You have been waiting nearly your whole for your perfect woman,

And finally after a long time you have found her by an accident.

That wonderful thing is, that she was willing to work with you,

So you could spend a lot of time together.

By and by you got to know everything she liked and preferred,

And you always tried to make sure, that she felt comfortable with you.

You have seen how she lived and what she did in her free-time,

And you have tried to please her, by surprising her and leaving small gifts.

That wonderful feeling, when she she looked at you with her brown eyes,

Her beautiful smile, when you have given a pleasures to her.

You enjoyed every moment being together and close to her,

Especially when she rested her head on your shoulder while watching a film.

All these enjoyable banters and puns which she mostly won,

But you know, that you have always let her won, because you loved to see her laughing.

It was always great to rescue her from dangerous situations where she nearly got killed,

And her beautiful eyes, which said 'thank you' every time she was free again.

All this time you tried to keep her from all dangers around you,

And you are sure, you still would save her from all these dangers.

After some more time in which you were sure, you are deeply in love with her,

You realize, that she really like you, perhaps love you, too.

How often you have tried to tell her at night, that you love her,

But the fear, she would reject you and your whole relationship would be destroyed, always hold you back.

And then, after this lovely time you could spend together,

She leaves you to return to her husband, who was reputed to be dead for a long time.

As you red it in the newspapers you prayed that it would be an other one,

But then she told you she will return to him.

It was like falling in a deep hole where could never come out,

You thought it couldn't be true and everything was a joke.

And as you realized that she really was gone and would perhaps never return to you,

It was too lat to tell her how much you love her.

How often are you sitting alone one the sofa,

Hoping she would call you or stand at the door.

Now your whole life and everything seems bleak and empty without her,

And you are going to abandon the hope, that she will return one day.

But you don't want to abandon the hope, that she will come back to you,

And deep inside you, you know, one fine day you finally will come together again...