This was supposed to be a one-shot but hey maybe it can become something more

My brother loves you", hearing the unexpected confession Kagome glanced at the princess threw the mirror. After Nuada's departure she was left waiting for the tailor to arrive. Pacing her chambers a knock on the door grabbed her attention.

She was hesitant on opening the door believing it was the tailor, but instead the soft voice of Nuala traveled inside the room. Eyes widening at the princesses voice she hurriedly opened the door and ushered her in.

Nuala was the one she confided in and although Kagome knew about the bond between the twins, she just always felt safe around Nuala.

At the remembrance of the prince she frowned, "he loves me?"

Of course she was doubtful, Nuada was known to think about what was better for the kingdom and it's people. She cared about it also but she wondered the reason behind asking for a marriage between them when the war with the humans was still progressing. Was it for the advantage of marrying her, after her fathers death everything was left to her, Including land, money and those loyal to him and not the king. It was very obvious there were many advantages of the two marrying.

"Yes the emotions I feel from him are very telling" smiling at her cousin, Nuala brushed the ravens hair. She was happy for her brother and cousin, but that didn't mean she liked the way Nuada went about having Kagome as his bride. She could see the doubt in her eyes and wanted to comfort her younger cousin.

"Nuada told me that your the most beautiful woman he's ever seen, treading her fingers in raven tresses she continued, " he only wants what's best for you Kagome". Hugging the younger woman from behind she put the brush down. " I must go, please think over the words I've told you".

Watching the princess leave from her spot infront of the mirror she managed a goodbye with a smile and picked up the expensive hairbrush that was a gift from Nuada.

Nuala offering words of comfort, obviously there a sisterly bond between the two.