I'll Find Him

Ever since the Raggedy Doctor crash landed into her life a year ago, Amelia Pond made a promise to herself. Even though he had let her down when he said he would only be 5 minutes, she vowed she would find him someday.

The mad man who ate fish custard and who fixed the crack in her wall had changed her life for the better. He taught her that life could be exciting and full of adventure and that it could also be fun instead of boring. She wanted to travel with him in the blue box that he said was a time machine. It would be better living that life than the one she was living in now. A life where she has no parents, a life where she has only 2 friends, Mels and Rory. And a life where no one believed that the Raggedy Doctor is real.

So thats why on that cool Spring Night, Amelia was looking up at the dark star covered sky, hoping that the blue box would come and get her. But as always, it never came. Even though she had looked up at the sky every night from her garden for a whole year, he never came for her.

But Amelia would never give up. As she turned to go back into her house, she once again looked up at the sky.

"I'll find him. Even if it takes the rest of my life, I will find him. The man who turned my world upside down."

With a sigh, little Amelia went into her house not knowing that in 11 years time, her dream would come true.