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"Someone like you"


..:: Mangoes connecting people::..

"Sam?" Jules grabbed by arm the tall blond man "Is that you?"

Man turned back and smiled widely. "Jules, " his royal blue eyes started to shine like a tract in sunny day and he whispered softly "I didn't expect to meet you here"

"I still hate shopping at malls but they got really fresh mangoes in here" she pointed at fruits in her shopping cart. Sam smirked to himself. Jules was looking amazing. She hasn't changed at all actually . Jules was glowing, her shortened hair were loosely arranged and made him crave to touch them. He wanted to check if they are still as soft as he remembered them. Sniffed her hair if she still used the same orchid shampoo . She was definitely still using Marc Jacobs' Daisy perfume because this sweet flower scent surrounded her now.

"You haven't change" he said staring with hungry eyes at her.

"So do you" she gazed at him with her hazelnut eyes. It wasn't empty words. Sam hadn't change that much. Those five years gave him virility, maturity. He was still well built , tall blonde man but cocky Sam was gone, in front of her was standing mature, self confident man. She couldn't get enough of his sight. Jules haven't seen him since they broke up. "I thought you're gone for good to France. What brought you back to Toronto?"

"I have to lead the training for new recruits to our base" Sam licked his lips and ran though his blonde hair by hand "Listen Jules, there's a nice cafeteria at the corner of this street. Would you like to grab a double double and talk a bit?"

She glanced at watch and nodded : "Sure, I still got some time. Besides we haven't seen for ages"

Jules ordered decaffeinated double double and sat next to Sam. They haven't seen each other for such a long time that she almost couldn't believed that Sam was so close to her. Too close. She thought that she was over him, that these years that they spent separately made her believe that she forget about him. But now, when she was sitting just few inches from him, feeling the scent of his eau do cologne, light shivers came through her body. Jules took few deep breaths and slowed them.

Sniper breathing Jules she thought sniper breathing.

"So Sam," Jules smirked to Sam and stirred her coffee "I heard from Spike that you're settled down, that you found a girl and you're married now"

Sam took a sip of his coffee "Yeah. We get married with Josephine two months ago " Sam nodded fidgeting with his ring. He glanced with warm smile at Jules' slightly enlarged belly "but I heard three months ago that your dreams came true. Guess he gave you things , I didn't give to you when we were together."

Jules caress her pregnancy belly and she tilted her head aside : "It's not like that Sam. You knew that we couldn't be together. That were the rules and it didn't count that I loved you or not. Besides, you accepted this offer from your father so easily. You left overseas…"

"To forget about you Jules…" he interjected softly "I just couldn't have you by my side every day knowing that I can't hug or kiss you. It's like we were together and yet apart."

"Sam…" she rolled her eyes and sighed "that were the choices we made five years ago. It wasn't easy for me as well when you left overseas…"

"But you found someone.."

"So do You Sam" she stressed out and put aside strands of her brown hair that fell on her face "I wish nothing but the best for you . I never mind finding someone like you, Sam. But you are just…..You…."she hesitated and sighed "You know how the time flies, only yesterday, it was the time of our lives and today ….I'm really, REALLY happy with Stan now"

"Another guy with S-name?" Sam chuckled and enumerating at his fingers "Scott, Steve, Sam – which was me – and now Stan? Apparently you got a thing to S-named guys"

Jules giggled and grinned widely" Yeah, that's my weakness as you noticed "

"Where did you two met?" Sam teased winking to her "on a I-want-to-meet-S-named-guy forum?"

Jules frowned and hissed "Stanley saved my life. Last year , we had a call. Someone put a fire under juvenile criminalists camp. In one building the ceiling fell down and I was stuck there. Stan was a firefighter that took me out from that hell."

Sam's face became pale when he realized that Jules could be dead and he wasn't there to protect her. His ironic comments suddenly sounded really lame and stupid.

"No worries Sam" Jules continued glancing at him "I haven't got a hero worship complex about Stan if you want to point that out"

She licked the tea spoon and placed it on napkin. Jules glanced at Sam that was staring blankly at the gingerbread laying next to his coffee.

"Sam?" Jules touched his hand "Are you ok?"

Sam transferred his sighed firstly to Jules' hand later to her big brown eyes.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there to protect you" Sam finally spoke out silently "I should have been here, for you.."

"Sam , relax I'm a big girl. And Ed caught this lunatic arsonist that set fire under that buildings " Jules was calming Sam down "It wasn't your responsibility Sam to be by my side then. Besides, what's the difference Sam? We're colleagues now so really don't worry about it.."

"Yeah but," Sam hesitated and sighed "Jules, you have never stopped being important to me…"

Jules blushed and bit her lower lip " Sam, I…"

"There you are honey" warm man's voice interjected Jules' statement "I was looking for you all over."

Tall, well built man leaned and kissed Jules in the forehead. She placed her hand on his cheek and gently caress it.

It must be Stan Sam thought and felt how every muscle in his body got tensed .

"Sorry Stan I met old friend and we lost track of time" Jules' face lighten up seeing her man. She pointed at Sam and said "Let me introduce one of the best snipers I've ever met. Sam Braddock."

Brunet smiled warmly and stretched his arm toward Sam "Hi, I'm Stanley Chambers. Nice to meet you."

Sam shook his hand "Nice to meet you too. I think I should thank you for saving my ex-teammate from that fire. "

"No problem buddy," Stan wrapped his arm around Jules "I saved her, and she saved me some way. Julianna is the best that happen in my life."

Sam smiled under his breath seeing how Stan was looking at Jules while saying about her. Stan's emerald eyes were burning with love for Jules. She has inspired him. Just like Jules' inspired Sam five years ago. He was looking at her in the same way. Deep inside his soul, he was still perceive her that way. Even that he shouldn't.

"I gotta go" Sam stood up and put on his denim jacket "Jo's plane is landing for one hour. I should pick her up from airport."

"You haven't finished your coffee, soldier " Jules frowned and pouted her lips "I was really hoped that we talk more about those five missed years…"

Sam sighed and rubbed his head "Yeah, I hoped that too but .."

"Listen Sam," Stan grabbed Braddock's arm and asked gently „I know that maybe you and Josephine got some plans but maybe you two will pop up to our place for dinner tomorrow? You can catch up with Jules…"

Sam glanced at Jules and her eyes were begging him to agree for that.

Shit Sam thought It would be easier to refuse if Stan would be a jackass , but he seems to be really nice guy.

"Soooo?" Jules drew out the word and pinned Sam with her hazelnut eyes "I'm gonna make Quebec poutine. I know you like it."

Sam smirked reminding to himself how Jules always made poutine when she wanted to bribe him to do something. Good, old times.

"Come on Sam" Stan smiled glancing at Jules "You shouldn't refuse to pregnant lady"

"Fair enough" Sam nodded smiling "where should we come?"

"At my old place. I suppose you remember where it is "Jules grinned and asked "8 p.m. will be fine for you?"

"Perfect" Sam smiled and turned to Stan "See you at 8 sharp tomorrow then, Chambers"

Stan nodded and few moments later Sam left the cafeteria . Still he wasn't sure if he should do the right thing to accept this invitation for dinner from Stan. Maybe he should just leave the past behind . Life that he got was good, not perfect but he learnt to like it.

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