected. He looked on seeing a group of young boys playing catch, some people running past. He tried to fight the wetness in his eyes.

"Hey" the soft familiar voice called. Daniel quickly brushed his hand along his face to erase the evidence of his sadness. He looked up meeting those brown eyes and that smile that brought light to his life. "Hi" he said almost barely audible, his voice hoarse. She sent him a half-smile. "You ok?" she sat next to him looking at his face. He glanced at her quickly and then looked back in front. "What's wrong?" she asked warmly. He let out a groan. "I miss him"

She smiled lightly. "I'm sure he misses you, too."

He turned his face to look at her and let out a pained breath. "I really wish he was my son, Betty. I feel empty that he's not here with me. I know we started off kind of rocky. I didn't want anything to do with him, but you encouraged me to give him a chance; now I can't even breathe without him."

Betty tried to push away the tears that threatened to form in her eyes. "Even if he wasn't my son, I just wish he was closer. I can't even see him, now."

"Why don't you give him a call?"

Daniel looked ahead again. "I can't."

"Why not?" she asked confused. "It's too painful. When I hear his voice, I fall apart."

"But don't you think that this is worse? If you talk to him at least he would still be there. Now, you're just pushing him farther away, Daniel."

"I hadn't really thought of it that way. It's still not the same. Seeing someone is different from just talking over a phone."

"I can't argue with that, but Daniel, at least it's something. If I could still talk to my mom just through a phone, I would take that chance. At least she would be there. Listen, I know it's not the same, but if that is all you have, then why not use it?"

Daniel eye's met hers and he realized he was being a big baby. Here Betty was giving him another chance. He smiled looking at her, that smile and those eyes always being there when he needed it, her yellow dress that mimicked the brightness of the sun, brightening his day. "Thank you, Betty."

"So..." she said with a playful grin.

He looked at her "So?"

"Let's call him!" she said with a shine in her eyes. "Really?" he asked with the same shine in his eyes.


"Together?" he asked as a request rather than in question.

"Sure!" she said happily. "Okay" Daniel quickly got out his phone. Betty smiled loving that the light was back in his eyes, and loved seeing that smile. It made her see the real Daniel. His eyes were always a window that she could see into his heart with. He scooted closer to her and pressed send calling DJ. He looked to her with a smile waiting for a response. Betty watched his eyes, how the light seemed to dance around. "DJ! Hey buddy." Daniel immediately brought the phone in between his face and Betty's, so she could hear too. Betty smiled.

"Papa!" Daniel looked to Betty seeing her biting her lip at DJ still calling Daniel his dad. "...oh, uh Daniel. Sorry."

"It's okay, DJ. I know it's going to take a while to get used to."

"Eh, oui."

"So, guess who's sitting with me and wants to talk to you?"



"Ah, Betty!"

"Hi DJ!" Betty said happily. "Miss you, Betty."

"I miss you, too, DJ. How's everything?"

"C'est bien."

"Did you get the baseball and glove I sent you, DJ?" Daniel asked excitedly.

"Oui! C'est magnifique. Merci." Betty smiled looking at Daniel. "Are you still practicing your English, DJ?"

"Yes Betty. I practice with Alexis"

"That's good, sweetie. Your English is really good."

"Thank you"

"Hey DJ, is Alexis there?" Daniel asked curiously. "Oui."

"Je voudrais parle avec Alexis."

"Ok. Une seconde" Betty moved away from the phone slightly to see Daniel's face "Your French got a lot better, too, Daniel."

A proud grin came across his face making Betty laugh. "Hello?" Alexis called into the phone.

"Alexis, hey"

"Daniel. Hey! Good to hear from you."

"Hi Alexis"

"Oh, hi Betty. How are things with you two?"

"Good." Betty said smiling. "How are you doing? How are you adjusting to things?" Daniel asked.

"It's taking some time, but I got to tell you, Daniel, I love this kid. He's great. I'm sorry about all that happened. I hope you don't hate me too much"

"That's ok. I sort of forgive you."

"Gee thanks" she laughed. "DJ gets really happy whenever you call, Daniel. Don't wait too long next time" Daniel looked to Betty and smiled "I won't. It's thanks to Betty."

"Should have known. She's always been the brains behind you." She teased. Betty giggled. "Alright. Okay, that's true."

"Hey, I'm sorry, but I have to go guys. It was nice talking to you. Thanks Daniel. And thank you, Betty."

"Bye Alexis" They both said.

"I'll get DJ for you"

"Daniel, Betty. I have to go to le maison de mes grandparents."

"Okay DJ. I'll call you later." Daniel said really glad that he listened to Betty. He definitely felt his heart fill back up.

"Okay. Merci. Bye Betty! Love you"

" you, too DJ. Bye sweetie!" Betty said happily, a huge smile on her face. Daniel smiled brightly looking to Betty. He wanted to mess with DJ a little "What about me, buddy?"

DJ laughed on the other end making them laugh. " you, too. Au revoir"

Daniel laughed "bye DJ. Say hi to vous grandparents for me, okay?"

"Oui. Bye" they ended the call and Daniel put the phone in his pocket looking to Betty. "Thank you, Betty."

"You don't have to thank me, Daniel. I'm just glad to see you smile again." Daniel smiled making Betty smile brighter.

"So, how about we uh...go get some ice cream" Betty said playfully. Daniel laughed "Sure, I could go for some ice cream"

"Great" she got up cheerfully. Daniel shook his head in amusement as he got up. Just when they were about to walk away a man approached them. "Excuse me?"

"Yes, can we help you with something?" Daniel asked, looking at him curiously.

The man, wearing a navy shirt and white pants, was holding a board of some sort. He smiled behind his semi-long golden curls and held up the board revealing a painting of Daniel and Betty sitting on the bench smiling, the phone in between them, and a beautiful mosaic-like colored background. "Wow" Betty said once she got sight of it. "It looks amazing"

"Wow...uh" Daniel looked to the man's face. "It's a gift for you and the young lady" he said with that smile, handsomely lighting up his face.

"Oh, uh...thank you" Daniel said in confusion. Betty giggled "I think it's funny how the phone is in between us" Daniel looked to her with a smile. "It's so beautiful" She looked to the man meeting his eyes. "For the beautiful lady" he held it out to Betty. Betty smiled brightly taking it in her hands. "Thank you. That's so sweet of you."

"Ya, uh, thank you" Daniel said, still bewildered by this man and the painting. "What made you paint it?" Daniel asked curiously.

"I always sit out here painting, and I saw you. You looked very sad. I watched you for a minute, and then the young lady came. After some time you were instantly smiling. It was very beautiful to me, so I paint. When the young lady..." he looked to Betty with a shine in his eyes, Betty smiled "smiled just like she is now, I saw beautiful color around her, so I painted that" he said admiringly. Betty's eyes lit up. "That is so sweet. Thank you so much" Betty hugged the man. Daniel smiled watching Betty.

"No, thank you Miss. Your smile brought light to my day." He said looking to Betty. Betty smiled brightly. "Thank you" she said in astonishment. Daniel looked to Betty. "Me too" Betty looked to Daniel. "Aww..." she didn't even know how to express how happy she felt. She smiled looking at Daniel. She wrapped her arms around him in a warm hug. Daniel smiled. They looked to the man.

"Have a good day" he said and walked off with a pleased smile. "Bye!" Betty said loudly waving to the man. He looked back and smiled waving back to Betty. Daniel laughed.

Betty and Daniel were on their way to get that ice cream. Daniel couldn't stop thinking about the man, the painting and Betty. He glanced over at Betty, her beautiful smile on her face as she looked at the painting. That smile really was filled with color and light. He smiled when she glanced at him, her smile bright and sweet.

AN: I hope you enjoyed it! Please, let me know what you think! =) This made me so happy while writing it! :)