Hi and welcome to one of the sequels to Lena!

I say sequels because I plan on writing this story, set 6 years after the end of Lena and another story called Sofia, which will contain drabbles and one shots about the time between Lena, the epilogue and then this story. I have lots of ideas for both stories, many which are inspired by the wonderful reviews I received in the last chapter of Lena.

I hope this all makes sense! Hopefully, Sofia will detail things like Clint, Natasha and Lena becoming a family plus the arrival of Sofia and the featuring the rest of the Avengers, as well as other little stories which are referenced in this story. If you have anymore ideas, please let me know! These two stories should hopefully keep me nice and busy over my Summer Holidays!

I hope you enjoy this chapter!

Cherry :)

'Is the threat detained?' Director Fury asked as he strode into the control room, his black leather coat billowing out behind him.

'Yes sir' Agent Hill replied, standing up straight as she addressed her superior

'And has anyone interrogated him yet to find out why he nearly set a bomb off in the middle of Wall Street?'

'No sir'

'Why not? Where is Agent Luzin?'

'She's currently in the infirmary unconscious; she managed to fend off the threat longer than the other agents we sent to diffuse the situation but she was out by the time agents Barton and Rogers arrived with back up'

'Where are Rogers and Barton now?' he asked

'In their quarters' sir' his right hand woman replied 'you know that interrogation is not really their thing.'

'So the only thing we know about the threat is that he calls himself the Red Guardian'

'Yes Sir'

'You realise that I'm going to need answers and soon'

'Yes sir' Agent Hill responded, shutting the fold she was reading 'but she's not going to like it'

A ringing noise filled the car.

'This is Natasha Romanoff speaking' the red haired woman answered, speaking into her communicator, which was attached to her phone 'how may I help you?'

'Agent Romanoff we need you to come in' came the voice she least expected to hear.

'Director Fury, may I remind you that I'm currently on one of my days off work'

'It's urgent Agent'

'And I'm doing the school run' she replied, looking in her rear view mirror to check if Sofia was ok, strapped into her car seat as they drove across the sleepy town which they lived in to pick up her older sister from High School.

'I don't care if you are in an ER, I need you at headquarters agent' the Director replied angrily

'What's so important, is Clint ok?' she asked

'Agent Barton is fine, I need you to come in and interrogate a threat we captured today trying to blow up Wall Street'

'Can't Irina do it?' Natasha asked, not really wanting to go into work and knowing that her protégé, Irina, who she had rescued from the Black Widow program eight years ago, was perfectly capable and skilled enough to carry out an interrogation, after all she had learnt from the best.'

'We would ask Agent Luzin, but she is currently unconscious' the director of S.H.E.I.L.D replied

'How about Clint or Steve or even Hill?' Natasha asked, throwing out names of possible interrogators. She really did not want to go in on her day off, especially since she had to look after the girls.

'Mummy, I'm hungry' came Sofia's whining voice.

'There should be a bag of crisps next to you' Natasha answered, trying to keep her eyes on the road, whilst fishing behind her to find the packet of crisps to keep her daughter quiet.

'Mummy will Daddy be home for dinner?' Sofia asked, now munching on the crisps

'I don't know sweetheart' Natasha replied as she tried to listen to what Fury was telling her in her ear.

'Agent Romanoff, you know as well as I do that, Rogers is too nice, Barton too impatient and Hill not subtle enough, when it comes to conducting successful interrogations. You're the best and at the moment agent; I need the best, which means that you need to get your ass down here as soon as possible!'

'I'll have to bring Elena and Sofia in with me' she replied 'since you are not giving me any time to find someone to look after them'

'Fine, I will allow you to bring them with you' Fury stated, causing Natasha to raise her eyebrows at his concession. He had never allowed the girls onto S.H.E.I.L.D headquarters before, which consequently meant that her youngest daughter did not know what she and Clint actually did. To Sofia, and their neighbours of the sleepy town they resided in, she and Clint were just business people, who frequently went on business trips around the world. By Fury allowing her to bring her girls to Head quarters, showed Natasha that this was serious.

'Give me two hours' she said, looking down at her watch and doing some quick mental arithmetic in her head.

'Thank you Agent' Fury stated 'we'll get Dr Banner to analyse the threat's blood so we can work out what caused him to be so powerful whilst we wait for you to arrive'

Natasha sighed as Fury hung up. It was at times like these, when Fury called her up out of the blue demanding her presence, that she really considered just quitting the organisation. She knew that it was probably not an option, firstly, because she was not really qualified to do anything else and secondly, she knew that the Council would not be happy. Actually she hoped that the incredibly annoying Council knew that she was coming in on one of her designated days off, to help deal with a threat. She pulled up the car outside Elena's high school and waited for her daughter.

'Bonjour Maman' Elena announced as she bound into the car, plopping herself down on the back seat and stealing the last crisp from her younger sister's packet.

'Did you have a good day?' Natasha asked as she drove off quickly, back towards her and Clint's home, which was on the outskirts of the town.

'Mom, remember its French day today!' Elena exclaimed crossly

'Elena, I've been called in' Natasha replied seriously, cutting across her daughters protestations. When fourteen year old Elena had started High School a month ago, she had shown an aptitude for languages and had decided to try and speak, at least at home, in one language for an entire day. Natasha hadn't complained, because it gave her and Clint the chance to practise speaking in foreign languages outside of work. However right now the last thing Natasha wanted to be doing was making conversation in French. What she was actually doing was swearing under her breath in Russian, so Sofia did not hear her, as she wove her way home, through the traffic.

'What! But they can't do that!' Elena exclaimed

'According to Fury, it's an emergency' Natasha replied

'Is it Dad, has he been hurt?' Elena asked anxiously

'Mommy, what's wrong with Daddy?' Sofia chimed in, trying to keep up with the conversation her mother and older sister were having.

'No Soneshka' Natasha replied soothingly 'nothing is wrong with your Dad, it's just that Mommy's boss wants her at work'

'So are you going to leave us by ourselves or drop us off with someone?' Elena asked, wondering whether her Mom was going to leave them at Stark tower, to be looked after by the Avengers. She had fond memories of living in the tower when she was younger, but Aunt Pepper, Tony's wife, was the only one responsible enough to look after them.

'No and no' Natasha stated as she pulled up into the drive way of their home. 'You're coming with me'. If someone had told Natasha ten years ago, that one day she would live in a house with her two daughters and partner with a white picket fence, she would have probably laughed in their face, before hurting them badly. However that was watch she had and she smiled to herself, remembering what Clint had said when they viewed this house. If we're going to be a proper family, we at least have to try and get it right. 'Lena, can you grab some things for you and Sofia and meet me back at the car in ten minutes' Natasha ordered as she headed into the house.

Elena nodded hearing the stressed tone, which had seeped into her mother's normally steady voice. She grabbed hold of Sofia's hand and led her up the stairs before helping her sister get some things to take before heading to her own room.

After she had grabbed a book and bundled some clothes together, Elena caught sight the framed picture which was situated on her book shelf. It had been taken by her Mom on the first time they had gone to the beach as a family. It was her and Sofia, buried up to their necks in sand whilst her dad stood next to them, leaning on his spade proudly. She really hoped that her Dad was alright. He had been away on duty for a week and although her Mom sounded confident that everything was ok, some things did not add up. What was really strange was that Fury was allowing both her and Sofia to go to headquarters, implying that he was desperate. She had not been back to headquarters ever since she had been carried out as a six year old after she had been rescued from the Black Widow Program.

Her life in the Red Room compound was a vague memory to her, unlike some of the other girls who had been rescued by the Avengers, who still remembered some parts of their time under Boris' rule. Irina was the main one she was still in touch with, since she worked alongside her Mom, but she knew that the others were also doing ok. One of the things she had kept on from the Program was an interest in martial arts, of which she was a black belt in karate.

'Elena we need to go!' Natasha called up the stairs as she got off the phone to Tony. She had called him the let him know what was going on and whether he knew anything else. He had only replied that it had been Clint and the Captain, who had been called out to deal with the threat and that Dr Banner had been called in, but he knew nothing else.

'You're late' Fury announced as Natasha, holding on tightly to a tired Sofia and curious Elena, walked through the doors to main meeting room onboard the S.H.E.I.L.D helicarrier.

'Well we would have been on time, if the quinjet that we had to get up here hadn't been delayed' she replied crossly. They had arrived in New York City at the S.H.E.I.L.D ground headquarters on time, so it was S.H.E.I.L.D's fault that the shuttle to the helicarrier was slow.

'Tasha?' Clint asked as he walked through the glass doors into the meeting room and saw his partner standing there with his daughters.

'Hey' she replied walking over to her partner whilst mentally assessing him for any injuries

'What are you doing here?' he asked, pressing a quick kiss to her check, though he longed to do more, however they were at work and had to be professional

'Apparently you've neutralised a threat who now needs to be urgently interrogated' she replied 'missed you' she added, whispering into his ear.

'Agent Romanoff, you're needed down in the detention bay' Fury said firmly, causing Natasha and Clint to break apart.

Natasha gave Clint, Elena and Sofia a reassuring parting glance before quickly scanning through the report Fury had handed her. It seemed that the man's blood readings produced so very irregular data and it seemed that his blood contained a lot of gamma radiation, which Dr Banner was now continuing to investigate.

The red haired assassin closed the folder as she strode confidently into the detention bay, walking towards the threat in the lone, highly reinforced cell in the middle of the room. The man in the cell turned to look at her as she approached and whispered a word which caused her to stop dead in her tracks.