Paint My World With You

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Chapter 25

"Alexis? Becks?" Daniel came up pretending he just happened to run into them.

"Daniel?" they both said looking up and then to each other. He could tell they were anxious that he caught them together.

"What the heck are you uh...doing here?" she asked nervously. "Oh my God, were you following me? I had a feeling someone was, but what? How dare you?" she said getting up and glaring at him.

"Listen Alexis, I know it was wrong to do that, but I mean, I do think of you as my sister now, so I don't about you that way, so I just wanted to find out what was going on with you."

Her eyes lit up "really?"

He smiled and shrugged "ya, a little" She laughed and hugged him "Thanks"

"How did you guys, uh...hook up?" he asked looking back to Becks. He walked up and put his hand out. Daniel looked to Alexis and then to Becks shaking his hand. "Becks worked a photo shoot at Mode and I don't know we just started hanging out and...things happened."

"Ok gross, too much info there, sis!" Alexis and Becks both laughed. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you its just...Becks wanted to. I was just scared you'd hate me" she said looking down sadly. He patted her arm "I don't hate you. It's fine."

She smiled a little confused that he was so accepting. "So, where's Betty, I take it she's not far." As if on cue, Betty was walking up. "Hi Alexis, uh...Becks"

Becks walked up next to Betty. "So, this is the new Betty, huh, I heard that you think I have gorgeous eyes and cute dimples" He said with that signature dimple that emphasized his rather charming smile. Betty really couldn't help her smile. Daniel had dagger eyes directed at him.

Becks took her hand "You're pretty gorgeous yourself." he said with a grin that made Betty blush and was about to kiss her hand. Daniel took Betty's hand back. "Thank you for complimenting my girlfriend Becks, but please keep your hands to yourself" Daniel said annoyed by his good friend.

"Girlfriend?" both Becks and Alexis said in surprise. Even Betty was surprised that he just came out with their secret. Daniel smiled big and brought Betty's hand to his lips for a kiss. "Yep, girlfriend"

Betty blushed, feeling butterflies all over. The fact that someone else knew other than them...and DJ, made it all the more real. She felt tingles all through her body and was sure if she moved at all she would fall, she felt so numb. Alexis's eyes went wide. "Since when?" she asked excitedly.

"Since the night of our date three days ago" Daniel said looking at Betty.

"You guys went on a date?" she asked surprised.

Both Daniel and Betty looked at each other and smiled. "Yes" they both said holding each other's hand tight. Alexis smiled and hugged them both "I'm really happy for you guys "but then her eyes went wide in realization pulling away. "Wait a minute... What the hell? You guys were together this whole time and you made me think you were always arguing?" she said annoyed glaring at them. They both smiled guiltily. "DO you have any idea how crazy you drove me?"

Daniel grinned "Yes, Alexis, we do." Betty giggled.

"I can't believe you did that!"

Daniel smiled and looked to Betty "It was Betty's idea" he said with a smirk and then looked to Alexis not wanting to miss the look on her face. Her eyes went wide in shock "Betty?"

She smiled biting her lip. Alexis couldn't believe they made HER into the joke. That Betty was one sly young lady; she had to give her that. Now it all clicked how her mom didn't even stress over them arguing. She must have known it was all an act, and dammit she let them torture her. She looked at Betty shaking her head. "I'll let it slide since I love Betty so much"

Betty smiled "I'm so happy for you guys. Although I'm still kind of pissed you put me through hell the past few days, I'll forgive you. Do you forgive me?" she asked looking at Daniel.

He glanced at Becks and then to Alexis. He shrugged "I guess if I have to." he said with a smirk. Alexis laughed and hugged him. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you."

He nodded with a small smile. Alexis looked to Betty, "Betty, you are going to have to spill" she said excitedly walking with Betty. Daniel laughed shaking his head. He looked back at Becks, now things were serious. Becks smirked.

Daniel got really close to him "Listen to me, Becks, I didn't want to embarrass my sister, but you better not hurt her or I swear I'll beat you up, pal. I know you're my friend, but just watch it" he said with a very serious tone. Becks glared at him "Well, you listen up Daniel, I like Alexis. What makes you think you're so special that you're the only person that can change? Seems that you have, why can't I?"

Daniel's eyes softened. "You're right. I just...don't want to see Alexis get hurt."

Becks smiled "I promise. I don't want to." Daniel smiled. Becks laughed and hugged him. "I miss you, buddy" he said slapping his back. Daniel laughed "ya, I guess I kind of miss you, too." He said wanting to mess with him. He moved back and looked at him "oh, and don't flirt with my girlfriend again"

Becks grinned "why? You worried she'll like me better?" he said jokingly. Daniel punched his arm "Shut- up!"

"No worries man, I love your sister, you know?"

Daniel looked at him strangely. "You love her?" he asked shocked that his player friend just admitted that he 'loved' someone, more specifically his sister... He was the kind of guy that wouldn't be caught dead saying he was in love, he looked at him. Becks smiled and nodded. "Ya, man...I can talk to her, and it's cool, because she already knows everything I like. We just have fun together."

Daniel smiled, still mildly shocked at his friends admission of his feelings for his sister. "This is still kind of weird to me." He said honestly. Becks laughed in understanding.

Alexis and Betty walked up to them "come on, let's go, what are you guys just standing around for?" Alexis said coming up next to Becks. "Sorry, we were just have a friendly chat" Daniel said looking to Becks. He grinned. Daniel shook his head and took Betty's hand starting to walk.

As they walked ahead, Daniel glanced at Betty. She smiled and squeezed his hand. "I love you"

He smiled and kissed her cheek. "I love you, too, beautiful." She smiled and felt butterflies again. She didn't think they would ever stop.

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