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I got to have a shot of what you got is oh so sweet.

You got to make it hot, like a boomerang I need a repeat,

Gimme all your lovin', all your hugs and kisses too,

Gimme all your lovin', don't let up until we're through,

You got to whip it up and hit me like a ton of lead,

If I blow my top will you let it go to your head?

"Could you like turn that down!"

The music blared on through the halls of the Chi Omega fraternity house of Indiana University. Celebration was at hand as girls ran around in skimpy attire and danced and laughed. Finals were almost over and everyone would be heading out soon. Back to their hometowns to roam and relax for the summer. The prospect had every one of the girls in a frenzy. They wanted to party and act wild and loud. Boyfriends and bachelors would be sneaking in soon and the place would be a full swinging party that everyone was looking forward to.

OK well almost everyone. Everyone save for a lone female who was hanging out her dorm door and trying to yell over the music, her brows furrowed in annoyance as she groaned and slammed her door, trying to block out the popular ZZ Top song. She sighed in aggravation as she flopped back down on her bed and stared down at her history paper. She had a five page paper on the signing of the Declaration of Independence due tomorrow at eleven for a final and she'd only gotten two pages done because of all the noise and it was almost one in the morning!

...Keep On With The Force Don't Stop

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

Keep On With The Force Don't Stop!

She jumped as her door was kicked open and a loud Valley Girl voice yelled down the hall at some of the other girls before waltzing into the room. "Like, Oh My God! What are you still doing in here? There is like major hotties in C.C.'s room and you are just laying around in your PJs?" Her voice bounced off the walls as she placed her hands on her hip, swishing her auburn side-ponytail out of her face, her dark brown eyes rolling in exasperation.

"I told you I had a final paper to write, Tiffany," she sighed at her roommate, getting up to walk over and shut the door. "Which I would've gotten done sooner if everyone wasn't acting like complete dumbasses." Tiffany rolled her eyes once more as she turned to fix up her ponytail, making sure her hair still had that feathered softness look before fixing her Police t-shirt, tied at the side, and pulling up her denim mini-skirt a little more to show off more of her long legs and completing her Valley Girl look.

She watched Tiffany finish up in the mirror before going back to her paper – trying to at least – flipping through her History book to find a reference she could use for the next paragraph. She heard a sigh behind her as Tiffany waltzed over and sat down at her desk. "Anyone ever tell you that you like work like way to much?"

She glanced over at her roommate with a small smile. "Actually, yes. I know this girl named Tiffany Robinson who likes to hassle me about it all the time." Tiffany scoffed but gave her a smile as she leaned against her desk, crossing her legs at her ankles. "And I totally know why she hassles you all the time. Wanna know why?" she asked, and she couldn't help but roll her eyes and give her full attention to the auburn haired female, motioning for her to elaborate. "It's because she knows that her like bestest BFF totally needs like a freakin boyfriend! I mean, hello! You are like twenty-one years old and you like act like you are like thirty or something. It is totally like not good!"

She lowered her head into her open palm and laughed. She'd known that was coming. One thing Tiffany liked to talk about was relationship and boys and she loved to point out her lack of one. So what? So what if she didn't have one? She didn't need one. Her focus was all on school right now and that was where it needed to be. She had plenty of time to find a relationships after she was done with school. Life wasn't about dating and marriage and love in her book. It was moving up and succeeding. That was what mattered and that was what she kept her mind on.

"Tif, look. I know you think boys and all that junk about finding your true love and stuff is the thing, but it isn't. I'm perfectly content without a boyfriend. I don't need a guy! What I need is some peace and quiet so I can get my papers done. Then maybe I could join you all and your night of fun..." Tiffany sighed loudly in exasperation as she pouted at her. Not the pout... She hated when she pouted. "No, Tiffany. Just let me finish this, please? I have one final tomorrow and it's just turning in this paper. If you leave me in peace, I'll go shopping with you like you've been wanting me to this last week."

Ah that got her to perk up. Tiffany loved shopping. Having a father who ran an oiling company in Texas meant being spoiled and allowed to spend audacious amounts of cash on leather pants and enough shoes to fill up the entire bottom of her closet to the point she had to ask her to make room for more! "You like promise?" she asked, her eyes bright like a kid in a candy store. She couldn't help but smile and hold out her pinky. "Pinky promise." It was childish, but when they pinky promised, they meant it.

After linking their fingers and saying the Chi Omega pledge, Tiffany skipped out the room and finally left her to her paper. She glanced at the clock with a sigh as she opened up her book again, having closed it during Tiffany's rant. It was almost two in the morning... She was in for a looonngg night.

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