Luciana Romano, the daughter of former mob boss Frank Romano, and the sister of Renaldo, Frankie and the current mob boss, Antonio Romano rested in the steel gauze casket at the front of the church. Her family practically owned New York. Ever since the early 1950s when her family immigrated to the United States from Italy, they were in charge.

For over ten years, the highly populated city has been peaceful. There has been no war, and barely any violence or illegal activity. The occasional drug shipments took place on the coasts of New York, but that was one of the many ways the Romano Mafia earned their income. The Romano Mob was at their prime for decades, and that was until five years ago when the Montez Mafia took over northern New Jersey. With the greed of expanding their territory, a mob war soon broke out as the Montez mafia looked to expand their roots, further up into New York.

The first innocent casualty was struck a week ago. An ordinary day in the suburbs of New York, Luciana argued with her daughter's father in the front of their home. Bianca, her 21 year old daughter was the focus of their many and frequent arguments. Bianca's father, Leo wanted to move his daughter away…far away from the war, but Luciana wouldn't allow it. She refused to leave her family, and watching her daughter go without her wasn't an option. This dispute forced Luciana to pack what she could carry and storm out of their house. Leo followed after her, and once her car was started…it blew up. Luciana was inside of the vehicle and Leo was mere inches away. The force of the explosion lifted the middle-aged man off of his feet and threw him across the yard. As he landed onto the ground, his head made it immediate impact with the concrete, and caused for him to inevitably bleed out.

The casket Luciana rested inside was closed shut. Her body or what was left of it was too dismembered to allow an opened casket. For the past ten minutes, her 21 year old daughter Bianca leaned against the hard brass coffin and silently wept. A few days ago she buried her father, and now she has to bury her mother.

Frank Romano comforted his wife, Lucia, over their only daughter's death. Antonio, Renaldo and Frankie Romano took a stand beside their niece. Bianca turned to her uncle Frankie and cried into his opened arms. Renaldo and Frankie led their niece towards their mother, and helped her take a seat. Soon afterwards, Antonio Romano took a seat next to his wife Rosella, and their three kids Lucas, Jasper and Rosalie. As he glanced at his daughter, he couldn't imagine the thoughts running through his parents' head. His only daughter who happens to have no part in the mob was killed because of her relations with the family.

Before the funeral even started, Antonio positioned guards all in and around the church. Every member of his mafia was put to use on the day of his sister's burial. Knowing the Montez mafia, they would strike at any given second and he wouldn't allow it. They wanted a war, and after the funeral they will have one. Once the funeral ended, Bianca once again approached the coffin. She couldn't imagine how she would go on knowing both of her parents were gone. The young adult knew life was short, but she didn't think it was this short. Two people, who mean so much to her, were taken away in mere seconds. It wasn't fair.

Bianca wiped at her eyes as she whispered promises and assurances to her mother's casket. She was so distracted; she didn't even hear her grandmother approach.
Lucia lifted Bianca's hand, "Tesoro vieni."
"Ella non é piú qui nonna!" Bianca turned to her grandmother and buried her head into the crook of her neck.

While Lucia lost her daughter, Bianca lost her mother and her father. She needed to be there for her. She could grieve on her own time. Antonio rushed to the front, and tapped his mother's shoulder. She knew what that meant. They needed to leave. She needed to get as far away as possible. Tony hated having everyone together all at once. It made all of them easy targets..

"Dobbiamo andare."

Lucia rushed each grandchild seated in the church. While this was a special time to say goodbye to her daughter, she knew Luciana would want the family to keep everyone else safe and sound. Luciana would want her mother to protect the family she had left.

"Rosalie! Jasper! Lucas! Dobbiamo andare!"

Antonio pressed a kiss against his mother's forehead as she hustled her grandchildren and in-laws out of the church. He patiently tapped his foot until the only ones who remained in the church were his mafia and the priest.

"First my sister," Antonio growled in a thick Italian accent, "then who?" he looked around at his mafia family, "My mother? My wife? My daughter? I refuse to sit around and wait for them to attack again." The base in his voice carried around the large cathedral.

Salvatore stepped towards his boss, "We traced the bomb. It was the Mexican mob."

"We're going to attack back. They want to car bomb someone close to us; we'll bomb someone close to them." Antonio ordered, snapping his fingers, "Dante, you take Giovanni and Jackie to New Jersey. Make sure it's someone good. Someone who will make them reflect on killing my sister!"

Antonio led his mob out of the doors of the church. He stood ahead of his group as a limo and a black car pulled up. Dante, Jackie and Giovanni hopped into the black car that was bound for Northern New Jersey.

"Andare ora!"

The mysterious black car disappeared into the opposite direction of the Romano Manor. As Antonio's limo pulled up to his manor, it parked alongside the four other black cars containing his crew. Tony's face frowned as he spotted his daughter sitting on the porch stairs.

"Rosalie, dove é Paolo?"


Each family member was assigned a guard to follow them 24/7. While it was inconvient at times, Frank and Antonio didn't care. It was for their safety. The only reason Luciana and Bianca had no guards on them was due to the fact that Leo was well-trained and prepared. He's been in the family for years.

Rosalie used the short sleeve of her dress to wipe the corner of her eyes. She was busy helping Bianca grieve that she didn't grieve for her aunt herself. Antonio noticed his daughter's glossy eyes and waved for his mob to go on and man their positions. The guards that did not guard a family member were to guard the house.

"Ció che é sbagliato?"

"Everything is wrong! Aunt Luciana is dead!" Rosalie proclaimed, looking up to meet her father's eyes, "You guys want to put me and Jasper in public school! Bianca locked herself in her new room, since she now lives here. Oh, and to top it off," The young Romano rose to her feet, "you aren't being completely honest with us!"

Antonio set his hands against his daughter's shoulders, but she refused to meet his eyes. His dark orbs always intimidated her. They held so much power and strength, and right now her eyes couldn't match them.

"Ho tutto sotto controllo." Antonio whispered, forcing his daughter to face him.

Rosalie shook her head, and backed away, "No you don't. If you had everything under control Aunt Lucy wouldn't be dead!" She pulled herself from his arms, and stormed into the house.

"I love you!"

Tony inhaled a few breaths of air before walking into the house. Immediately his nose was met with the welcoming smell of his family's cooking. Italian cooking was the absolute best.

"Honey, I'm home!" Antonio walked into the kitchen.

"Stop!" Lucia bellowed, rushing over to her son, "Siamo appeana tornati dal funerale di mia figlia. Your sister is dead. My daughter is dead. Bianca's mother is dead. I know being the boss has its guidelines, but damn it Antonio show some remorse!"

The kitchen was filled with Romano and Cardoza women. The Cardozas are Antonio's wife's side of the family. Rosalie stirred the sauce as Lucia added ingredients into it. Rosella, Antonio's wife, cut up vegetables before handing them over to her sister, Rosa. Rosetta, who is Rosa and Rosella's mother, drained the lasagna noodles, as Bianca entered the kitchen.

Antonio pulled a cigar from his pocket and lit it. He took a calming puff, before walking over to his niece.

"Is there anything I can get for you?"

"Yeah." Bianca whispered, slowly nodding her head, "My parents."

Rose set the stirring spoon down into the sink before walking over to comfort Bianca.
As she slid onto the stool, she eyed her father, "Daddy, ho questo."

Antonio watched his daughter comfort her cousin as the other women continued to cook in the kitchen. He blew the cigar smoke from his mouth and into the air before leaving them to join his family and his crew in the other room.

Paolo Spinaci, Rose's guard stood at the threshold of the door, not taking his eyes off of her. Carlo Stallone, Jasper's guard sat in the living room keeping a close watch on Antonio's son. Neither of them wanted to suffer the wrath of the Romano family if something were to happen to either one of them.

Frank extended his hand towards his son, "Tony, let me have one."

"I sent Dante, Giovanni and Jackie to handle some business with the Mexican mob." Tony informed, as Lucas perked up with excitement.

"Good." Frank said, nodding his head, approvingly, "I want them to pay for what they did. They're going to burn in hell. I want no living relatives of the mob left. My daughter will get justice!"

Antonio, Renaldo, and Frankie shook their heads in full agreement with their dad. It was a full consensus on revenge against the Montez family.

"How's Bianca?" Renaldo, who's otherwise known as Ronnie asked.

"As expected," Frankie sighed, shaking his head, "She's distant, the girl has just lost both of her parents."

Ronnie nudged his nephew, "So Jasper, it's a school night!" He playfully slapped Jasper's back in a joking manner.

"I still don't understand why I have to go to school. Why can't mom finish homeschooling us?"

"Your aunt just died. Your mother is going to be busy helping us seek…what do they say?" Frank closed his eyes in thought, "Um, vengeance." He blew the cigar smoke out of his mouth, "You both can't afford to miss anything, so we, as a family, thought it'll be nice for two Romanos to actually graduate from high school."

"Jasper, look at the bright side, no one is going to mess with you!" Lucas laughed, teasingly, "If they do, you can just bring your Tommy gun to school and kill them."

Jasper tapped his chin in thought, "Hmm, that's a thought."

The front door flew open out of force. Dante, Giovanni and Jackie confidently walked inside, fully covered in dirt and rubble.

Dante nodded, "It's done." He smiled proudly,"The mother, Carla, is dead."

Antonio smiled to himself, while going into his suit jacket pocket to grab three cigars to hand to Giovanni, Dante and Jackie for a job well done.