Lost in Darkness

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Vampire Knight is one of the most confusing anime's I've ever watched. I'm still confused about it -_-

My favorite character will always be Shizuka. Maria too. Maybe Takuma...

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CHAPTER 1: Bitter Sweet Arrival

My name, is Shizumi Hio. I'm Shizuka Hio's only daughter.

However, I wasn't always that way. I remember a life before I was born, so you could say I was reincarnated. Though, even to this day I can't believe so. You have to ask yourself this question- what happens when you die? I remember asking that same question, before meeting my end in a busy intersection.

I usually believe in the usual 'you'll become an angel and laugh at the human's from heaven' but that all faded when I reopened my eyes to something…quite impossible. The Vampire Knight anime. Did I realize it at first? No. I thought it was a coincidence my mother resembled the famous Shizuka Hio of the story, the one that slaughtered the Kiryu's.

That thought quickly died when my eyes met the one person who I'd learn to call father- Akito Fujikaze. Otherwise known as the level E Shizuka fell in love with. Was I surprised? Beyond. Unfortunately, being a 10 hour old baby, I really couldn't do anything but stare. However, within my mind I was having a mental explosion. Was it true? Is it possible to die and come back in an anime? Or was I in the manga?

And why choose Shizuka of all people to be related to? I know that she had a love affair with the level E, or father as I should now know him, but I didn't think they would get so…serious. They didn't have a child in the story, and I distinctly remember (no matter how similar they look) Maria Kurenai being a distant relative, not the daughter.

So how was it possible? Did the gods suddenly decide to throw me into the world, not caring who I was with? It seemed that way, but I honestly don't know what to believe any more. And if Shizuka is a pureblood, am I one too? Or an Aristocrat? Or average? Or Level D/E?

In my past life, I remember watching the show and maybe reading a few pages of manga but that was it. I wasn't very impressed with it, because half the time I didn't understand what the purebloods were planning. It just seemed way too…complex. How on earth could Kaname, as a child, begin planning something that took place 10 years away? Wasn't he an ancestor though?

It seemed too unreal, but now I'm stuck right in the middle of it, born from one of the most wanted criminal purebloods in history. Though, if my father is still here, I doubt she has a record of killing yet. Which meant the Kiryu's are still alive…and the Kuran's…

If I remember correctly, Rido Kuran was engaged to Shizuka until she had the affair and supposedly ran off with my father. But…it's been awhile since I have even touched anything to do with Vampire Knight, and it doesn't help that I didn't read to the end…or did it even finish yet? I can't remember, all that's left is the sparse memory of, yes, I had a family. Maybe a few friends. Not much of a social life but pretty good grades.

The rest is all blank. Like a fresh page ready to be written on, and I'm supposedly going to start it within the Vampire Knight world? Well…it could have been worse…I could have been stuck in a story that has lots of guns, killing, and complex story plots that hurt my head. Unfortunately, this has all three…just on a less dramatic scale.

And another thing- what WILL become of me? Shizuka had gone into hiding after the murder of the Kiryu's, so will she take me with her? Will I meet Ichiru or will something change that? How much has my existence already changed? The questions stacked up on top of each other in my brain, but one stood out among them- with my being here, will Shizuka not murder the Kiryu's at all?

That is a major uh oh. It sounds cruel, sadistic, and wrong but that massacre pretty much started everything. If not, Zero would never go to Cross Academy. Yuki would be unprotected, most likely die in the long run. Rido will assume absolute control while Kaname stands there wondering what went wrong.

In other words- we all die. Zero's family HAS to be murdered, even if I slightly don't want that to happen, a lot of things could go wrong if it doesn't. Zero has to be there for Yuki, which also means my father has to die. And my mother in the future…

That's why this show didn't appeal to me. Way too many deaths and too little people caring about it. Kaname had some stupid chess game, Yuki and her meddling, Kaien and his pacifism, and Zero with his brooding. Not to mention the whole Ichiru and Zero hating each other…that got on my nerves.

Zero SAW his brother falling to hatred, yet did nothing to save him. By all means, Ichiru has every right to throw a katana into his arm. However, I don't agree with his method of going after Rido…I didn't have to watch him getting stabbed to know it was a bad idea to confront the pureblood.

Then there's that crazy streak Kaname goes on, killing all the purebloods he can get his hands on. Which goes without saying that I'd be targeted as well, I'm bound to have a little pureblood blood in me. But then there's the issue with what I do when both my parents are gone…but that shouldn't happen until I reach my teenage years.

Speaking of pureblood, I probably will never understand they're ways. They're blood supposedly is a delicacy among vampires, also with their being so few left. So, in order to keep the leeches at bay, we've developed the infamous pureblood expressionless face. No emotion, no weakness, and absolutely ridiculous rules.

I remember Kaname briefly giving Yuki the run down when she turned into a pureblood, but not very. He just said all vampires are out to get her and to watch her back. Not the best advice considering her strengths are curiosity and danger attracting.

Shizuka I'd have to say had the best 'I'm blank' expression. Maybe a small smile here and there, but I'd have to say it was pretty straight. My father…was always scowling. When Shizuka said he was angry person, she wasn't kidding. Though, I'd have to say he was a lot more subtle with his anger then normal humans.

It's hard to put into words, but he never once raised his voice. It was always quiet, glaring, but quiet. It was like he both loved and hated- mixed feelings. A rare trait, something that I bet spared his life when he was tossed into the cage with Shizuka while she was imprisoned. I never did find out how they escaped…

The mansion we lived in didn't have servants, it was entirely us. They took care of me, rarely leaving the house except to gather essentials. When I was a bit older, able to walk and barely talk, I realized the extreme resemblance between me and my mother. It was scary.

The only difference was our eyes, her pink while mine were like fathers- onyx. I had the same long silver hair as Shizuka, maybe just a bit lighter if looked at closely. My father, never shown in the anime, had dark silver-grey hair. For some reason, I stopped labeling them 'Shizuka' and 'Akito' and began calling them mother and father. Though I doubt they even noticed the difference when I started using the words…

They were wrapped up in their love, how odd it may have been, they had eyes for one another. A level E and a pureblood...somehow I placed it as a fairy tale, with me somehow being smack in the middle of it. Though, I began to realize something startling…I was growing up different than before.

In my past life children were spoiled and cried, were given toys and were care free. I became increasingly aware that that would never happen here. I probably never cried as a baby, a few tears and a sniffle was all. I held a heck of a lot more emotion then my parents, which meant I was maintaining some sanity.

But, while human kids get toys, I'm taught how I must act around other vampires and humans. I'm taught manners, and even elegance while walking in a kimono. That was something Mother thought was necessary. She had explained to me that the Hio clan had a long tradition of wearing kimono's, though it seems fit when our name means 'scarlet cherry blossoms'. For some reason I always pictured Hio's wearing kimono's, which is strikingly true…since mother started to teach me.

I was horrible at it at first, with a few bruises and a broken vase- of course mother chuckling while father cleaned it up, grumbling about clumsiness. Eventually, I picked up the jest of it, and it became as easy as breathing. That's when step two came- dancing.

Traditional Japanese dancing was new to me, but after watching mother dancing with a sakura blossom designed fan and kimono, I fell in love with it. She made it look amazing, the way she glided across the floor, carefully waving her fan to the steady music. However, my excitement died when I first tried, tripped, and twisted my ankle- earning another chuckle from mother and grumbling from father.

After trying many more times, it became quite apparent that I was a failure. That was until my mother pulled me aside one day and told me the words I'd never forget.

Mother had always been quiet like father, gentle but at the same time I could see her hidden strength. I never once pinned her as an inspirational speaker, until she said-

"Are you happy?" I had been a bit thrown off by that question. Of course I was happy, being in this family was a lot different than what I expected it to be. I expected a very hateful father to loath my existence and a spiteful mother who would abandon me. I got the exact opposite.

"Do you want to give up?" She asked before I could answer her previous question. Now I knew where this was going. The dancing, she thought I was gonna up and quit-…

"Are you happy giving up?" My eyes had widened a fraction, before I looked up at her and shook my head. Happy…giving up? No, I wasn't happy not being able to dance- and I'm going to change that.

"Then there's your answer." My mother stated simply, straightening up and walking down the hall of our big house, disappearing into a room. My answer…I wasn't happy giving up…so I will change that.

And that's exactly what I did. It had surprised me when I had done the dance fully, stumbling a bit. My mother had praised me in her own simple 'very good' before disappearing. That was the same with father. Just simple responses, but that was okay. It would be too…weird. I'm pretty sure I didn't even talk half of what they did.

I was still being unsociable even in my second life.

A few months had passed and I spent my time in my room, doing trivial things. I kind of felt like Rapunzel, trapped in the tower…but I didn't want to leave. I wasn't trapped either, I just felt incredibly safe within the confines of my room. It had large double doors with a king size bed, a desk with a mirror and a large closet. There was a window too, that overlooked the forest our mansion was hidden within.

Mother and Father seemed to be traveling outside a lot these days, and I wondered how much longer I had until the death of my first parent. It was strange, he hadn't fallen to level E yet…but not once did I see him drink mother's blood like they said he did in the anime. Was he like Zero, fighting off his animalistic fangs or was it easier to repel in the presence of the one he loves- also the one who changed him.

Then there was father's name, Akito Fujikaze. It was a commonly used name, so it was easy to pin him as recently changed- just like it was easy to pin me as the great Shizuka's daughter. I was like her mini clone.

While locked away in my own room, I found different ways to entertain myself. Art became a sudden interest, I had my own canvas and paper's to draw and paint with. I had many of my art work hanging from my walls, some stacked neatly on my desk while others sat by the window to dry from paint.

I never found much of a need to pretty myself up with makeup and what-not, vampires were already born with godly good looks. In my previous life, if I had been this good looking there would be no doubts that I'd completely ignore cosmetics. I can't say I wasn't curious now, but that doesn't mean I had anything on hand.

Mother didn't wear makeup either, so I began to suspect they never did. It would be strange to ask her such a question too, but it's worth a shot. I've even began doing what princesses do in their free time- brushing my hair while humming.

I would have laughed at the irony. Why did this feel so much like a fairy tale? It's not that I don't enjoy it, but at the same time I keep reminding myself that this is an anime, not real life. But those claims hushed after a while.

It was clear that the world I lived in before wasn't going to be seen again, and this was now considered the real world.

My dancing had become better with improvement, along with being able to walk up and down stairs in a kimono. I had practiced for a long time, father sitting in a chair and watching- probably just in case I trip and fall or break something. But now a days it seemed I'm always alone in the mansion, drawing, dancing, or simply lost in my thoughts.

That was, until my mother came home one day with an unexpected surprise. I could only stare at my mother as she stood at the door way, her pale silver kimono shifting a little in the breeze. It was lightly raining outside, the roll of thunder echoing far away. But I wasn't concerned for that right now, what I was focused on…

…was the tiny girl standing by her side. I unconsciously stepped back, an unfamiliar wave of shyness peaking as I stared at the girl. She had short choppy black hair that barely went passed her chin, and big green eyes. However, I could see that she didn't look the least bit scared, even in the presence of a pureblood. She just looked at me, determination and courage filled her eyes.

That was when I realized she wasn't a pureblood either, but of noble blood. Just like how the scale went from Pureblood to Noble blood to average to Level D then to Level E- End. She didn't seem fazed at all as Shizuka approached me with her, the doors slowly shutting as they stood before me.

"She will be staying with us for now on." My eyes widened just a bit as mother walked passed me, ascending up the stairs but stopping at the top, "…she will stay with you. Show her around." And with that she disappeared.

I was still in temporary 'what just happened?'. I was pretty sure this never occurred in the anime, Shizuka never picked up a noble blood other than Maria. What could she possibly be thinking? Why would she bring this girl in here, who strangely looks only a bit older than me?

My thoughts were in so much of a jumble, her voice made me jolt when she spoke, "Hey, my names Akemi. Yours?" Even though it was said politely, she had an air of defiance. Almost like she was expecting me to make her bow down, but wasn't willing to do so.

Her hand was outstretched to me, waiting patiently for me to answer her. With a long moment of hesitation, I carefully grasped her hand. "Shizumi…" I made a slow motion for a gentle shake of the hand, but her hand launched off into a serious of violent shakes, practically throwing me off my feet.

"Nice to meet ya! Boy, I've always wanted to see the outside world, but I never expected to run into THE Shizuka Hio! Running away from home was the best decision of my life! So who are you? Her maid? Dang, you look just like her- OH maybe you're a relative?" It became quite apparent that I'd never shut her up. She had a large grin on her face as she blabbered on and on.

I had connected the dots though. She had run away from home? Then it was possible mother ran into on one of her travels, but what compelled her to bring the girl with her?

"I'm her daughter." I deadpanned and she instantly stopped shaking my hand so violently. Her eye's brimmed with that defiance again as she scanned me before looking at me with wide eyes.

"Woah…" Ah, that's right. I had to constantly remind myself the world doesn't know of my existence, much like how Yuki was. It must be a shock that there was a Hio heir, even a Kuran heir that was female. "You're not going to make me work are you? Make me roll over like some dog?" I blinked owlishly at the girl in front of me.

That earlier goofiness was gone, replaced by the image of a rebel. Her eyes seemed wary of every move I'd make; her hand no longer touched mine as it rested at her side. She looked like she was ready to bolt for the door on a moment's notice.

Did mother bring her here to be my slave? That wasn't in her character, so I doubt so. But why? Why bring a girl, my age, to the house unless-

I wanted to smack my forehead at my ignorance. It was obvious now. Mother had noticed, no doubt father had too, how I'm usually alone at the house. I had no contact with the outside world- maybe going outside to the front yard once in a while but that was it. What better way to help me have more of a social life? - get me a friend.

And Akemi was said friend.

"No." I finally answered her question. The visible relaxation and exhale she took peaked my curiosity. Just why did she runaway? Her smile returned and she laughed awkwardly, "So…I don't know why I'm here, do you?" I shook my head and we stared at each other for a long time. How did I not notice the inch height difference between us? Now looking at her, I feel rather…short.

"Well, I guess we can't help it." She shrugged then looked at me eagerly, "So, where are we bunking out tonight?" I couldn't help the small smile that gave way on my face.

She doesn't act like a vampire at all, just how everyone should act. She looked normal, and for some reason I felt incredibly relaxed around her. I was still shy, but I knew one important thing. I had gained a friend, probably my best friend and only friend for a long time to come.

But then one important detail hit me.

What will happen to her now that she's here? Will the future events tear us apart? The answer was a likely: Yes. Now watching her walk by my side into my room, her face light up like a kid on Christmas. Without a doubt, she would become an important person to me, but unfortunately there was a large chance she would die in the future.

And it will probably drive me insane, with my parent's death. And last but not least- I'm a wanted criminal's daughter; she would probably ditch me somewhere in between. So everyone dies while I go insane and probably get shot in the face by a vampire hunter?

Now looking at Akemi's beaming smile as she examined the room, a huge wave of guilt hit me. We are probably around four years old, maybe five. To die so young…or be tossed into a world of turmoil at this age- That's when another important fact hit me so hard I almost blanched.

We only had two years until everything came crashing down, starting with the death of father.

Oh crap.

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