The car was unusually silent. Most of my mornings consist of the loud sibling banter that, without fail, erupts between Seth and Leah. Add that too Leah's attempts to pull a drooling Jacob's attention away from me and onto her, Jacob, who doesn't understand the words not interested, and my occasional yelling at Leah who takes her eyes off the road way too often, you get a headache on wheels. But today, everyone seemed to be looking at me before looking back outside once again.
Finally we pulled up to Emily's house. Leah, Seth, and Jacob leapt out of the car, intent on making it in time for dinner.

I lingered in the car, unsure if I should follow them in. A year ago, I would have burst into the house like it was my own. It used to be my second home. Emily, while only five years older than me, was like my mother considering my mom had left both Charlie and I when I was six.

However, in the last year, something had changed. First, Leah was dumped by her longtime boyfriend, the huge and handsome, Sam for Emily. Leah hated them both, so, as her friends, Seth, Jacob, and I hated Sam with a passion, and, because it's hard to hate Emily, we just avoided her.

Then, one after another, all three of them got sick. Jacob was the first, he got Mono, Leah came next with ammonia, and lastly Seth, who became sick with the chickenpox. When they got better, they suddenly idolized Sam. I personally think Sam is supplying them with steroids because all three of them, even once puny Seth, got huge!

Leah looked over her shoulder, sending me a curious look, and I ducked out of the car to follow them. I hadn't been sure if I was supposed to follow because they sometimes had these 'secret meetings' with Sam and others who were equally as large as Sam where I wasn't allowed to be.

The second I entered into the house, the many, many shirtless men in the house instantly went quiet. A few of the shirtless men, some I wasn't really acquainted with, I think who were Jared and Paul, sent me dirty glares. This was another reason that I didn't feel at home here anymore.

I always seemed to be intruding on something. They always seemed to be careful with the conversation when I was around, and, truthfully, it hurt quite a bit. I grinned as Emily pranced to the doorway to give me a huge hug. I only lingered on her disfigured face for a moment.

When she'd first come back after a trip with Sam, I couldn't look away from the claw like scars she said she'd gotten in a car accident. Now, I barely saw them anymore. There was still a bit of awkwardness between the two of us. We tried to ignore it. I just didn't understand how I could be the only one that still had hard feelings when Emily stole Leah's finance.

She stepped back. "I have dinner on the stove. Are you staying?" I was going to say yes. I rarely turned down Emily's offer of dinner, she was the only source of a home cooked meal I can get, but Sam cleared his throat.

We turned to look at him. He was seated at the head of the table.

He frowned apologetically. "I'm sorry, Bella, but we have a tribe meeting tonight. No outsiders." I didn't miss some of the smug smiles that graced Jared and Paul's faces.

"Bella's been friends with everyone on the reservation since she was born." Jacob said softly. "I honestly don't think it would be of any harm if she knew." Jacob looked up and an uneasy silence fell across the table. I instantly had to fight the urge to turn and run out the door.

"It's okay..." I started.

"She can keep secrets, as well." Jacob interrupted me in a pleading tone.

Sam tensed up and his black eyes narrowed at Jacob. I heard a soft rumbling and instantly glanced towards the kitchen, wondering if something was running in there.

"Jacob," Sam spoke in a tone that left no questioning, "It is not that we do not trust Bella, but it is tradition and it does not involve her." I wanted to leave. Both Leah and Emily were sending me sad looks, obviously sensing I was becoming quickly distressed, and the glint in their eyes was one of almost pity.

I cleared my throat, making a step towards the door. "I actually have dinner plans with Charlie tonight." I said softly. Was this true. No. Would I say anything to get out of this awkward house. Yes.

"Don't lie, Bella." Jacob growled, yes it sounded like he growled. "If Sam hadn't said that, you would have stayed for dinner. You haven't been over for two weeks."

I rubbed the back of my neck, trying to fight a blush and chuckled. "Jacob, I'm not supposed to be here. We can hang out some other time. Besides, I'm sure Charlie would actually like to have dinner with me." I smiled, hoping the hurt in my eyes wasn't to evident. "Sometimes I ignore him because I spend too much time with you three."

Sam nodded. "See Jacob. Bella is taking this like an adult. Thank you Bella." I disliked Sam for many reasons. He'd hurt Leah. He'd, apparently, been responsible for the accident that ruined Emily's face. I'm pretty sure he was providing drugs to my friends. He was making me feel like an outsider in a place that used to be my second home. But despite all of that, he seemed like an okay guy. He even seemed like he regretted what he was doing to me.

I gave a half wave, not trusting my voice to keep from shaking, and headed towards my motorcycle that had been hidden in Jacob's garage just a block's walk away. I pulled on my helmet. In the corner of my eye, I made out Emily coming out to talk to me. I didn't want to talk to her. I didn't want to look in her eyes and listen to her tell me lies about why I couldn't hang around with my best friends anymore. I knew they were lies. It was like a sixth sense. They were all lying to me, all the time.

The bike roared to life under me and I took off in a speed that could be considered dangerous. I acted like I couldn't hear her call after me.

I really should have gone slower. I am slightly accident prone, but my bike has always been the one place that I was graceful. I lived for my bike, in fact, that's how I met everyone down at the reservation. My bike had broken down and I was told that Billy Black was the best mechanic around. I went down there, and that's when I met his son, Jacob. It was at that moment that I finally stopped being an outsider. Now, I was back to feeling like I didn't have a place.

The wind whipped against my thin jacket. I allowed myself to become lost in the sensations around me. The slight bumps the bike hit as it raced over the pavement. The smell of clean air that forced itself into my helmet and nearly made me roll my eyes back into my skull in delight at the smell.

I got so lost in the sensations around me that the sound of screeching tires was the only thing that ripped me from my own little world, long enough to swerve around the expensive looking car that had pulled out in front of me. I turned so fast that for a moment, a horrible moment, I actually thought I was going get into a big crash.

Luckily, I was able to get to a stop without any damage to me, my bike, or the other car. I grabbed my heart through my jacket to try to slow my speeding heart and slow my panting.

I turned to see a yellow porsh take off down the street, faster than I was even going, and out of sight. I leaned over the handle bars to try to slow my breathing. I felt like I was going to pass out. Finally, I sat straight up and was able to slowly, very slowly, start to drive down the road and in the direction the porsh had gone.

I wonder why they left so fast, I thought. Most people would want to yell at me, apologize, or at least check to make sure I was okay. The people, whoever they were, sure took off very quickly. It was almost as if they were afraid of me...ouch. A throb in my leg made me look down and see a small tear in my jeans.

I instantly could tell that I had just barely clipped myself against the car. Luckily, the wound seemed, while deep, really small and was barely bleeding at all. I pinched my nose when the smell of the blood hit me. I'd always hated the smell of blood. It spelled like copper and it made me feel sick to the stomach.

I shook my head, deemed the wound nothing to even worry about, and continued home. I pulled into my driveway. I jumped off my bike and my leg protested loudly. Okay, so maybe I'd clipped myself a little harder than I'd thought. I shrugged and walked into the house to see a familiar sight.

Charlie was lounging in his couch with a beer in his hand and his eyes glued onto the television in front of him. I could hear the announcer replaying the game's best plays with gusto.

"Hey, Charlie!" I called, heading into the kitchen to look for our much used first aid kit.

"Hey, Bells." Charlie turned to look at me, studying me seriously. "I didn't expect you to be home to early. You're not hanging at Emily's?"

I sighed. "Nope."

"Busy again?" Charlie asked, worriedly. I nodded. I knew Charlie was becoming worried about me. Jake, Leah, Seth, and I had almost always been inseparable since we've met, and, suddenly, I was being left out. I knew Charlie was fighting his fatherly instincts not to go down to the Reservation and demand an explanation.

"They're hanging out with Sam." I tried to keep the bitterness out of my voice, but probably failed quite miserably.

"Don't worry about it too much." Charlie said standing up. He glanced at me, the game, and his face lit up as he had an idea. "Why don't we go out to eat? I know it's not Emily's food..."

"Sure." I said with a smile. "Let me just wash up and we can go."

Charlie nodded. Charlie may not be able to hug me and let me cry or say the magic words that make my troubles go away, but he is every bit of a father as anyone. He puts me first, even over sports, and in his own way he tries so hard to show me how much he loves me through his actions.

I went into the bathroom to find that my leg wasn't actually to bad. It just hurt like really bad. It had already stopped bleeding. I cleaned up the wound, thanked God I was up to date on all of my shots, and headed out to find Charlie already waiting in his car.

I slid in next to him in the car.

The ride was mostly silent. It wasn't awkward and it wasn't comfortable. It was Charlie silent, which meant he wanted to say something but couldn't figure out how to word it, so he just opted for the radio being played quietly. My dad and I had our favorite place to eat.

It was this little family owned diner that served pie that was to die for. It was also a popular older person hangout place where older single people looked for potential dates and others just looked for juicy gossip. I was probably one of the only teens that hung out there on a normal basis. I didn't let that stop me though. I loved everyone there.

We slid into our booth. The waitress didn't even ask us for our order. We always got the same exact thing. It was how my dad and bonded. Weird huh?

In a few minutes we were given our order. While my dad and the waitress gossiped, flirted, I dug into my steak. That was what my father and I always got. Steak. It was our life line. Today I ate the entire thing within minutes, much to the waitress's amusement.

Charlie nodded approvingly when he saw this. "Good appetite. I was afraid you were getting sick."

I smiled as I started on my baked potatoe. "It's just this whole 'Sam' thing has been getting me stressed out so much that I'm actually running a full time fever." I partly joked. In the past few weeks, my body temperature had risen a few degrees, but I felt fine so Charlie and I decided just to keep an eye on it.

Charlie rolled his eyes, but I could see that he was still a little worried about my fever.

"I've heard nothing but good things about Sam," Charlie said thoughtfully, "But I can tell you that I don't think I like him too much." I smiled at Charlie. He wouldn't like anyone who brought me any kind of pain.

I shrugged. "You know, this could actually be good for me. I don't have any friends, save Angela, outside of the reservation and all of them, beside Leah and Emily, are all guys. This could be a good time for me to find new friends."

Charlie closely studied me, apparently found I wasn't too bothered, and nodded. "I must say, I kind of hoped Jacob would have proven to be better."

I allowed a crooked grin to fall on my lips. "Better? As in better for boyfriend material?"

Charlie instantly looked down to the desert menu, suddenly very interested into finding the next flavor to try. I let out a laugh. I had tried to explain to both Charlie and Jacob that I wasn't interested in Jacob that way, but they still had hope. As Charlie searched for that perfect flavor of pie, I saw a yellow truck drive by.

"Ohhhh!" I turned to look at Charlie. "Do you know someone who drives a yellow porsh. Real expensive looking car?"

Charlie nodded. "You know them too." When I realized that was all he was going to say on the matter, I gave a frustrated huff. Charlie looked up. "Bella, it's one of the Cullen kids. The short one. Alice, I believe. You, the car lover, didn't notice a yellow porsh in your school parking lot?"

"I don't really pay close attention to the Cullens." I admitted. "Everyone at the Reservation really dislikes them. And besides, Alice always rides to school with Edward in his car, so I've never seen the car before."

Charlie frowned. "It saddens me that even Billy is so against the Cullens. Carlisle Cullen is a very well liked doctor. I've heard nothing but good things about him."

I nodded. "The Cullen kids don't really cause trouble, they just act like they're uncomfortable around other people. Sometimes, they look like they're going to eat us."

Charlie shot me a disapproving stare. I knew he hated it when I gossiped but the people at the Reservation loved talking about the Cullens badly, so I guessed I may have picked up on that habit.

My phone vibrated in my pocket, but I ignored it. It was probably Leah apologizing for leaving me out again. The only reason I ignored it was because I think it hurt Charlie's feelings when I texted someone when I was hanging out with him, like I was bored of being with him or something.

The waitress, Cammie, came back over at the end of the meal to pick up our plates. Our bill wasn't that bad considering we got both the police discount on top of the favorite costumer's discount. Cammie hung around a little before she looked to Charlie while biting her lip and nervously rocking on the balls of her feet.

She took a deep breath. "So, Charlie. There's this new movie playing in Seattle tonight. I was wondering..."

"He'd love to!" I answered for him. Both the grown ups looked at me in surprise. I'd actually been waiting for this moment for years. "What time is the movie?"

Cammie glanced at Charlie then smiled at me, realizing I was giving Charlie a push he couldn't refuse. "We'd have to leave in an hour."

"He'll be there." I said with a smile.

"It was good talking to you, Charlie." Cammie said with an amused smile, but her eyes were filled with delight and excitment. "I can't wait for our date." When she walked away, Charlie looked at me with his mouth agape. His cheeks were the brightest red I'd ever seen them.

Charlie hurried and paid the bill before nearly dragging me to the car, but not before I gave a wave to Cammie. She winked at us both.

Charlie drove in silence for about two minutes before he went into a full on rant about how he wasn't ready to date again, that I needed him to be there, that his job didn't allow much of a social life, and how Cammie was only asking him to be nice and not really interested at all.

Finally, when we got in our driveway, and he showed no signs of stopping, I held my hand up to shut him up.

"Dad," I said with a soft chuckle, "You and Cammie have been dancing around each other for as long as I can remember. She's in love with you dad, and, rather you admit it or not, you're in love with her. Dad, I know mom hurt you, but you need to move on. I'll be fine, really."

Charlie sighed. "Bella, this isn't a good time. You've got a fever, you're fighting with your friends..."

"Dad." I looked him in the eye, something I rarely did with anyone. "You've been living your life for me since mom left twelve years ago. You're the most dedicated father I know, but you need to do something for you too. Dad, I do need a mother figure one of these days or I'm going to turn into the biggest tomboy ever. I wouldn't mind if Cammie was my new mom either. Now, you are going on this date and that's final."

I closed the door and trotted into the house but not before I saw Charlie fixing his hair in the mirror and glancing over his clothing. I was such a good daughter. I made it up my stairs, silently cursing my leg, and jumped onto the bed. I sprawled out on the comforter to sooth all of my tired muscles, because, let's face it, I've had a pretty rough day.

Remembering the text I'd recieved early that day, I fished into my pocket for my phone. The text was from Leah, like I had predicted, but it didn't say what I thought it would.

I don't think we can hang out anymore. I mean, you can't hang out with Seth, Jake, or me. Don't ask why. Sorry.

I stared at the ceiling for the longest time. I dimly heard Charlie pull away after rummaging down stairs. I regretted setting him up on a date now, because I seriously needed someone to cheer me up now. Being abandoned was something that I secretly didn't cope to well with.

I guess you never get over watching your mother walk away from you and never come back. Now it was happening with the people that I'd always expected to be there. I shouldn't be surprised, really. They'd been growing distant from me ever since they started hanging out with Sam.

The more I thought about my situation, the more angry I seemed to be getting. I felt my heart beating erratically in my chest and in the silence of my room is made it sound a whole lot like growling. I began getting restless. I just wanted to lie there, motionless, and blend into my surroundings, but my body was gently trembling and I had the constant urge to move my limbs. I had the strangest feelings that if I didn't move them that something was going to happen.

I was in that agitated state for a little more than an hour before, as fast as it had come, it was gone. The second it disappeared, I was asleep. My body had exaughsted itself.

The ride to school was lonely. I was so used to having Leah drive me to school, she said that since we went to different schools she thought the extra time would be good for us, so by myself on a motorcycle was a very silent ride. I almost couldn't even enjoy it properly.

Everything just felt weird to me today. It was like I was sensitive, really sensitive, today. I got a few strange looks when I arrived alone, and I knew it would be around the school that Bella and her friends were in a fight. It would be popular news too, considering everyone found our friendship a little strange and very much gossip worthy.

Angela instantly was by my side with Jessica. Jessica's presence annoyed me because I knew she was here for gossip reasons. Angela must have sensed this because she grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the girl's bathroom. It was empty.

"Are you okay?"


"You don't have to tell me anything." Angela said, cutting me off, something that happens a lot. "I just want to know if you're okay. You know, those three may have me by a foot in height and a hundred pounds, but I've got a really nasty right hook." I threw my head back and laughed. There was a reason I loved this girl.

I leaned forward and gave her a big hug that actually lifted her off of her feet. She squirmed against me.

"Bella!" She gasped. "Crushing me! Release the pretty girl, now!"

When I let her go, she shook herself.

"I think you broke a rib." Angela said with a playful grin. "Well let's get to class before we're late."

"Do I have too?" I whined, very much tempted to hide in the bathroom. I hated being the center of attention.

"Don't make me act like your mother." Angela said, leading me out before heading to her class. I reluctantly headed to class.

It was a nightmare. The entire two hours of my first two classes consisted of curious glances from my class mates, Jessica dropping subtle hints that if we were friends that I should tell her what had happened, and Mike trying to comfort me in a way that involved as much touching as he could possible get.

By the time third period rolled around, I was in such a bad mood that when I felt someone tap my shoulder, I whirled around and snapped. "What?"

I instantly saw Alice Cullen take a startled step back with surprised and hurt looking eyes.

"I'm sorry." She instantly apologized, looking at her siblings for help. I noticed the blonde one, Rosalie, get to her feet. I didn't want to mess with that certain Cullen. "I was just going to ask if you had an extra pencil."

I shook my head and gave her a weak smile. "No, it's my fault. I'm in a horrible mood and I thought you were someone who was going to ask about...nevermind. But a pencil," I rummaged through my bag before finding a pen. "Will this work?" Alice grabbed it from my hand with a smile but she still seemed a little weary. I felt really bad.

I turned to face her. "By the way, was that your yellow porsh I nearly crashed into yesterday?"

She seemed to look upset, probably hoping I hadn't known it was her. "I am so sorry. I actually wanted to come and make sure you were okay." She held the pen up. "This was just an excuse."

I shook my head and chuckled. "I'm good. I was upset and wasn't watching where I was going. The only reason I brought up your porsh is because I'm a total car person, and nearly started drooling at the sight of it. I just wanted to compliment you on your choice of cars."

Alice looked relieved before nodding happily. "Thank you. Now you know what happened when I first saw you on your bike." I heard one of the Cullen's clear their throat from the corner of the room. Alice's eyes widened. "I mean, when I first saw your bike. I wasn't drooling because of you." Alice looked so horrified with herself that I was amazed she wasn't blushing.

"No, I figured that's what you meant."

Alice shot a glare at Rosalie and the other blonde Cullen, Jasper, who were smirking at her from across the classroom before looking back to me.

"I should go sit down. The bell's gonna ring in five seconds."

Sure enough, exactly five seconds later, the bell rang. I blinked, impressed, before turning to my attention to the board. I realized that I suddenly, felt much, much better. Maybe I should give the Cullens a chance. Even if we don't get along, it'd be great to throw it in all of my ex-friend's faces.

The rest of the day went by pretty okay. My day just got better. By lunch, everyone was more focused on the fact that the school's cutest couples were no longer speaking to each other, and I was pushed back to old business. I was perfectly okay with that.

Jessica was one of the only ones that still wanted to know about what had happened between me and my friends. I just shrugged off the question, much to her displeasure, before turning a curious eye to the Cullen table. I had really considered giving them a fair chance, okay, I just wanted to get revenge on my old friends, but I was still curious about them.

"Hey Jess." I turned to look at her. "What do you know about the Cullens?" From the corner of my eye, I could see, as if they knew, their attention shift to us. It was a little unnerving. Especially when Edward narrowed his eyes at me, he did this a lot, and had this face of total concentration and frustration.

Jess perked up, looking thrilled I actually wanted to hear gossip instead of tuning it out.

"Well," Jess turned to look at the Cullens who had looked away by now, "They're all gorgeous but they stick only to themselves. They're from some place in Alaska and came here when their dad got an offer from the local hospital." Okay, I knew all of that already, but I felt that she had just gotten started.

"The weird part is that they're together," Seeing my curious expression, she gestured to how a few of the Cullens seemed to be nearly sitting on each other's lap. Were they committing incest, I wondered in horror.

Angela rolled her eyes. "They're all adopted, Jess, so it's not like they're related to each other."

"Well, it's still wrong. They live together." Jess whispered and waved her hands around. I was afraid she was going to whack me.

"Well love is love..." I started but Jess interrupted me. I narrowed my eyes. What was with everyone interrupting me? Did I just have a face that screamed 'Please interrupt me when I'm trying to talk?'

"Anyway," Jess peered over my shoulder, "The blonde one and the hulky, very handsome one are Rosalie and Emmett, they're together." At the moment the two Cullens leaned forward and placed a hot kiss on each other. I chuckled at Jessica's downcast face. "The other blonde is Jasper, and his face always looked like that." The one she was talking about looked like he was going through extreme pain.

Angela sighed. "Jess..." Jessica held her hand up, not about to be interrupted when she was in gossip mode.

"The bronz haired one, the hottest one in my opinion, but apparently no one is good enough for him, is Edward." I wanted to point out that I knew their names, and was only interested in their background, but, while people did it to me all the time, I didn't interrupt other people. "I think he likes you." My shocked cough was followed by a deep growl. I looked over to the Cullen table to see Alice glaring at Edward who looked like he had no idea what was going on.

I hit my chest. "Whoa, make sure a girl's not eating when you tell her completely untrue rubbish." Angela chuckled.

"Actually, Bella," Angela played with her fork, "I think Jessica is right about that."

"Angela, you too?" I frowned, trying to figure out if Edward had ever even talked to me. When I came up with a blank, I just shook my head. "He can't like me. The only Cullen I've ever talked to are Alice and Carlisle."

"Bella, Bella, Bella," Jessica had this smug smile on, "You don't have to talk to someone to like them and that boy likes you! He's always staring at you like he wants to just eat you up. I'm sure, even if you are a late bloomer in the romance category, I think you'd let him."

My face was so red that Angela laughed so hard that she almost fell out of her seat. I heard another table roaring in laughter along with something that sounded like a heartbroken whine, but I was to mortified to even look to see what table it was coming from.

"Jessica!" I exclaimed. "Where is this coming from? I...No!" I grabbed my head in embarrassment as I realized that Angela was clutching the table to keep herself from falling off of her seat and she was grabbing her ribs. "This is not funny!" I glanced around. "Besides, you know I don't play for that team!" I whispered lowly.

We all jumped when the entire Cullen table hollered. For a table that barely made any noise, they sure were loud. Everyone turned to look at the table where the smallest Cullen, Alice, was fist pumping into the air with a huge grin on while her siblings patted her shoulder.

"They really are strange people." I commented with a chuckle. Suddenly, the table froze and went back to being normal. My whole table glanced at each other, shrugged, and went back to eating. Well, they ate, I just wolfed down enough food for three people.

As lunch ended, we started to stand up and clear our table when someone tapped my shoulder. I looked back and grinned.

"I didn't snap at you this time." I smiled brightly at an excited Alice. She couldn't seem to keep a smile off of her face.

She nodded happily. "I was a little afraid of tapping you, but you seem in a better mood so I took my chances." She threw her food away, all of it. I'd learned by now that the Cullens didn't really eat too much.

"So," Alice said lowly, "I was curious..." I looked to the suddenly nervous Cullen. She looked at me and clenched her fists together. "I know you always hang with your friends from La Push and you don't really know me at all but you're not hanging with them and I want to get to know you better, so I was wondering would you like to come to my house and meet my parents, they really wanted to meet you."

"Wow," I said with a chuckle, "We haven't even been on a single date and you're already asking me to meet your parents." I chuckled at her horrified expression. "Sorry, people say I have a strange sense of humor."

"No." Alice said with a chuckle. "I think you're funny." She glanced around before settling on me. "So, about my offer? I'm sorry I'm not usually this nervous. I can usually guess what someone's going to say when I ask them a question, it's like a gift, but I've never been able to tell with you."

I really didn't have anything to do, so I nodded. "That sounds fun, but I have a question."

"And I have an answer." Alice answered.

"Are you feeding me?" I was dead serious. For some reason, I was still really hungry.

Alice laughed out loud at this and it reminded me of chiming bells. It was a really pretty sound. "You just had lunch."

I pouted. "I'm still really hungry." I whined loudly, earning a roll of her eyes from her. "So, is that a yes on the food thing?"

Alice nodded. She gave me address, which was in the middle of nowhere, but assured me that she wasn't giving me a fake address. She also, very shyly might I add, gave me her phone number. I attempted to talk to her a little while longer, pretty happy in her company, but her bear-like brother came in and scooped up the girl with a laugh.

"So Bella," Emmett's voice was deep, "Heard you're coming to our house later. It'll be nice to finally get through a conversation without hearing the words 'hot', 'beautiful', and 'Bella'." I blinked.

Alice gasped and opened her mouth, looking like she was inches from crying, when Emmett squealed like a little girl due to a quick slap to the back of the head. Rosalie stood behind him looking angry.

"Emmett has a strange sense of humor too." The blonde Cullen nearly growled. "But at least his is funny unlike yours." Can you say bitch?

I've never been one for conflict. In fact, normally I'd just walk away or stare at them, but, as I said, I've been feeling really different today. I blinked and mocked confusion. "I'm sorry did you say something cause all I heard was a dog barking." The horror of what I had just said hit me.

Rosalie's jaw dropped as she realized I'd just called her a bitch in a round about way. Emmett looked like he was terrified of showing any emotion but I could see his mouth trembling as he fought a smile. Alice looked very proud of me.

I cleared my throat. "That was so uncalled for. I'm sorry."

Rosalie finally seemed to come back alive. She looked at me for a moment before turning to Alice.

She simply said. "I approve." With that she walked away. Emmett grinned

"Welcome to the family." He said with a bright smile before trailing after Rosalie. Alice instantly wrapped me up in a hug that was pretty tight for someone so small. She pulled away, kissed my cheek, before taking off after her retreating siblings. I stood there, completely frozen, and feeling her cold lips on my cheek. I was just kissed by Alice Cullen. What a strange day.

Right before she left the cafeteria, she turned towards me. "Be at my house at six!"

I gave a half wave.

"What was that about?" Mike gasped as he came up behind me.

Jessica, Angela, Eric, and Ben nodded from where they had been gaping behind me. I shrugged.

"Alice invited me to her house at six, then I called Rosalie a bitch, and Alice kissed my cheek. So, nothing much. We better leave. It's time for class." I left them standing there, chuckled to myself, and found myself strangely excited about going to the Cullen's house after school.

School ended four hours later. I didn't actually pay attention to it though. My last two hours of school I became to get hot. I was sweating and starting to shiver slightly. I tried paying attention, but every time my brain would attempt to listen to the teacher's words, my head would start to go down random paths. At one point I nearly tried to leap out the window after a blue jay that was perched outside the window.

As I walked towards my bike, the sounds around me were so loud that I felt like my brains were going to completely break my skull apart. Angela shot me a worried look from where she was hanging around Tyler's van, but I just shook my head to say I didn't want to talk. Any extra noise would probably make me pass out.

I swung onto my motorcycle. The soft sound of the engine was like thunder inside my skull. I tried to go fast but my brain couldn't take the sound, so I had to slowly, very slowly drive away. My headache was so bad that I almost made Charlie come pick me and the bike up.

Luckily, I got home with no problems. I drug myself up to my bedroom, barely making it up the stairs, and collapsed onto my bed. I looked over to my clock and saw it was only four.

"I've still got two hours." I mumbled to myself before slipping into a fit full slumber, not to wake up again all night.