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Chapter Nine

Bright and early. That's when Penny got up, making flyers, and a pretty petition, which read "Ban Dr. Horrible, Ban Bad Horse". The flyers were fairly simple as well, they just asked people to not watch news on Dr. Horrible, not buy newspapers with the guy on the front pages, and to steer clear of the fan club. It asked for the city's help to catch the criminals. If you took out the most popular villain, the most evil might follow. She made the petition several pages long, printed out the flyers, looked at the clock, then called the Mayor's office again.

Okay, so she hadn't been able to even get fifteen minutes with the Mayor….but that was okay. It was…. Penny stood outside the Mayor's office, she hand out flyers to anyone who came near the building. Most looked at it, then threw it away, some didn't even look. Penny's lips pressed together in a thin line. She forced a smile, she couldn't give up, her city was at stake! She took a deep breath and, smiling, handed a woman another flyer trying to explain her cause in the 3-4 seconds it took the woman to get past the building. This wasn't working, she had no signatures and no one was even listening to her. She had to think of a better way, and fast.

Penny pressed her lips together in a thin line, she was getting nowhere. No one was listening, no one was signing, and no one was even looking at her flyer…. Eyes downcast, she began to sing softly, trying to pick up her own spirits, as well as out of boredom. She swayed slightly as she sang, the same melody as when she'd been trying to get the petition for the building to be donated, or when she had been trying to pick up…. Someone's spirits in the Laundromat, she just used different words. She kept handing out the flyers, her song focusing on her cause. She hardly noticed that a man and his little girl were standing a foot away, listening, nor did she notice when the woman and her two friends stopped to look at her. She only snapped out of it when a woman in her early forties walked up to and asked for a flyer, that's when she looked up, that's when she noticed she had a crowd of ten people listening to her sing. Four of those ten had a flyer in their hand. A small smile pulled at the corners of Penny's lips. Maybe one person could make a difference…

"And I'm here in front of the mayor's office where a young woman is handing out flyers, and singing, yes you heard me correctly folks, singing about Dr. Horrible's rise in popularity, and the rise in crime. She has a petition to revoke the Dr. Horrible Fan Club's meeting house, a large building which belongs to the city. Tell me, what do you hope to gain out of this?" the anchorwoman said, shoving the microphone right in Penny's face. She blinked nervously, and returned the woman's smile. "I just hope to get rid of the fan club, it's not right when the guy who takes your wallet has groupies" Penny said, ducking her face. She wasn't used to all this attention. "And how many signatures do you have so far?" she asked. "Um, I'm up to 25, which is pretty good for one day" Penny said, still smiling nervously. "There you have it folks, if you're tired of having Dr. Horrible's face plastered on the front cover, come on down to the mayor's office to sign your name!" the woman said. She then, out of good will, and most likely to look good on camera, signed her name down as well. Penny gave her another smile and waved as she left. Her shouldered drooped with relief as the camera turned away from her, and was then turned off.

"One hundred and two signatures, in two hours!" Fake Thomas Jefferson's voice boomed. All the villains seated around the long table averted their eyes, all except Dr. Horrible of course, he just looked bored, as he always did, not the least bit interested. "Well, 102 signatures is not that much" one of the other members of the ELE said, a bit meekly as Bad Horse had trained his cold stare on him. "That's only in one day, think of how many more signatures could be obtained in day two!" Fake Thomas Jefferson practically growled. "I hardly think it matters" said Dead Bowie. "This young girl is of no threat to us, she was singing outside the mayor's office! She's a small, light thing, barely a nuisance, nowhere near enough to be called a threat" he finished, leaning back on his chair. Fake Thomas Jefferson fixed him with a glare, "You don't think she's a threat?" he said, slowly and softly. Dead Bowie lost a bit of his confidence. "This girl is trying to get us out of the press; she's trying to turn the city against us. Right now they are comfortable believing this is how things work, that we are untouchable, that it is natural for us to have our run of the city. But what happens if this girl convinces them differently? That we are no different than common jewel thieves and bank robbers, and shoplifters? What if she convinces the LAPD we can be arrested like all others, we are simply muggers with nice toys? The law leaves us alone, because they think we are above them, they believe we can't be touched, but other cities have no ELE, they have no villains, the Police Department is in control. How much of a nudge do you think this girl has to give them before they realize they too can take back the control? We'll be hunted like common pickpockets, jailed as if we're nothing but criminals. Our way of life is at stake here, all because of A. Singing. Girl" he finished, his voice growing harder towards the end. All the members of the League looked away, Bad Horse seemed pleased. Dr. Horrible looked from face to face, not really caring about anything that was being said.

Fake Thomas Jefferson looked at Dr. Horrible. "And you? What do you look so uninterested about? This is your reputation on the line, she's going after you directly" he said. Dr. Horrible shrugged, "Let her, then maybe you'll get a chance at the spot light, for once" he said. Someone snickered, Dr. Horrible thought he recognized Tie-Die's incredibly un-evil laugh. Fake Thomas Jefferson's eyes narrowed, "Just remember not to take us with you, when you go down" he said, leaning forward to stare Dr. Horrible, their faces half a foot apart. It seemed more like a threat, a warning to Dr. Horrible to watch his back. It wasn't unthinkable; it was obvious Fake Thomas Jefferson believed he should be Bad Horse's right hoof man. Dr. Horrible didn't flinch, he just stared right back, his eyes narrowing slightly. "I'll do my best" he said, voice low. Fake Thomas Jefferson looked away first.

"A hit on a girl" Dr. Horrible said, sitting in his chair. "A girl as in, under 18, Dr. Horrible?" Moist asked when Dr. Horrible fell silent. "How should I know, the way they talked about her, she must not be much. I believe she is so small, she is such a tiny thing, that she looks like a girl" he said. "And they want her, dead?" Moist asked. "They haven't assigned anyone yet, but yes" Dr. Horrible said, leaning back on his chair casually. "We're waiting for the call, Bad Horse has to decide who'd be best at handling this 'delicate' situation, wouldn't want the city to get more keyed up than it already is."

Penny, with renewed energy and faith in her city, printed out more copies of the flyers, and more pages for the petition. She would post the flyers up all over town, and return to the mayor's office tomorrow to collect more signatures. Maybe if she got enough she'd be able to convince the mayor to not only take the building back from the disturbing groupies, but also keep the villains off the press for a while. She sighed, and she had to go to the Laundromat tomorrow, it was Wednesday. She'd have to be all the quicker tomorrow, she wouldn't want the Laundromat to close.

Penny ran out of flyers. Everyone took one, and they actually seemed to be reading it! She got plenty more to sign her petition, and a few even asked her questions about her plan, and why she thought Dr. Horrible was so bad, besides that fact that his name was 'horrible'. She almost didn't want to leave when her watch told her it was time to go. She still had to make it to the Laundromat. She had planned to put up the flyers on her way home, but since she'd run out, she'd have to print more and put them up on her way to the Laundromat.

Dr. Horrible looked at his laundry; it was a pretty big pile, larger than usual. He wondered if Moist had forgot some of his laundry on Saturday… that would explain the larger load. He sighed with irritation; he needed a better henchman…. Well, he'd already gone once; he saw no harm in going again today. He'd have to have a talk with Moist afterwards, the soggy, sorry excuse for a henchman needed a reminder of Dr. Horrible's expectations. Mind made up, Dr. Horrible pushed off his chair and gathered his laundry. He was heading for the door just as Moist entered, just in time. "We'll talk later" was all Dr. Horrible said, before elbowing his way past his henchman and walking out the door. Moist stumbled a bit, and looked out the door, wondering what he'd done now.

It took Penny a long time to get to the Laundromat; she put up flyers on both sides of the street, and even went out of her way to put them up in busier streets, where more people were likely to see them. She'd just added a small line, asking for more signatures for her petition. But she did eventually, after stopping for frozen yogurt, make it to the Laundromat, it was pretty full. No one looked up as Penny walked in. she quickly made her way to an unclaimed washing machine and set her clothes down. After her clothes were in the washer and the machine had been turned on, Penny took out her two frozen yogurts, still confused over why she felt compelled to buy two, sat on top on the washing machine, and began to eat one.

The women in the machine next to hers took her clothes out of the washer and took them to an unclaimed drying machine, leaving an empty space between her and the man on the next machine over. He looked up as the women left, it seemed almost instinctual, as if he were on alert and checking to see what had made the sudden sound. His blue eyes flashed to Penny's face momentarily, regarding her coldly, then slid down to the yogurt in her hands, then to the uneaten one resting on the washer, then finally back to his own machine. He just stared at it, looking like he was just going to stand motionless in front of it until it stopped. Penny cleared her throat; he looked up, again seemingly only to inspect what had caused the sudden sound. She spoke before he could look away again. "Um, hi" she said, quickly going on as his uninterested gaze threated to dismiss her. "I happen to have two yogurts, and….I'm only going to eat one so… Would you like the other one?" she said, trying to be nice to the young man, she didn't understand why he looked so miserable….almost emotionless. The young man's lip curled up, ever so slightly, as if Penny were an idiot for asking him that, and for buying to yogurts in the first place. "You see, my friend was supposed to meet me here but… I don't think he's coming" she said, offering him a slight smile. She pushed the yogurt over to him, "It's really good" she added, though the look the man was giving obviously meant to make her shut up. The blond man reluctantly took the cup, most likely just to get the girl to shut her mouth already, and took a spoonful.

"It's good, isn't it?" Penny asked after a while, the silence feeling slightly uncomfortable. The young man looked at her, his eyes seemed to say 'The deal was, I take the yogurt, you stop talking to me.' For a moment, his blue eyes seemed like icy daggers, Penny was sure she must have imagined it. She gave him a slight smile, unsure of what she was doing wrong, and what she had done to irritate the young man so much. "… I'm Penny, by the way" she said, after another moment of silence. She extended her hand. He closed his eyes slowly and sighed, as if admitting defeat. Very slowly, he reached out with his own hand to grasp hers. "And I'm…. Billy" he said, after a pause, hesitation more like it. Penny smiled again, the sight of it enough to melt hearts. "Billy… Nice to meet you" she said.

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