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Chapter 3

I pulled her up into a standing position by her waist. My hands lingered on her warm body a second long and I quickly released her as if I had been burned. Her cheek turned to rosy hues as she stared at me, biting her lip in what I knew was a nervous gesture. I smiled at her, and she smiled back, my eyes being drawn to her plump lips.

"I hope you're okay." I chuckled nervously, sticking my hands into my pockets.

"Yes," She smiled softly, taking a pause to lick her lips. "Thank you. That fall would have been pretty embarrassing."

"It was no problem."

She nodded slowly as if contemplating what to say next. "So you're new?"

"Yes, I am."

"Well," She stopped as she glared at something behind me…or rather someone. I turned around to come face to face with the pretty blonde who had nearly knocked Rebecca over. She smiled up at me, her right hand quickly latching onto mine as she batted her eyes in a rapid manner.

"Well aren't you just a hero," She purred, linking an arm with mine as she lead me to the back of the classroom where a couple of students I assumed to be her friends were seated. "It's so sweet of you to catch Rebecca like that; she's on the clumsy side."

"It was really nothing," I said, taking a look behind me to no longer see Rebecca where I left her but now seated next to Maya with her back to me, said Latina glaring at my form as the blonde femme and I reached her friends.

The femme quickly shoved me into a chair situated in the center of her little gaggle of friends, before seating herself daintily on my desk.

"Guys," She looked to her friends and then pointed to me. "This is Ben. Isn't he just a cutie?"

Another blonde to my left giggled into her hand. She smiled at me before introducing herself. "I'm Katie! Omg! Are you an alien?"

I froze. How does she know? "W-what?"

She laughed. "Like Ben 10! He's a human who can turn into aliens!" She clapped her hands together in excitement, as I looked at her quizzically. Did she just compare me to a cartoon character?

"Don't mind her Ben," The blonde who lead me here, what is her name, scoffed from her seat. "Katie is as dumb as she is pretty."

Katie started to pout at her friend before turning to a brunette sitting across from her. "Mikaela! Kathy's being rude," She whined dramatically. The brunette, who I recognized as the femme who helped me earlier in the hall, rolled her blue optics at her blonde friends.

"Kathy don't be a bitch," She said halfheartedly, as a pretty Asian girl who was inspecting her nails nodded along. She then turned to me, a smirk gracing her lips. "Well it's nice to see you again."

I smiled. "Nice to see you as well, Mikaela."

Kathy coughed and promptly interrupted, wanting the attention to return to her. "Liza you should say hi to Ben."

The Asian girl forced a smile at Kathy before nodding and holding her hand out to me. I took her hand and shook it. "I'm Liza Phan. It's nice to meet you Ben,"

I nodded. "đẹp để đáp ứng bạn quá."

Her eyes widen as she stared at me in shock. Perhaps she didn't understand what I said? The other three girls stared at us in confusion as Liza cleared her throat.

"You know Vietnamese?" She asked, a small smile tugging at her lips. I nodded. No need to tell her I know all languages, right?

"Yes, don't you?"

"Omg!" Katie broke in, jumping up and down in her seat again. "You can speak more languages!"

"Well, well, well," Kathy purred, grabbing my chin so I faced her. She leaned closer to me, and I got an eyeful of the skin her top revealed. My face heated up in embarrassment. "Good-looking and smart."

I promptly removed my face from her grip and forced a smile. I turned to the other girls, only making eye contact with Mikaela. Wait…Mikaela?


"Yeah," She eyed me wearily. Her friends looking at us with interest. Are all human femmes this nosy?

"How do you know my last name?" She glared, her friendly disposition forgotten and replaced with an icy edge. I quickly backtracked.

"I've heard your name in the hallway," I answered, raising my hands up in a mock gesture of surrender. Mikaela raised an eyebrow, as if she didn't quite believe me, but she nodded none the less.

To think this is the femme Sam is obsessed with.

"So Ben," Katie giggled beside me. "Any girls catch your eye, yet?"

The image of Rebecca smiling suddenly popped into my mind. My face became a faint pink as I imagined my hands on her warm skin, how soft her hair must feel and her li- I quickly shooed those thoughts away. What is wrong with me?

I laughed and shook my head, just as a bell went off in the room causing everyone to get up from their seats and make their way to their first period class. I quickly stood up and caught sight of Sam; I made my way towards him just as a small hand grabbed on to my arm.

"Ben," Kathy stepped in my way and twiddled a strand of her hair around her finger. "I was thinking you should sit with us at lunch."

I saw Sam walk out the room and in a flurry I quickly walked around Kathy throwing an "I'll be there" over my shoulder as I raced to catch up with Sam before he disappeared into the chaos that is a school hallway.

"Sam!" I yelled running up to the teen. When I finally caught up to him, I put my hand on his shoulder. Sam immediately flinched, shrugging my hand off and facing me. His eyes widened as he saw me standing there.

"Shit," Sam moaned, running a hand through his hair. "I'm sorry man; I thought you were someone else."

"No big deal," I shrugged. But I took that strange occurrence and moved it to the back of my processor. What made him freak like that?

I feel into a steady rhythm with Sam as we walked to our next class. I think it was geometry?

"So you like school so far?" Sam asked as we made our way inside our classroom taking the seats in the back left corner. I nodded, noticing Mikaela make her way into the classroom with a tall male hanging off her possessively.

Sam noticed my gaze and scoffed. "The douche hanging on to Mikaela is Trent." He glared as Trent removed himself from Mikaela to do a full body bump with one of his friends. "He's the school quarterback."

I raised an eyebrow and nodded, quickly looking up what a "quarterback" is. Oh yeah.., football. "Is he any good?"

Sam snorted. "He's as good as any other guy. Nothing special."


. . .

"I said I was sorry!"

"And I already forgave you," Rebecca sighed, taking a sip from her sprite bottle. "Plus I'm over it."

"Then why do you look like someone kicked Mojo?" Rebecca shrugged, ignoring the question.

Maya took a bite from her sandwich, glaring at Bumblebee from the table they were seated at. He was currently sitting with Trent and his friends, who –gag- included Kathy. Sweet Jesus by the way that girl was sucking on her lollipop, you'd think she never had candy before.

"Wow, she's a slut." Maya snipped before taking a sip of her water. Rebecca raised an eyebrow at her friend but didn't bother turning around, just to see Kathy flirting with Ben. Not like she was jealous or anything, she barely knew him!

"That's not nice,"

"What's not nice is how desperate she is to spread her legs, that she wears her skirt so short," Maya replied with a smirk. Rebecca giggled, not noticing her laugh had attracted Bumblebee's attention.

The blonde gazed fondly at the little red head. He liked the sound of her laugh; it made his spark surge in a peculiar way. A peculiar yet invigorating feeling.

He took one last glance at her before Trent's palm patted him on the back in a friendly gesture, breaking him from the femme's spell. Keep your priorities straight Bumblebee. You have a mission to complete.

. . .

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