It was a nice normal summer morning in the year of 2100. A few feet away from a highly developed futuristic city, on a grassy plain, a UFO the size of a house was lying on the ground.

Its inhabitants were the chosen duelists, heroes who had saved the world from powerful witches and wizards countless of times. However, in their spare time they were nothing more than five ordinary teens. The chosen duelists were the following:

-Rad, the chosen fire duelist. A red eyed boy with messy red hair dressed in a red racer suit with yellow flames on it. He is a famous rocket racer that had won many grand prix contests. Also, he is well known for his cool guy attitude, hot headedness and short temper.

-Edo, the chosen water duelist. A brown haired boy with brown eyes dressed in a student uniform. He had won several dueling tournaments in his younger years but gave up on them due to an accident in which his opponent from the finals was killed. As for his attitude, he is very air-headed, clumsy and rarely realizes what's going on, much to Rad's frustration.

-Subaru, the chosen darkness duelist. A brown eyed boy with black hair that reaches his shoulders dressed in a black T-shirt with the darkness civilization symbol on it and a pair of dark blue jeans. He was friends with the famous Kokujo Kyoshiro and went with him in many adventures. Usually he is serious to the point of melancholy, but his best friend Edo is always there to cheer him up, and then they will both do some pranks and end up in trouble…

-Tsugumi, the chosen light duelist. A blue eyed girl with long blonde hair dressed in a red and white dress. She and Subaru had been in a relationship for a very long time and both have strong feelings for each other. She is the calm 'mother-like' figure to the other chosen duelists, always there to comfort them, always tolerating the stupid stuff that they were doing, but when the others exaggerate with something, the nice girl will turn into an angry one, sometimes her short temper surpassing that of Rad's.

-Sora, the chosen nature duelist. A green eyed girl with long green hair dressed in dark green shamanic robes and with strange green marks painted on her face. She is your typical lonely girl that meditates trying to become one with nature. But besides this, she also has an unusual hobby of writing fanfiction and drawing manga with yaoi as its main theme. What's worse for her team mates is that she views Subaru and Edo as the 'perfect couple' and tries to force the two friends into things that are better left unmentioned.

So dear reader, I bet you wonder what happens when you put these five slightly different characters in the same place to live. Well, the only answer I am going to give you is that you are about to find out, so let's begin this adventure, shall we?

That day it was laundry day in the UFO. Ah, the day in which you gather up all your dirty laundry, stick it in a washing machine, wait an hour, then take it out, iron it and put it back at its place just to get dirty again until next week. Don't we all love it?

In that day Rad was walking to the washing room all shirtless with his red sleeveless T shirt and red jacket with flames in his arms. It seemed like everything was going to be normal that day. But as we all know, appearances are deceiving.

Once Rad entered the room and was about to put his dirty clothes in the washing machine, Subaru popped out of nowhere, pushed him away and said:

"Out of the way, I was first!"

In the next moment Subaru threw ten black T shirts into the washing machine, pressed a button for black clothes washing and thus the process began.

"But dude, I was first…" Rad commented.

"Wait your turn, for Christ's sake!" Subaru countered.

After an hour Subaru's clothes were done and the black haired boy was out of the room.

"Now it's my turn!" Rad happily exclaimed and rushed to the machine with his clothes.

But just as he was about to put them inside, a small explosion resounded from it. On its small screen the word 'malfunction' appeared, making the poor chosen fire duelist shed tears.

All of a sudden, Edo jumped out of the machine with red and blue wires in his hands.

"These circuits are so frigging Rad!" Edo happily said and walked out of the room while taking a quick look at the red haired boy. "Oh, hi Rad!"

"Why the hell do you need those things?" Rad shouted at Edo.

"To make a rope and play rodeo, of course!"

At the sound of such a stupid response, Rad fell on his knees and lamented to the ceiling:

"Why me?"

Later that day, Subaru and Rad were both sitting in the laundry room, Rad still holding his suit in his hands while Subaru was ironing his usual T shirt with the darkness civilization symbol that was now clean.

"Dude, I can't believe I washed my suit… in the bath tub!" Rad spoke ashamed.

"At least you also washed yourself, haha!" Subaru laughed.


"Whatever, it's your turn to iron the clothes." Subaru replied and then he put his T shirt on, then he left the room.

Rad began to iron his suit and this time things seemed to finally be normal once again for him. Nothing unusual that would disturb his actions was happening, much to his joy.

"La, la, la, wow, nothing bad has happened!" Rad noticed. "This must be my lucky…"

"Hey Rad, mind if I borrow your F-Zero manga to read it with Suby?" Edo asked and entered the room while holding one of the mentioned manga comics in his hands which were filled with pop corn grease.

Rad stared at Edo with shocked and then he yelled as loud as he could:


In the next moment Rad accidentally pushed the iron on his suit in a fit of rage. Both duelists then felt a small smoke.

"Where is that steam coming from?" Edo asked and then both looked at Rad's suit which was getting burnt by the iron.

"FUUU!" Rad yelled and took the iron off the suit.

Edo stared amazed at Rad's jacket which now had a hole in it. The brown haired boy then began to slowly walk away while saying:

"Hehe, I guess I'll be going to have a nice rea…"

"COME BACK HERE YOU LITTLE!" Rad yelled angrily.

Meanwhile Tsugumi and Sora were walking on the corridor. Suddenly Edo appeared and passed by them soon to be followed by an overly angry Rad that was chasing him in his underwear. In that moment Sora raised her index finger in the air and said:

"I got a new idea for my yaoi manga!"

Tsugumi simply sighed in annoyance in response to everything she had seen and heard.

A week after the incident, we find Subaru searching for something in the UFO. He had already been in a room decorated with posters and rocket toys and now he was looking inside a big red rocket with yellow flames painted on.

"Hey Rad, it's laundry day! Rad, are you here?" Subaru called out.

But little did Subaru know that inside a closet in the UFO, Rad was sitting in his underwear with his suit in his left hand, his manga collection under his right arm and the poor red haired boy was trembling like mad.

"They're not gonna get my manga! NEVER!" Rad declared and tightened his grip.