Alice frowned at the food that was present in her house. It was clear that while I'd been gone, they hadn't done any shopping. She ended up bringing me a pile of crudely thrown together sandwiches and placed it in front of me. My mouth watered at the sight.

She brought me a few sodas, placed them in front of me. She then set herself in my lap, cuddling into me happily, as I began to scarf down the food. The only time I stopped would to be affectionate to my mate or drink so I didn't choke.

"Alright!" Emmett was instantly inside the house. "I've given you enough cuddle time. I want to hug my little sister properly. I missed her too!" Emmett just reached for me and Alice refused to be budged from my lap, so Emmett had to hug both of us. Emmett tried to complain but Alice's growl drowned out anything he could say.

Jasper ended up separating the two of us when he and Edward pretty much tackled us to the ground and knocked a very dissatisfied Alice away. I hugged my two gay brothers who, I'm almost positive, the only reason they hugged me so long was because it was like they were hugging each other as well.

Rosalie ripped me from their arms to hug me tighter than all the others combined. "Don't scare us like that." She whispered into my ear. Even Carlisle and Esme held me tight enough where I thought my chest was going to collapse.

"Release my mate!" Alice finally snapped, growling right in the face of her mother, and snatching me up once again. "She needs to eat." Esme instantly swarmed the kitchen, just as upset with the lack of food in the kitchen.

"Where's everyone else?" I asked after being sat down once again to eat; Alice making herself at home in my lap.

"Well, the Denalis volunteered to search areas a little farther out so it'll take them a while to find out you've returned and Leah's out looking for Tanya. The wolf pack have tripled their patrol so that's what they'll be doing." Edward answered. "As for all the Cullens, they're swarming their returned little sister."

I licked my lips. "How's Charlie?"

Carlisle's eyes flashed with a hint of mirth. "He is a little upset with you considering you went off on a trip with Alice without as much as a warning." He gave a shrug. "We couldn't very much tell him the truth, could we?" I grinned gratefully and ducked my head to give a long kiss to Alice's temple.

The next two hours I was completely doted on. They demanded to know every single detail. I got to the very end of the story when a slightly output Bree trotted in.

"I feel forgotten." She stated.

"Okay!" Rosalie huffed. "Who is this?!" Bree just plopped down next to my side, getting some pretty threatening growls from Alice, and crinkled her nose at the human food.

"My name's Bree! I saved her furry ass."

I scoffed. "You showed me a door!"

"Same difference." She rumbled. "Bottom line, without me you'd still be in that mirrored room of torture." I guess I couldn't argue with that so I gave a slight shrug and went on telling the story while everyone eyed Bree with curiosity.

She mentioned something about being in love with music, Edward looked interested, and Jasper grabbed his arm with an insecure growl. I didn't say anything but I'd tell Jasper later that Bree totally showed up on my gaydar. It wasn't the way she looked but the way she held herself and the way she just spoke.

By the end of the story, everyone, besides, Rosalie, was all for inviting Bree to be a welcomed member of the family. Emmett went as far as to say it must be destined considering she was a vegetarian human and now she was going to be a vegetarian vampire.

Alice grabbed my arm as the family went and questioned Bree about her human life and drug me up towards her room. I followed contently up and ignored the wolf whistles from the family and Bree. She'd fit in just fine.

Alice pulled me on the bed with her and nuzzled into my neck.

"You know," she whispered, "When you were gone, this was what I missed the most."

I felt myself grin. "Being in bed with me?" I wiggled my eyes suggestively and her response was a sharp nip to the shoulder.

"No, just being with you." Alice admitted. "There's no other feeling quite like it; like nothing could go wrong and everything in the world is perfect." I chuckled but I felt exactly the same way. "I really missed you." She whispered.

I hummed in response, knowing she knew I returned the sentiments, and felt myself trying to sleep. A part of me didn't want to sleep, afraid that somehow I'd wake up and realize that everything was just a dream.

She must have felt that because she started purring softly, knowing that the vibrating of her body lulled me. I tried to growl in protest but it came out as a soft whimper and I cuddled my nose into her hair.

"Go to sleep." She whispered softly. "It'd make me feel better knowing that you were well-rested and feed properly." That was all the prompting I needed until I completely relaxed my body and, within the next fifteen minutes of silence, I fell asleep.

I was awoken a little while later by a cold kiss to my throat and a deep, needy growl. I groggily opened my eyes to see Alice gently exploring my body, seemingly checking for wounds.

"What…what are you doing?" I asked; my voice raspy from sleep. She looked up and I was met with pitch black eyes. She flickered her eyes downward and continued pushing my clothing, tearing it if necessary, around to check the skin.

I laid there and let her explore me to her heart's content. It started off a little frantic, usually followed by irritated snarls when I'd interfere, to more gently rubbing the skin with her fingertips and a content and lazy expression.

"What?" I chuckled. "Not going to attack me?" I fingered the hem of my shirt. "I still have clothing on? You're losing your touch, My Fanged One." I playfully kissed her nose as she playfully snapped her teeth at me.

"There's more to life then sex, Bella." Alice said, being mockingly condescending. I found myself snorting in complete amusement. "What?" She pouted softly before leaning in to kiss my exposed shoulder and lavish the skin. "Besides, my instincts won't allow me to make you do..strenous activities until you are a proper weight."

I blinked then smiled. "I thought you said you'd love me no matter what? The second I lose weight, you refuse to make love with me?! I see how it is!" I rolled over to hide my face into the pillow and letting lose a few fake sobs.

Alice let out a bark and leapt onto my back, letting lose a giggle. "No!" She cried. "My love, I did not mean that!" Her arms wrapped around me, nuzzling between my shoulder blades. "You're just all angles and hard edges now. You used to be more comfortable when you were fatter." I fought a scowl into my pillow.

"So," My voice was pretty muffled by the pillow, "You'd be okay if I had gotten fat instead of gotten skinnier?"

Alice kissed my shoulder blade before settling her lips on the back of my neck. "Yes. The bigger you are only means there's more of you to love." I'd almost forgotten how simple words from Alice could make tears appear.

I slowly rolled to my back as Alice moved with me so she could settle into my side. "You are such a charmer." Alice just purred happily. "Do you think Tanya and Leah have found each other yet?"

Alice suddenly squealed and tackled me off the bed. The air was completely forced from my lungs. She placed happy kisses on my mouth multiple times. I usually make an attempt to kiss her back but I was a little disoriented.

Alice leapt off me and jumped on the bed with a huge smile. "She's not in your head anymore!" She nearly sang. "I'm just sooo happy." I stood up, shaking my head.

"You didn't know?"

"No, I knew!" Alice squealed. "But you were gone so I couldn't fully appreciate it. Now you're safe and I can be happy!" She suddenly flew off the bed and into my arms. I let out a surprised laugh as I stumbled backwards into our wall.

She squealed into my shoulder, hugging me tight. I threw my head back and laughed loudly as my mate acted like a small child. She adorably purred into my throat.

"Of course, she's gone. I'd do anything for you." I really tried to say it all romantically but laughter made my voice tremble and my shoulders shake. Alice didn't even seem to care. "Come on." I whispered after my legs started getting tired from the slightly bent position I was being forced into. "Let's go down stairs. I'm sure they have questions."

Alice nodded and slid off my body. "I can't wait until the next battle." Alice's eyes grew steadily darker. "I'm going to…" After a very long rant about rearranging Ryan's body parts and placing them in grotesque manner, I finally encouraged my mate to come down stairs with me.

I walked into on an interesting sight. Bree was sitting, comfortably on Kate's lap, and was playing with Kate's blonde hair. Alice and I shared an odd look before it turned disgusting when I saw Leah and Tanya a hand movement away from making love on the couch.

Irina was looking slightly off put and leaning on Carmen's shoulder with a huge pout on her face. Alice and I collapsed on the love seat; Alice right on my lap. Emmett smiled at me from where he and Rosalie were cuddling next to Tanya and Leah.

I gestured to Kate who was grinning at Bree and slightly tightened her arms around Bree's waist.

Rosalie answered for me. "It seems that you have a knack for brining mates to another." Bree kissed Kate's cheek quickly before ducking away to hide behind her hair. Kate just beamed and electricity sparked around us happily.

I still jumped every time she did that. It was probably the most unnatural gift I'd seen so far and, yes, I do know shifters, a mind reader, an empath, and a psychic. Kate seemed a little embarrassed that her gift was expressing her utter joy.

Irina glared up from Carmen's shoulder. "I'm following you around until you bring me and my mate together! I'm the only who is alone now!" I couldn't tell if she was joking or not. Alice figured she wasn't kidding and gave Irina a quick snarl in warning.

"Yeah, thanks Bella." Kate muttered, lovingly trying to get Bree to look at her.

"I promise you, I didn't have anything to do with it." I said with a chuckle. Irina just frowned at me and collapsed on Carmen's shoulder again. "But I'll look for a mate, if that helps. Are you into girls or guys?"

Irina smirked. "No offense to my sister's choices in mates, I prefer the advantages that come with having a male lover."

That got Kate's attention. She gave a slight growl and clutched Bree tightly. "What we lack in anatomy aspect we can make up with toys and…" Bree turned and nipped Kate's shoulder with a glare, obviously not very open about her sex life but, considering she was only fifteen, that could be expected.

"Bella!" Seth leapt through the door, followed by Emily and Sam. I accepted his hug happily and felt as Emily wormed her way into the hug as well. I think Sam was the one that ruffled my hair. I ducked my head and snapped my jaws playfully at them.

Alice gently herded me away from the others and tugged be back down to the love seat with her. I rolled my eyes at her and turned so she was under my legs and my back against the arm. Sam sat awkwardly down next to Carlisle, clearly still not used to being in a vampire house.

"I really wanted to let you and Leah have some time off with your mate," Sam started and Alice let out a loud groan as she realized were this was heading, "But Ryan and his pack of criminals are on the move. They seem to have made camp a couple of miles away. We just followed a newborn back that we think it's a scout."

Jasper sat up. "A scout means that they plan to attack soon." Jasper leapt forward on Sam, demanding to know the exact information. Edward let out an uncomfortable growl which was mostly because Jasper's hand was right next to his thigh as he leaned over him to get to Sam. Edward looked around and I wiggled my eyebrows at him.

Edward growled at me, fangs slightly bared. Jasper ripped his hand back with a hurt expression and sat on his hands. Edward looked aghast at the sudden turn of events and sent me a dirty glare. What did I just do?

Alice gave me a stern look. I huffed at her. Time for damage control.

"Sorry Edward. Didn't mean to make you growl." I gave a slight shrug. "I didn't mean to make it look like I was poking fun at Jasper. You know I love him." Jasper looked up with giddy eyes and Edward gaped at me in horror before giving Jasper a bashful grin. They both shared a small smile before they broke it off.

I think Alice was right. We needed to lock them together in a shower and then get out of noise range. I was happy Edward couldn't my thoughts because I wasn't as proficient as hiding them as the rest of the other family members who had somehow hidden the attraction between the two incredibly well.

Sam answered all the questions the slightly distracted Jasper could ask.

Carlisle looked at Jasper. "How long to we have till the battle?"

"Final battle." Jasper corrected. "It sounds as if Ryan is using all his chess pieces in this battle. He probably was egged on somehow; a personal grudge." Everyone turned to look at me and Leah. We just glanced at each other.

"I didn't do anything." I whined defensively.

Leah snickered at me. "You threw him through a window. That may have the grounds for causing him to have a personal grudge not to mention that you did take the gorgeous damsel in distress with you." Tanya eyed her mate and rumbled her agreement.

I grinned. "Took her? She followed me just so she could watch my fine…" Alice glared at me, so I cleared my throat and decided to drop it. Leah snickered at me but Tanya gave her a similar glare and she looked off awkwardly.

"Despite all of that," Jasper interrupted, "I'd say we have a day at best. It'd be mighty wise to start the preparations of war."

Sam perked up. "Yes. A war I can finally fight in." Emily groaned at this.

She looked over at me with a joking smile. "Hey, Bella, you think you can break some more ribs to keep him from fighting?" Haha, everybody's a critic, I thought with a snort. Sam, Seth, and I were the only ones that didn't find that funny, so, of course, everyone else found that absolutely hilarious.

"War?" Bree whispered with a rapid shake of her head. "I don't want to fight." She turned to look at Kate with her bright red and frightened eyes. Kate instantly went into protective mode and grabbed onto her scared mate tightly, making cooing noises in her ear. "I've already seen enough death." Her little frame started shaking.

"It's okay, love." Kate whispered, looking almost helpless in the current situation. "You don't have to fight. I'll kick their asses for you."

"You can't fight!" Bree growled, looking at her mate, and crossing her arms.

Tanya cleared her throat. "I think you should have this discussion elsewhere and in private." Kate nodded and stood up with her mate being held in bridal position which was funny because Bree was a little taller than Kate. Though Bree struggled out of Kate's arms and insisted on walking herself. The two walked out the door and into the woods. The awkwardness between the two as Kate tried to be as close as possible and Bree seemed a little on edge.

Tanya then waved her hands as if telling the group that it was okay to proceed. She was definitely a coven leader.

Sam got to his feet, pulling Seth and Emily with him. "You can do the preparations for the vampires. I'm going to go home and get the pack ready. Do you have a time that you wish for us to meet and a place?"

Alice hid her face in my shoulder, looking slightly ashamed. "I'll start searching for future. I've been…a little preoccupied lately." Emmett snickered and Rosalie just raised a single hand, a silent threat, and Emmett was suddenly interested in the carpet before him.

Sam nodded. "Just call when you have the time. We will continue the patrols until then." They left in a hurry after that. Alice gave a sigh and nudged my legs away.

"I'll go search the future." She said with a sigh. I went to follow her up but she turned and sternly pushed me down. "You stay. I cannot focus properly if you are up in that bedroom with me all alone." I let out a playful growl but sank back down into the seat and allowed her to retreat to our room.

"While she searches, I say we go outside and practice some techniques." Carlisle suggested. "I'm sure a few of us may be a little rusty." Well, at least he didn't mention me by name. It wasn't like I was on vacation or anything.

Emmett got up, throwing an arm around my shoulders. "Come on, my furry sister. Let's go work out those muscles. You've really let yourself go." I rolled my eyes at him and hit him with my shoulder. They brought me just outside the house.

It was a little eerie outside due to the fact that the full moon was completely covered by a thick cloud cover so the world was pitch black. Good thing I was a supernatural and it looked just like a cloudy day to me.

Emmett turned to face me, doing a come hither motion with his hands.

"Just don't push yourself too hard." Jasper warned. "We wouldn't want you to be so sore that you couldn't fight."

I nodded at Jasper and circled Emmett with a playful snarl. Emmett, as Emmett always does, charged forward with his head slightly lowered without much thought. I braced myself for the impact and when Emmett came within an arm's length, I caught one of his shoulders, bent down and flipped him over my shoulder.

He landed with a loud thud. He sat up, looking startled, and looked around with twigs and dirt decorating his hair. They all had a chuckle at his expense.

"No fair." He whined. "I thought she'd at least be a little out of practice."

"It's been a week, Emmy-Bear. It's really not that long."

"It was long enough for you to lose all that muscle." He complained. Leah then explained that shifters and probably werewolves easily lost weight because every day we were not feed was like three days to a human because of our appetite. Under that same law, we easily put weight back on. It was true. I looked a little better than I had previously.

I then took on Leah which was almost too easy because I knew her inner thoughts, or at least her old inner thoughts that probably hadn't changed at all, and was easily able to get her into a submissive position.

"Can take the wolf out of the submissive but you can't take the submissive out of the wolf." Emmett chuckled. He was yelled at for a good ten minutes by an angered Tanya. Leah didn't even care. I was then given a break while Rosalie and Carlisle went at it. That was usually a pretty fair fight. Rosalie was a bit of a dirty fighter but Carsile had the next two moves planned out.

Carlisle ended up winning in the end. Esme then ended up beating Emmett much to the poor boy's embarrassment.

Jasper finally got into the hypothetical ring and gestured for me to come towards him. I didn't wait and burst forward from my lying down position and slammed into him. For a moment there, I actually thought I had surprised him, and maybe I had, but Jasper instantly used the momentum to flip me on the bottom in a single fluid movement.

He reached down, his legs squeezing onto my sides, and reached for the kill point on my throat. I kicked my back legs and a single claw caught the back of his shirt and launched him off of me. I rolled to my feet, hoping to get to Jasper before he hit the ground.

I didn't beat gravity in the race. Jasper grabbed my head in his arms and held it still so my moving body flipped over it. Had Jasper not released my head at the last second, I would have broken my neck.

I laid there for a moment before grunting at Jasper. He smiled at me.

"You've gotten better." He commented. "I believe if you'd been a split second earlier or I'd fallen a split second later then I think I would have been dead." That was the highest compliment that one could receive from someone like Jasper.

I shook off the dust from my fur and trotted out of the circle to collapse next to Esme who smiled at whispered a 'good job' before returning to watch Tanya and Carmen fight it out. Surprisingly, Carmen was a very vicious fighter.

I went and changed into human form so I could converse and poke fun at the losers of the match; all in good fun, of course.

Kate came out a few minutes later, looking frustrated and troubled.

"What's up, cuz?" I asked, patting the spot next to me. Normally, I'd let her sisters talk to her but I knew Bree and her sisters were fighting each other at the moment.

"I don't think I like being mated." Kate said. That surprised me. How could anyone not like having a mate? At my confused expression, Kate sighed. "She's so young; mentally and physically. I stopped aging at twenty-three and she's only fifteen. I've had hundreds of lovers and she's too embarrassed to even kiss me on the mouth."

I guess I could understand that. "Well, it's not like she's going anywhere, Kate. You have plenty of time to grow a relationship with her."

"Vampires aren't like that." Kate grunted.

"No but I made Alice wait." I chuckled. "But she'll tell you, and anyone that'll listen, that wanting it so bad for months and months made the actual kiss so much better. The only difference between you and us is that she already loves you and knows you are her mate. I was completely oblivious."

"She's devious too!" Kate growled. "She wants me to sit out with her. I said no. She said then she was going to fight as well then. I told her that it was too dangerous for her to fight. She was then concerned about my safety. I told her it was easy for me; dangerous for her and you know what she says?" Kate looked like some mad woman with the way she was throwing her hands around and hollering loudly. "She says 'So rather it's so dangerous that you need me to fight too or it's so easy that you can sit it out.'"

"Clever girl." I chuckled. "But come on, it has to make you feel a little good knowing that there's someone that wants you to be safe no matter what." Kate didn't argue with that and rubbed her hands on her jeans.

"I guess." She muttered. "It's just that she drives me crazy! The good kind and the bad kind!"

"Name one other person that can get that kind of reaction from you." When Kate tilted her head at me, I added. "Kate, I've seen you interact with tons of people. You take everything as a joke. Now Bree is making you feel all these feelings that are intense and not what you're used to."

"I didn't come for something on a fortune cookie." Kate sighed. "What do I do?"

"I'm not your coven leader but I think, as only a day or two old newly mated vampire, you're going to be a pretty useless fighter anyway. That and I don't think your mate would be a very good fighter."

Kate nodded, thinking. She then talked to Tanya about it who gave her the same advice about just staying out of the fight. Kate couldn't seem to decide whether to be happy or not about it.

Kate worked off some of those frustrations by beating poor Eleazar into the ground. Kate was just about to deliver the 'death blow' when Alice came flying out of the window making Esme nearly die of horror.

"Now!" she screamed. We waited a moment while she seemed to wake up from her trance. "The fight…it's…"

Emmett suddenly yowled in surprise as two newborns slammed into him, snapping at his neck. I started to leap towards him but Rosalie beat me to it. She grabbed the smaller of the two newborns and threw it in the air. Leah leapt up and caught it in her mouth. By the time she had landed, the vampire was in pieces.

Kate's electricity was like fire and charred the pieces of the vampire until they were useless. Emmett took care of the newborn on his chest with a quick jerk of the wrist. Esme was set upon next but the young shifter was caught by Tanya and Carlisle before it got anywhere close.

A rustic wolf came next, his head lowered as he advanced on me. I raced forward, phasing on the move. Jake jumped to meet me and we met with a loud thud. Being the bigger of the two, I easily slammed Jake backwards into a tree.

Jake shook his head as he stood up and growled at me. I had the feeling he was trying to say something. That feeling was intensified when he looked behind him and made these little barks. I turned to see what Edward knew he was saying but Edward was currently fighting off his share of newborns.

I tilted my head at him but his whines and grunts that sounded nothing like a words to me. As if he gave up, he turned and retreated. In a fluid motion, all the wolves and newborns turned back though it was clear that they expected us to follow.

Jasper seemed to weigh his options for a moment before he lunged forward after some of the slowest newborns. Alice leapt next to me and eyed me. I gave her a quick lick before we lunged forward after the retreating creatures.

When we reached the place of the first battle, we came to the sight that was both noble and a little intimidating. All of Ryan's army was lined up on one side of the field, scattered between the trees and in a rough line.

On the other side of the field were the arriving wolves, snapping at the fleeing vampires that appeared to have been sent to lure them out. The wolves slid to a stop when they saw the same thing that we had. Sam didn't charge forward like I thought he would and, instead, he turned to look at Jasper.

Jasper looked a little unsettled about being thrown in a situation where the enemy had most of the cards in their hands. His eyes were quickly taking over all the aspects of the battlefield at lightning speed.

Finally, a movement broke through the completely tense situation when a very human Ryan walked in front of his entire army, dressed in a black, tight t-shrit and a pair of ratty jeans. Sam gave a longing whine at the sight of his little brother though it was coursed with anger.

"Hello, brother!" Ryan yelled, waving like a little boy and jumping in delight at the appearance of his older brother. It was then that I remembered that Ryan wasn't really that evil, just mentally unstable. It wouldn't stop me from killing him though.

Sam just gave a nod, his tail still swishing behind him in weariness.

Ryan then turned to stare at the smallish grey wolf standing with the strawberry-blonde vampire. "Hi Leah!" Leah curled her lip up and moved slightly in front of her enraged mate to keep her from flying towards the male.

Jasper took a step forward. "Go away now and never come back." His voice was deep and quite intimidating. "I don't want so many creatures to die today but if you continue, we will tear every last one of you apart." That was met with barks of agreements from our side and a snort from theirs.

Ryan rolled his eyes so dramatically that I could see it from across the field. "What makes you think you'll win? The numbers are about even. Ohhh, are you referring to your werewolf?" That was said pretty hatefully. "Well, she's not going to be an asset. You see, I have one to."

With that, a large, what I had thought to be a shifter, strode forward. Now that I looked closer I could see a ashy white wolf walk forward from the others. It was about an inch or two smaller than me but I could just feel the power radiating from it.

Fur raised on my back and hackles. The white wolf walked past Ryan. Maybe it was instinct or maybe it was me just being stupid but I walked forward to meet the wolf.

"Bella." Alice hissed, going to take a step forward, but Rosalie grabbed her arm to keep her still. Jasper tried to call me back but I ignored him. The white wolf and I met in the middle of the battlefield and lazily circled each other.

You're young. The white she-wolf growled to me. Much too young to be already fighting. Her voice was raspy, husky, and, even with a mate, I'll admit it was sexy.

This is my war. I growled back. My pack is in danger. I will fight. Our circle kept ranging from very tight, our shoulders brushing, to pretty wide.

The she-wolf studied me as she walked. Stupid pup. Though, now that I take a good look at you, you are a beautiful color. A coat as pure and grey as yours is actually highly looked for in the race of the werewolves.

My mate is proud. I snarled back, taken back by the friendly tone of the conversation. The she-wolf looked, just for a moment, a little disappointed before she took a deep breath.

A vampire? Odd. We rarely breed out of our race. You look confused. Don't tell me, am I the first of our kind that you've met? No answer? I'll take it as a yes then. Now that is sad. Werewolves are pack animals. We need a pack. If you leave, I wouldn't mind making a pack with you. It was the flirtatious but demanding way she spoke that gave me some control of my circling body.

I already have a pack. I growled. She huffed at me, snapping close to my nose. We started to walk back towards our respective sides, completely trusting the other by turning our backs to them, and right as I made it back to my side, she barked to get my attention.

I whirled around. She stood before Ryan, lowered her body, with her eyes screaming a challenge. The challenge, my alpha instincts were keen to accept. We suddenly leapt forward, triggering the start of the war.

She was quicker than I, nearly flying over the ground, and slammed head on into me. We landed on the ground loudly, the two armies leaping over us to take each other on.

She was agile and twisted her body where she could touch her nose to the middle of her back. I tried desperately to get at her throat but she kept it hidden from reach. I went to dive for her throat when two shifters that were trying to kill each other slammed into my back and I fell over the she-wolf.

She snapped at the fighting pair, obviously telling them to stay out of our fight, before leaping on me once again. She fastened her teeth on the base of my tail. I snarled, whirling around to try to get her but she relaxed her body and flew out of my reach without releasing my tail. I stopped and she stopped herself so she was directly behind me.

Realizing the danger of this position, I whirled again but, once again, she flew with me like a dog that refused to let go of a piece of rope. I whined in pain as I heard a sickening pop in my tail. It hurt so I knew it was still there but….oww!

I threw my head back with an enraged growl before I remembered a trick that Jasper had shown me. I ran forward, ducked my head and rolled. She followed me and for a split second, I was on my back and she was directly above me. With a flick of my head, my teeth sank into her unprotected belly and she released my tail.

I slammed her into the ground, not releasing her, and started to shake. I ripped out a huge chunk of her side before she caught me across the face with her claws. I roared as my nose split and leapt backward.

She got to her feet, snarled at me, and ran towards a more deserted part of the fighting field. I would have let her flee but, seeing me about to turn my attention elsewhere, she took a hard left and ran right towards Alice, who was running from a shifter and tricking the poor creature into Emmett's hands.

I snarled and raced forward. The white she-wolf only leapt over Alice, clipping her with claws, but it was enough to knock Alice off balance and roll on the ground. The shifter behind her gave a wolfish grin, and leapt….I wrapped my mouth around his neck and snapped it.

I threw the body out of the way and ran after the one who had almost caused the death of my mate. The she-wolf was waiting for me. The only thing separating her and me was a small patch of moonlight.

Stop! She snarled when I went to jump on her. I did stop, not because she told me to, but because she dropped into a submissive position; her bloody belly displayed and her throat open for attack with her tail tucked between her legs. Please don't hurt me. She begged.

I growled unsurely but couldn't bring myself to attack someone so helpless. It was a curse.

The she-wolf slowly rolled to her stomach but kept her ears tucked to her head and her throat displayed from the side. Thank you. She whined, crawling towards me. I didn't trust her. There was something wrong with this picture. I gave an unsure whine.

You have good instincts pup but mine are better. The she-wolf remained crawling towards me so I didn't attack though I wanted to. I thought you hadn't figured out the main difference between shifters and werewolves yet.

She crawled into that patch of moonlight and, to my utter horror, her body began to shake and I could see bones readjusting under the fur. I leapt forward at her throat but was batted out of the air with little problem.

I slid to a stop and looked up to see the white she-wolf raising up slowly to stand on her back legs as her bones adjusted to support her. Her shoulders broadened and her spine straightened. I gazed upon an eleven or twelve foot monster whose body was rippling in muscle with elongated fangs over the bottom lip and claws that were longer then the teeth.

The she-wolf threw her head back and let out an earth shattering roar. I could hear the fighting stop behind me as the other creatures in the battle were just as shocked as I was. I heard Alice scream for me but all I could do was gape.

The she-wolf suddenly grabbed me with her paws and lifted me high above her head. I barked my horror before I was slammed down into the ground hard enough for the ground to break under my body. Ribs snapped, chest cave in, head split open, and my top teeth went through my bottom jaw.

Blood and blackness instantly swarmed my vision and my body refused to move. I opened my eyes as the she-wolf lowered her massive head to sniff me. I gave a weak growl but couldn't even move my lips up to bare my teeth.

Alice suddenly appeared by my head, screaming in agony at the sight of my mangled corpse, and desperately put her hands on the bleeding wounds from where my ribs were protruding from. I wanted to scream for her to get away but I couldn't.

The she-wolf sank her teeth into Alice's torso, making her scream in pain, and lifted her up. I whined my horror. The wolf started to shake its head but was forced to drop Alice when Leah and Carmen slammed into it at the same time. Alice landed on the ground by me.

She crawled over to me, trying to touching my broken body. She didn't touch me as the other werewolf's tail hit her and sent her flying about a hundred feet away from me. I weakly and painfully raised my head to see half the La Push pack and half the Cullens racing towards the werewolf. The others were taking care of the last of the fighting newborns.

I dropped my head back down. Suddenly, Jasper landed next to me with a pained yell and a good chunk of his shoulder and arm completely ripped off. Out of the corner of my eyes, I could see Sam fighting to get his head free from the she-wolf's jaws and Leah trying to get to her feet but her back to legs weren't supporting her.

The she-wolf didn't even seem to be getting tired as she effortlessly batted away vampires and shifters alike. I moved my head painfully over to see Alice, limping back towards me. She was holding her cracked and breaking stomach but she looked determined to get to me. I couldn't let her fight again. She would die this time.

Jasper pushed himself to all fours, looking over me with horror on his face. "Bella." He cussed a few words that I didn't recognize or sounded kind of silly to me. "You're going to be okay, yeah?" He reached out with his good hand and patted my torn ear.

Something the she-wolf had said was bugging me. The main difference between a werewolf and a shifter. She'd stood in the light of the full moon and she'd changed into this beast. I was a werewolf too. If I got into that moonlight, would I change too? Would it matter with these wounds? I caught a glimpse of the nearing Alice and decided it didn't matter.

Getting myself to move that first move was sheer agony. My fur rippled as shattered bones were moved like waves. Jasper grabbed my fur to make me stop moving. I tried to convey what I was doing with my eyes but he was watching as Edward tried to avoid the sharp claws of the werewolf.

I couldn't move with Jasper holding me. I may not be able to move without it but I definitely couldn't move with it. Suddenly, Jasper's hand was yanked back.

"What are you…?!" Jasper snarled as Bree slowly slipped her arms under me.

"Bella has an idea." She whispered, eyes darting around her and taking in the death, and searching for Kate. Bree slowly pushed me as I crawled over towards the small patch of moonlight the she-wolf had stood in. "Be careful, fur ball." Bree warned and pushed me the rest of the way.

My bones screamed as they were being readjusted. But to be readjusted, they had to be fixed. Ribs slipped back into my body and skin mended itself. I slowly rose up, hips changing, and I found standing on all fours felt unnatural.

I opened my mouth and a roar split from it that made the trees shake and the she-wolf whirl around to face me. Her eyes barely widened before my teeth sank into her muzzle and we were rolling backwards. Tanya got crushed under us, snarling in pain, before she shot away towards Leah.

The she-wolf got only one good bite to my shoulder before my teeth sunk into her throat. I held her until the body stopped twitching. I released the body and landed next to the body with a pained whine.

Alice dropped down next to my head with a relieved sob. "I thought I'd really lost you that time." I couldn't her that I thought that same thing. In fact, she was the one that was hurt. I wrapped my body around her and raised my head to look around.

The damage done was horrific. None of the Cullens had been lost but the Denali's were standing over Eleazar's body. Carmen's body was being carried over by a saddened Seth. Eleazar wouldn't be putting himself together again; most of his body was charred beyond recognition. Carmen was making miserable sounds in her throat as she was laid next to him, her body rebuilding itself.

The La Push pack had suffered with two deaths of wolves I'd never took the time to meet and plenty of broken bones. Carlisle was speeding around trying to fix all the wolves before they healed themselves or, in some cases, bled to death.

None of Ryan's pack had survived. They were just nameless bodies strewn about the battlefield. I paid them no heed. I moved as Esme came over and inspected Alice's wounds. I had to nudge her off me, so her mother could bandage them until the cracks healed.

Esme handed me some clothing before she went over to fix a crack in Rosalie's jaw. I shifted back. No one paid me and my nakedness any mind. They were too busy mourning. I slipped the clothing on quickly so Alice could bury herself in my arms and I could hold her and cry. My mate was hurt and it broke my heart.

"What do you think you were doing?!" An enraged Kate snarled, rounding on Bree. "You are not a fighter! You shouldn't have been here!" Bree didn't say anything back. She just flew into Kate's arms and placing desperate kisses on her mouth. Kate returned them, reprimanding the girl between kisses. I gave a chocked laugh at the scene.

Emmett gave a smile at me. "That was pretty bad ass, little sister." I smiled back at him. This wasn't a time to try to brighten the mood. There was too much pain in the air right now. It was only intensified when Carmen buried her face in Eleazar's chest and began to scream and sob. Even the sight of Edward holding Jasper into his chest with his face buried in his neck were only enough to tweak my lips.

I ducked down and picked up Alice. I carried her over the dead bodies and back to the house. She needed to feed and I didn't want her hunting. She'd have to drink from the blood bags. I slipped into the basement and pulled out more blood bags for her.

She drank only two of them, sipping slowly and painfully. I pulled the bandages off and watched as the cracks slowly began to disappear. Finally when the last one was gone, I dropped to my knees and began to lick and kiss the newly healed area.

I needed to know she was okay. Alice rumbled her pleasure and dropped down next to me. She removed my shirt, looking over the areas that I'd been wounded in before. The touches were desperate. I finally understood what battle lust was. Once, I'd assured myself Alice was okay, I picked her up and slammed her into a wall.

She met my lips and we kissed hard and rough. My hands pulled her hips into mine, forcing them to move with me, not that she wasn't willing. I pulled away for a much needed breath when Alice dropped her mouth and started nipping lovingly and hungrily at my throat. I moaned my approval.

"Remember I told you that when this war is over, I'd bring you to that cabin?" I gasped when Alice, apparently liking where this was going, slowly began to grind into me and started ripped at my pants.

Alice beamed at me. "Let's go."

"Now?" I whined, dropping my hand to pick her up and encouraged her legs to wrap around my waist while I continued to keep her against the wall; our bodies finding a nice rhythm.

"Hell no." Alice growled then smiled. "Think we'll be done in an hour?" My hands slid up her shirt, caressing the previously cracked area. I didn't answer but I didn't think we would.

Outside people were still mourning and the blood was still fresh but, in here, my mate was okay and we wouldn't have to fight anymore. I could be the mate she deserved. The one that could take her out on lots of dates and never had to look over her shoulder. I could spend just an eternity loving only her.

The End.

So, yes, it's over. Whew…that was a long story! Well, thank you to all the people that read this story all the way to the end and I hope you enjoyed it. I realize I never gave a disclaimer…I'm not entirely sure if I need to add one because you all know I didn't come up with these characters and a lot of the plot but I'm adding one here anyway…..I don't own anything! Stephanie Meyer owns all the ideas for the Twilight Series..ect…

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