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In the lands of Middle-Earth, legends tell of the Dark Lord Aizen… and the Ring that would give him the power to enslave the world. Lost for centuries, it has been sought by many. And it has now found its way into the hands of the most unlikely person imaginable.

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"Aizen needs only this Ring; to cover all the lands in Darkness!", Urahara warned

"What must I do?", Hanataro asked.

"The Ring must be destroyed!", Urahara declared.


"The Ring must be cast back into the fires of Mount Doom!", Byakuya announced.

"There is evil there that does not sleep…", Kensei said, a hand on his face.

"Aizen's forces are already moving. They will find the Ring and kill the one who carries it…", Kaname said, smirking.

"Go!", Mizuiro shouted.

"Hanataro!", Keigo encouraged.

"Go on Hanataro!", Ganju warned.

"I cannot do this alone…", Hanataro admitted.


"You have my sword.", Ichigo said in loyalty.

"You have my bow.", Uryu said calmly

"And my axe!", Love declared.

"This task was appointed to you… and if you do not find a way, no one will…", Orihime warned him.


"The enemy has many spies; birds, beasts…", Urahara said.

"Something draws near…", Uryu announced, "I can feel it…"

"Get off the road!", Hanataro shouted in warning.

"Hide!", Ichigo shouted, holding off the cloaked figures.

"You must remember Hanataro, the Ring is trying to get back to its Master; it wants to be found.", Urahara warned Hanataro.

"Let us hope that our presence may go unnoticed.", Urahara said, as he led the others through the dark mines and tunnels.

A bucket falls into a well, along with a dwarf skeleton. Bangs are heard echoing, and then the Fellowship can hear the steady beating of drums approaching.

"They are coming…", Urahara warned.

Goblins and Orcs come in the chamber, making everyone fight, even when a Cave Troll comes in.

"We must turn back!", Ichigo said, trying to get the snow off him

"NO!", Urahara shouted back

The Fellowship battle their way through the Misty Mountains and the forested area of Lothlorien, fighting many Goblins and Orcs.

"I wish the Ring has never come to me…", Hanataro said wishfully.

"Back you devils!", Ganju shouted, whacking a Goblin on its head with his frying pan.

"I wish none of this has happened…", Hanataro added.

"You will find your courage.", Orihime encouraged the Hobbit.


"If you want him… come and claim him!", Rukia declared, facing the nine Nazgul.


Arrows are singing as they hit their marks, swords clashing against each other.


The fight goes more near the Falls of Auros with the Fellowship fighting against the Uruk-Hai

"YOU… SHALL NOT… PASS!", Urahara declared to the Balrog.


The Fellowship of the Hogyoku

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