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"So that's why I was walking on the road. I'm sorry it took me so long to get back," Doll said as she leaned against the front door, her right arm hanging out the window as she explained to her uncle Gale why he'd seen her walking up the road to the college. They'd exchanged hugs and began to pack her stuff into the car as she explained her story, having just pulled off the University grounds after rechecking to make sure she'd packed everything and had all her sheets, before turning in her room key.

Her uncle said nothing. He simply nodded to show he understand, watching the road as "Nowhere Man" played from the radio. Her uncle was a layed back kind of guy – nothing like her dad who was all business and uptight – and tended to be very understanding. He looked just like her dad, save for he didn't have to wear glasses. Otherwise they had the same sandy brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, muscular build, and deep voice.

The kind of voiced suited for a police officer – calming but could also be authoritative if need arise for it. Back in the day he'd once wanted to start a band, but after he married Aunt Dana – a well respected Beautician and part-time hand at the hospital – he'd settled on becoming a member of the Five-0, moving up to Vice Chief of Police.

The rest of the ride was mostly in silence as Doll watched the houses of the neighborhood they'd pulled into fly by. It was a nice neighborhood with three story white-American picket fence houses that would have been the idea home back in the fifties. Her uncle eventually pulled up into a red-bricked house with a white mailbox with the letters 4821 in gold letters on the side. A woman with feathered and well kept blonde hair, green eyes, average height, and dressed in a simple house dress stepped outside, her arms opened as she grabbed Doll into a hug as soon as she rounded the car.

"Look at you." she gasped happily, pulling back to look Doll over. "You've grown so much, Dolly!" She tried not to flinch or groan at the accursed nickname that many of her family members still used. Even though she had made It clear to everyone that she no longer liked the name, many still continued to call her such. "Thanks Aunt Dana. Your house looks great!" she commented, taking in the three story home once again. It was like living at the fraternity house still – only with more of a home appeal.

Dana thanked her before they all went to help her uncle gather up her bags and suitcases and make their way upstairs to the top floor at the front of the house where a guest room had been slightly decorated for her, leaving enough space for her to add more of her own touch. "Here's your room. It was a guest room but we have others on the second floor and this one will give you more privacy away from us. Our room is on the first floor if you need us at night. The bathroom is right down at the end of the hallway by the stairs and feel free to shower or whatever if you'd like... Um... Mm I think that's everything," Dana said, looking to her husband for clarification as he sat down her last suitcase.

"Also I know you're twenty-one and all, but if you're going to be out and about we'd appreciate if you would give us a clue to where you're gonna go so if something happens we have a general idea on how to get to you, OK? Also no boys after midnight-" He was about to say more but Aunt Dana cut him off with a roll of her eyes and placing her hand over his mouth. "She gets it Gale, dear." Gale gave a sheepish smile and cleared his throat before nodding and mumbling "right right," before turning to leave. Dana winked at her. Doll smiled and went to work at her belongings, declining her aunts offer to help before she left, leaving Doll to close the door and go to work at her stuff.

She'd unpacked her clothes and put them away and was putting up a few of her posters when she glanced at the clock out of curiosity for the time. She was surprised to see it was already a little past four-thirty. Nancy had asked her to call after four and she still had some time before Nancy had asked her to call. So she went back to work, turning on her boom-box after digging the thing out, grinning as a Kajagoogoo started playing on her favorite station.

Tongue-tied, (I'm) short of breath, don't even try

Try a little harder

Something's wrong, you're not naive, you must be strong

Ooh, baby, try

Hey girl, move a little closer.


Too shy shy

Hush hush, eye to eye

Too shy shy

Hush hush, eye to eye...

Doll sang along, dancing as she went to work at the rest of her stuff, fixing up new sheets on the bed and covering her wall and making the room truly feel like hers. Three songs later, finishing up at "Centerfold", Doll smiled at how the room looked before opening the window to let some summer air in. She looked out the window in time to see a blonde haired boy on a bike being pulled along by what looked like a slightly rusted and banged up 67' Oldsmobile Cutlass with jacked-up wheels.

The blonde was hanging on the side and chatting with someone in the vehicle as it drove by and Doll just shook her head. Cutters were strange people. Standing up straight she walked over to lay on the bed and reached for the phone. She still couldn't believe that her Aunt had gone and made Gale buy an extra phone-line for her. She'd called her at school to tell her the exciting news and how she was happy Doll was going to be staying. Doll supposed it had to do with her aunt not being able to have kids. Doll was the closes thing to a child they probably had while she was growing up when they'd come to visit. Kinda sad, really.

Doll reached under her bed for the phone-book she'd seen while putting her stuff away, pulling it out and laying it infront of her. She flipped through the thing until she found "Muchnik, Roger" and a number. Roger? Doll shrugged and began to dial the number after pulling the phone close. She listened to the dial tone for awhile, turning down her radio.

"Hello?" a male voiced answered, causing Doll to stare at the phone before answering slowly. ".. Hi? Yeah.. Um.. I'm calling to talk to Nancy... Is this the right number?" she asked, hoping she hadn't misheard Nancy when she said her last name. "Oh yeah. Hold on," the male said before the phone was knocked around a bit. Doll waited, hearing faint voices on the other line before she heard the phone being picked up. "Hello?" Nancy said, her voice drawing a relieved breath from her.

"Nancy! Hey it's me, Doll. You told me to call you, right?" she asked as she layed back on her pillow. "Oh, hi! Yes I did. And the boys were going to go swimming at around ten tomorrow so I was thinking we could come get you at nine?" she chirped as Doll thought it over. She was use to getting up early for classes so that wouldn't be a problem. But the water might be cold... "Yeah that's fine. Are we going or doing anything else tomorrow?"

Nancy hummed in thought, before calling out a name she couldn't catch. The male voice from before answered, along with another male voice hollering in the background with him. An exchange was made before Nancy answered. "We were all thinking of getting something to eat then going to see the midnight matinee of Poltergeist. I'm not much of a horror film fan personally... But the boys want to see it."

Doll had heard of the movie. It was said to be pretty good and scary, if somewhat cheesy at parts. "That sounds great. I haven't been to the movies in like forever." Nancy sounded pleased as they chatted lightly about their day before Doll gave her aunt and uncle's address before saying goodnight.

Hanging up, Doll put her phone on the ground before rolling out of bed as her aunt called her down to eat. She'd tell them her plans for tomorrow over dinner and then would grab a hot shower and bed. It was going to be a long day tomorrow.

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OK so for those of you that don't know, Poltergeist actually came out in 1982. I just decided to move it up a year and a month and act like it was new cause 1983 wasn't real big on real remembered horror films, save for Halloween III and Cujo. So I picked Poltergeist cause that movie freaked me out when I was younger and it was one of the films I remember the most from my days of watching movies that I knew would give me nightmares xD