Mike Malonino

Hi there, to all my readers, I wonder how many of my regular readers are following this tale.

This one is slightly different from my usual. It is set in the Primeval Verse, I did have this in the Cross-over section, but a few of my regular readers wanted me to change it, so here goes, I hope you like it.

It follows Connor's brother and will feature a back-story for Mike Malonino. You might want to Google some of the cast – My OC's are all Bollywood actors, and whilst I have used actors, the Characters I have created all belong to me.

(In no particular order,) Characters will be-

Mike Malonino - Andrew Lee Potts

Connor Temple - Andrew Lee Potts

Abby Maitland - Hannah Spearritt

Jyoti Patel - Katrina Kaif

Captain Becker - Ben Mansfield

James Lester - Ben Miller

Matt Anderson - Kieran McMenamin

Emily Merchant - Ruth Bradley

Jess Parker - Ruth Kearney

Samira Khan - Aishwarya Rai

Tariq Khan - John Abraham

Mohammed Khan - Kadar Khan

Dr Suresh Patel - Suresh Oberoi

Vijay Patel - Zayed Khan

Aamir Khan - Abhishek Bachchan

Auntie Meena - Reema Lagoo

Auntie Sangita - Archana Puran Singh

Bertie Becker - Jamie Murray

Story so far... (See story - Trouble with Connor Temple)

Mike and Connor are twins; he was kidnapped by Helen Cutter the day he was born. She left him at an orphanage where he was brought up by a Nun by the name of Sister Mary; she christens him Michael after the local Church – St Michaels. As he grows up, his temper leads him into trouble, and he earns the surname Malonino - Spanish for Bad Boy.

As he grows up, he is passed from pillar to post, from family to family, until high school, where he makes friends with a Muslim boy – Tariq. Tariq's family take Mike in, and he becomes a regular visitor.

Later in life he meets Helen Cutter again, who sets him up to replace Connor at the ARC. Mike goes in causing trouble, as per Helen's instructions, in the process, he tries to rape Abby, and he upsets Bella the new vet so much that she leaves. Danny realises what is going on and he releases Connor from his prison, there is a showdown at the ARC, and Mike is found out and he is sent to prison for three years. He learns about Connor, Matt and the circumstances around his own family and upbringing.

Part of his parole condition is that he has to serve under Becker, as a soldier, until his sentence is over. Working at the ARC, gives Mike a purpose in life, and he starts saving lives – Jess in particular, feels indebted that he saved not only her life, but Becker's too.

The team learn that a meteorite is going to collide with the Earth; the large comet is the reason behind the Earth being overrun with Predators. The ARC team are sent into space where the mission is to deflect the meteor into the sun where it is burnt to cinders. Mike is nearly killed in the mission, but Becker manages to save his life.

We join our intrepid heroes as they return from their mission; they are on a plane flying back from America.