A/N: I came across this idea in my head while watching Transformers last weekend. I was watching the dealership scene when I thought, How long has Bumblebee been watching Sam? How long has Bumblebee been on earth! So i thought it'd be fun to make a story set a little before the first movie, about how Bumblebee adapts to his new environment, tracking down Sam, watching over him and maybe gaining some female attention on the way? Especially with a...Holoform!

So yes this will include a OC, and yes she is related to Sam(I have decided she will be his Twin) and yes this is Mech/Human, Bee/OC. I have yet to see an idea like this on this site or any other site so I hope you don't think me un-original just because the whole Sam's sister/cousin/friend as Bee's love interest is a common idea. It just helps the story flow easier.

Now without further adieu...


My designation is Bumblebee. I am a scout under the leadership of Optimus Prime, the last known descendent of the creator(s) of my comrades and I's world; The Primes. I am, what is known as a Autonomous Robotic Organism or Auto-bot for short. Currently I am on a re-con mission to locate, and investigate the human known as Samuel Witwicky. He is the descendent of Archibald Witwicky, and has current possession of the map that could very well be the end to his planet.

I have disguised myself as a human teenager who will be joining Samuel at his educational facilities as of seven lunar cycles, or as an earthling would say "A Week". I have chosen to go under the designation "Ben" in order to gain further information on the human world.

This has been my report. Bumblebee, over and out.


I stood half shielded from view by a shelf of DVD's as I watched Samuel from his place stationed at the counter attending to the many customers, while his fellow co-worker took a break in a isolated room. I was in a "Blockbuster" and pretending to look at the many movie titles that the entire store contained. Samuel was still trying to earn money for his new automobile, his male guardian had promised to purchase for him, if he could earn a percentage of the many needed. Hence why I was currently reading the synopsis to a movie titled "American Pie". It was a bit confusing, I thought "Pie" to be a delicious sweet that most humans enjoyed? Perhaps this movie could further educate me in Earth customs...

"Do you need help?" I looked up, a bit startled to see Samuel in front of me, a quizzical look on his face as he analyzed me. I quickly looked through the Internet for any references that could help me in this situation. This would in fact be my first time speaking to my human charge.

"Yeah," I spoke, a deep and slightly accented voice coming from my vocal processors. "Do you have any good horror movies?"

Samuel's gaze shifted from my face to the movie still in my hand. "You sure your looking for horror? American Pie isn't too scary, dude."

"I was just looking at it. I've never seen it before."

"Whatever, I don't judge." Sam laughed as he turned around and lead me towards another part of the store where a different set of movie titles where stacked alphabetically. "These are it. Half of them are pretty awful, but there are a couple decent ones."


"No problem, let me know if you need anything else." Samuel said, just as a bell rang signaling the presence of a new customer.

I recognized this new human as Samuel's best friend Miles. The boy was a bit of an odd ball and seemed to be on the slower side of the intelligence spectrum but he was a decent friend to my charge and had yet to give me a reason to be wary of him.

I turned to the shelves Samuel had lead me to and quickly grabbed a random movie, making sure to look discrete as I listened to their conversation.

"Hey man, what you doing here?" Sam grinned as he clapped hands with Miles. "I thought I told you I don't need a ride tonight. Rebecca is picking me up."

"You just answered your own question bro!" Miles grinned.


"Come on Sam!" Miles laughed throwing an arm around his shoulder. "How could I miss a chance to see your smoking hot babe of a sister."

"Chill out man," Samuel removed Miles arm from around him and shot the other teen a glare. "don't talk about her like that."

I felt my spark start to heat up in anger as I continued to listen. Miles' infatuation with Rebecca Witwicky did not amuse me in the slightest. He was much to crass and abrasive with her. In Cybertron, from sparklings we are taught to treat femmes with respect. How Rebecca herself tolerated his behavior at times was beyond me. She was far too beautiful to be caught with the likes of Miles.

Not to say that I think she is beautiful! But Rebecca's appearance is very pleasing to the optics...by human standards anyway.

"Sorry man," Miles apologized noticing Samuel's cold demeanor. "I'll try to keep my comments to a minimum."

"That's all I ask bro, all I ask."

They're conversation went on for another fifteen minutes mainly focused on a femme by the designation of "Mikaela Banes". My charge seems to have very strong feelings for this femme. Though he is by far much more respectful about his situation. I will have to make note to meet this Mikaela once I start attending school.

I was brought out of my musing by the chime at the front of the door ringing again as someone entered the building.

Rebecca Witwicky stepped through the double doors, her friend Maya trailing behind her, an air of confidence surrounding her. She was dressed in a simple dress that came a little above her knees along with shoes that gave her a bit more height(wedges), along with a small one-strapped bag over her shoulder. Her eyes immediately landed on her brother as she gave him a wave and a big smile. Her friends attention though was directed at me.


"Don't look now, but Vanilla Wafer over there is so staring at you." Maya whispered to me as we made our way towards Sam and Miles. I took a small look over my shoulder and immediately(accidently) made eye-contact with him. He was hot, no. Sexy. He was blonde, tall, with a broad build to him and with what looked like very nice biceps if his leather jacket had anything to say about it. He was in normal clothes, a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. But seriously the guy was basically my dream guy!

"He is so hot!"

"Your telling me!" Maya giggled, waving at the mystery guy. He didn't wave back though, he must have not noticed.

"Please stop checking out my customers!"

"Oh!," I blushed turning my attention back to my brother and Miles. "Sorry Sam."

"Calm down Sammy," Maya smirked, looking over at the hot guy again and sending a wink his way. "You can't blame us for enjoying the view."

Miles frowned and threw an arm around my shoulder. "I've seen better views."

I quickly stepped away from him and walked over to Sam's side as Maya laughed at Miles, her Spanish accent prominent. "Not in this place you haven't."

Miles was quickly on the defense and the two immediately started fighting. Maya telling Miles he would never get a girlfriend with his smell and Miles retaliating with the reason Maya can't keep a man is because she's such a bitch and etc. Wow, they might actually start fist fighting this time!

"Umm, Excuse me?"

I turned around to come face to face (well actually face to upper chest, damn he's tall) with hot, blonde guy. I took a step back out of surprise. Damn it! I probably look like an idiot just staring at him!

"H-hi." I said. I mentally slapped myself. Hi? Did I really just say that?

"Hi," He smiled. Oh lord he has a cute smile. "I want to rent this movie."

My heart deflated. Movies, of course, he was here for movies. This was a Blockbuster!

"Oh I got you man," Sam saved me by butting in and directing him away from me and towards the counter.

I looked in Maya's direction to see she and Miles had stopped fighting, but she had a smug smile on her face as her eyes switched from me to..crap I don't even know his name.

"What are you looking at?" I said looking at her, and ignoring Miles' attempt to make eye contact with me, until he finally gave up and joined Sam and "Blonde" guy at the checkout counter.

"Becca, do not act innocent," She smirked, bumping her hips against mine playfully. "You and Blonde-y over there were basically having eye sex just now!"

"What! W-we were not!" I whisper/shouted.

"Chica, I invented eye sex," She giggled, grabbing me by my arms and turning me around to see Blonde guy throwing a couple glances in our direction. "I know it when I see it."

I blushed, "You are horrible!"

"Whatever you say, but.." She grinned. "He's still looking at you."

Well damn. She was right, he still is.

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