Rosalie walked down the stairs with nothing, but a tank top and boxers on. Her hair was pulled up into a messy ponytail.

A smile stretched widely across her face. She knew it was going to be plastered on there all day. It was Valentine's Day. She and Lauren were meeting the guys up at Central Park later to celebrate. Lauren followed closely behind her best friend in similar pajamas.

Her family sat around the dining room table eating breakfast. The two girls quickly made their plates and sat down. She couldn't stop thinking about Emmett, therefore she couldn't stop smiling.
"Why are you so happy?" he questioned as she shrugged her shoulders in response.

Tony looked at Lauren for the answer, but she also shrugged hers. Rose was on cloud nine for the past month and no one could knock her off of it.
"Slow down Rose!" Lucia laughed, patting her granddaughter's shoulder, "Your food isn't going anywhere."

"But I am." She replied, grabbing her toast, "I have to meet Emmett."

Rosalie quickly disappeared up the stairs. The heads at the table turned to face Lauren. She rapidly scarfed down her breakfast before joining Rosalie in her room.
"I don't like it." Tony spat, clenching the handle of the butter knife, "She's getting serious with this guy."

"I know…" Lucas agreed, nodding along.

"We barely know him." Frank added, as Ella pried the knife out of her husband's hand, "Lets change that."

"Already on it..." Lucas spoke up, handing his grandmother Lucia his finished plate, "Uncle Frankie and Uncle Ronnie are digging up details on Emmett."

"While we wait, we should meet him." Tony asserted, handing his mother-in-law his empty plate.

"Mom, Dad, Lauren and I are leaving!" Rose hollered, before leaving out of the house.

"I doubt she'll bring him here." Lucas remarked, crossing his arms.

"That's why we'll follow her."

"She's going to be pissed." Jasper warned, refilling his glass with orange juice, "Remember Rose is my twin. I know and understand her way more than you guys can."

"She knows our first priority is her safety." Tony argued, tapping his foot, "I rather have her pissed and safe than happy and dead."

"Dead? Isn't that a stretch?"


Rosetta and Lucia took the dishes out of the dining room and into the kitchen. Ella sat her hand on her husband's knee to keep him cool. He hated to be questioned. He just wanted everyone to believe that what he's doing is the right thing to do. Lucas never questioned him. Jasper and Rosalie were the complete opposites. They questioned everything he thought and did.
"I met Emmett." Lucas said, changing the conversation.

"And?" Tony pushed on.

"Don't trust him. Not one bit."

"Another reason we should follow her. Both you and Jasper not trusting him is enough for me." Tony continued, glancing between each of his sons.

"Did Jasper tell you about what happened at the Halloween party?"

"No, what happened?"

Jasper quickly nodded his head, trying to hint towards Lucas to not tell their father. Lucas didn't get the hint and went on to answer his father's question.
"Tyler went as Freddie Kruger and cut Rose's wrist with his claws."

"On purpose?" Frank questioned, gaining Ella's attention.

"No." Jasper quickly answered.

"At least that's what Rose said." Lucas added, earning a glare from Jasper.

"Why are we just finding out about this?!" Ella roared, completely pissed off, "It's February! October was months ago!"

"I just found out myself a few weeks ago." Lucas defended, nudging Jasper.

"I promised I wouldn't say anything." Jasper quickly remarked, nervously.

He hated when his mother got upset. It wasn't common. Ella hardly ever got mad. Upset, yes, but not angry. When she was angry, it scared him. That's one thing her and Tony have in common. The fuse they have isn't long. It can easily be lit. To light Ella's fuse, you would have to do or say something about her family. For Tony, it was his family, his culture and definitely his business.

Tony pulled out his cell phone and went to his GPS app. He scrolled through until he came across Rosalie's name. He clicked on her icon and brought up her location.
"They're at Central Park." He informed, showing Lucas the red dot, "Alright, let's go meet this Emmett guy."

"I want to come." Ella spoke up, sternly.

"Me too!" Lucia agreed, rushing into the dining room.

"And me!" Bianca added, raising her hand, excitedly.

"You already met him." Jasper replied, pulling Bianca's hand back down.

"So did you." She responded, crossing her arms.

"I never asked to go."

Tony ignored the bickering between his son and niece. Neither of them is going.
"We aren't going there for pleasure. Dad you're staying too!" Tony asserted, eyeing his father.

"No, I'm going! She's my granddaughter!"

"And she's MY daughter!" Tony corrected, putting his foot down.

When it came to his children, Tony didn't care who you were, he always had the final say.
"You'll scare the poor boy." Lucia declared, turning her son to face her.

"He should be scared, and then he won't do anything." Frank affirmed, rising from his seat.

"She's my daughter too. I'm coming." Ella avowed, roughly grabbing onto her husband's arm, "Look at me Tony! I'm coming."

"No Ella!"

"Yes Tony! I'm usually good with staying out of the family business, but this is my daughter we're talking about! This isn't a mission or a hit! It's not dangerous, so why can't I come?"
"She's not going to give up." Lucia interrupted, taking a stand beside Ella, "You're wasting time honey."

"Fine…" Tony whispered, giving in, "Let's go before we miss them."

Tony never gave in. He didn't believe in negotiations, unless it was with his mother or wife. Ella and Lucia always had the advantage.

"I should go by myself." Ella contended, smiling brightly.

"That's definitely out of the question." Benny interrupted, walking into the kitchen.

"I agree with your father." Tony added.

"Just think about it for a second-" she started, before Frank interjected.



"No Ella." Rosetta inputted.

"Mom yes."

"Aunt Ella, just think about this." Bianca tried to say, as Ella shook her head repeatedly.

"No. Emmett's not dangerous. He doesn't know about Tony being Rose's father and Rose wants to keep it like that... Just in case he knows what Antonio Romano looks like…"

Tony drowned out the arguing between his wife and the rest of the family. Ella made a good point. He didn't want to piss his daughter off. She's just like her mother when it came to her emotions. When someone does her wrong, everyone knows. She can't hide her feelings well.
"He has probably heard of Tony, but I doubt he knows what he looks like." Benny said, rubbing his daughter's back.

"Dad you can come." Ella recommended, looking at her husband for his approval, "Tony you can stay here. I'm sure you got business things to worry about. I can just report back to you."

"I don't usually negotiate."

"I'm your wife. That doesn't apply to me." Ella reminded, quickly pecking his cheek.

It's Valentine's Day at Central Park. Rosalie's family usually didn't celebrate Valentine's Day. February 14th was just another day in their household. It was Lauren's favorite holiday. Coldplay is supposed to perform at Central Park today.

A large crowd formed around a movable stage in the center of Central Park. Rosalie and Lauren pushed through the crowd in search of their boyfriends.
"Rosalie!" Emmett hollered, waving his hand in the air to get her attention, "Lauren! Over here!"

Lauren tapped Rosalie's shoulder and pointed towards the guys. The young Romano grabbed onto her best friend's hand before dragging her further into the crowd of people.

Rosalie wrapped her arms tightly around his neck as he wrapped his around her waist. He pecked her cheek before bringing his lips towards hers. The kiss was short lasted since they were in the middle of a large crowd. Lauren and Tyler's greeting kiss wasn't. There kiss was the complete opposite of Rosalie's and Emmett's. The young couple waited patiently for their friends to finish.

Tyler pulled away to breathe. He grabbed onto Lauren's hand and pecked her cheek. Tyler led his friends through the crowd of people, trying to get as closest to the stage as possible.

Once they found the perfect place to stand, they started to socialize. Tyler couldn't help but smile at Rosalie. From what Emmett told him, that girl is great.
"Why are you smiling at me like that?" Rose asked, as Emmett sneakily shoved Tyler.

Coldplay came onto the stage and began to sing Paradise. The crowd cheered and danced around to the loud music blasting throughout Central Park. Rosalie stopped swaying her hips when she felt someone tap her shoulder. Out of instinct, she reached down, ready to grab her knife from under her skirt.
"It's me." Ella quickly said, knowing what her daughter was about to grab.

Ella stood grinning ear to ear with her father Benny right behind her. She caught Emmett and Tyler's attention. Lauren's gaze was stuck on Coldplay. They were her favorite band and no one could take her attention away from them.
"Emmett, Tyler, this is my mother and my grandfather." She introduced, turning to face her family, "Mom, grandpa, this is my boyfriend Emmett and his best friend Tyler."

"Tyler." Ella repeated, shaking his hand, "I heard about you."

Tyler immediately pulled his hand away. Jasper and Lucas both had strong handshakes. He didn't want to learn if they got that from their mother. Ella couldn't help but snicker.
"It's nice meeting you both." She responded, throwing her arm around her daughter's shoulders.

"It's nice to meet you too, Mrs-" Emmett replied, waiting for Ella to fill in.

"You can just call me Ella." She remarked, hearing a sigh of relief come from her daughter.

Tyler smiled at the grinning blonde. Rosalie was the carbon copy of her mother. The natural blonde hair, the hour glass figure and the gorgeous smile to match was just a few things mother and daughter had in common.

While Ella kept both men distracted, Benny captured a quick photo of Emmett. Just as Tony asked, he sent the picture to Frankie's phone.
"Mom, che cosa ci fai qui?" (What are you doing here?) Rose asked, suspiciously, "ha papá si invia?" (Did dad send you?)

"I actually like this song." Ella replied, rocking side to side to the beat of the song, "Paradise is one of my favorite Coldplay songs."

"So you're here for the music?" she questioned, quirking a brow.

"Life goes on…it gets so heavy…the wheel breaks the butterfly." Ella sang out, proving to her daughter that she knew the song, "I'll go though."

"You should stay." Tyler quipped, earning a smack to the stomach from Lauren.

"Yeah, you should." Emmett agreed, grabbing onto Rose's hand.

Ella looked at her daughter. She wanted Rose to have the final say on whether could stay. She didn't want to 'cramp' her daughter's style or embarrass her unintentionally. Rosalie shrugged it off. She didn't say yes or no. She continued to listen to the song and bob her head to the beat.
"I love you." Emmett mouthed towards Ella's daughter.

Ella couldn't help but smile. Even though it was supposed to be a moment between Rosalie and Emmett, she couldn't help but watch. Rosalie squeezed tighter onto Emmett's hand before leaning over to peck his cheek. She whispered into his ear her response.
"I love you too."

Ella figured she said. Her heart swelled up. Her daughter found happiness. Ella didn't want Rose getting hurt. She's 18, that's still too young for love, but she knew it had to happen. Maybe heartbreak wouldn't follow it.
"Dad, don't send the picture to Frankie." Ella asserted, snatching the phone out of her father's hands.

"It's too late." He sighed, taking the cell phone back.

Ella liked Emmett. She never liked Royce or Steven. Before they hurt her daughter, she had a bad vibe about them. She didn't get a bad vibe from Emmett. She stared into the young boy's eyes and truly saw love for her daughter. Usually with her daughter's boyfriends, they had nothing in common with the family. Emmett actually had something in common with the Romano family, and that was the love for Rosalie.

Ella knew even if Emmett's background check was perfect, Tony would still find something in it to prevent Rosalie from dating him. Ella didn't want that. Rosalie deserved happiness. Yes, she's young and they'll most likely be other boyfriends, but for right now there is only one…and that was Emmett.
"Rosalie." Ella called out, waving her daughter towards her.

Rose unraveled her hand from Emmett's before dragging her feet towards her mother. Ella pulled her daughter into her arms and pecked the side of her head.
"Accetto." (I accept.) Ella whispered, patting her daughter's back, "Mi piace." (I like him.)

"We should be heading out." Benny announced, interrupting Ella and Rosalie.

Rose smiled at her mother. It was a reason why they were so close. Ella was accepting. She understood. It didn't take much to gain her approval, but once you lose it, it's hard to get it back.
"Bye boys!" Ella called out, waving at both Emmett and Tyler.

"What did she say?" Emmett wondered, watching her mother and grandfather walk away.

"She said she likes you."

The smile on Emmett's face was priceless. He was extremely happy. Approval from her mother was a good start. Lauren and Tyler continued to dance and sing to the music. They didn't even notice that Ella and Benny left.
"We're heading out." Rose whispered into her best friend's ear.

Lauren wasn't planning on leaving early. Tyler wasn't planning on leaving without Lauren. Rosalie followed Emmett to his car parked against the curb across the street from Central Park.
"Where should we go?" he questioned, buckling his seat belt.

"I have no idea." She answered, following his lead and buckling her own, "Where do you feel like going?"

"Nowhere." He responded, starting up his car, "How about we just drive around?"

"I'm fine with that."

Emmett backed out of the parking space before pressing his foot down onto the gas pedal. He stretched his hand out for Rosalie to grab. She didn't. She wasn't in the mood for holding hands. She was in a much hornier mood. Rose smiled at her boyfriend and licked her lower lip. Emmett stopped the car at a red light to see his girlfriend shifting in her seat. She outstretched her left hand and slipped it down Emmett's pants. He jumped from the sudden invasion in his pants, but it was welcomed. In retaliation Emmett extended his hand and slipped it under Rosalie's skirt.

Emmett felt himself harden as her hand slid up and down his member. Rosalie's hips bucked as Emmett massaged her clit. Rosalie couldn't take it. She pushed his hand away and leaned forward to mash her lips against his. A car horn honked, informing Emmett that the light was now green. He sat his hand on the back of her head as he continued to kiss her. She continually held her grip around his member and rubbed up and down repeatedly. Emmett bit down onto her bottom lip, notifying her of his impending climax. As he went over the edge, he once again began driving.

She slowly undid his pants as he kept his eyes on the road. Emmett lifted himself up off of the seat, allowing her to pull his pants and boxers down. Emmett reduced the speed of the car as his girlfriend climbed over the armrest. She draped her legs around him and sat down on his lap with the steering wheel behind her back. His member pointed upwards, awaiting for further direction.
"Condom." He muttered, pointing towards the armrest.

She giggled to herself as she reached to open the armrest situated between the passenger and driver's seat. Rose pulled the condom out and closed the arm rest.
"This is hot." She whispered, ripping the protection open with her teeth.
"Stop talking." He demanded, smashing his lips against hers.

He kept one eye open to watch the road. Luckily it wasn't a lot of cars on the road. It was just a few cars around. People were either at work or at home with their significant other. As the kiss grew heated, she slid the latex down his shaft. He bit down on her bottom lip, enjoying the feeling of her hand on his shaft.

Rosalie pulled her skirt up and pushed her panties to the side. Emmett rested the head of his member against Rose's clit. She kissed him more forcefully, moaning softly and desperately into his mouth. Slowly, she lowered herself onto him. She gradually slid all the way down to the base, getting all of him inside of her.

The car shook dramatically causing him to focus more on the road. Emmett peppered kisses along Rose's neckline. He pulled the sleeve of her shirt down, allowing him to bite down onto her shoulder.
"Emmett." She whispered into his ear, turning him on even more.

Cars honked their horns out of annoyance. Occasionally his car would swerve because of the activity taking place in the front seat. Emmett is shoving his member up to meet Rosalie's downward thrusts, causing her to moan loudly.
"Emmett." She moaned, tossing her head back, "Emmett!"

Emmett began working his pelvic muscles, thrusting deep inside her. He moved in long, firm and steady strokes. Rose's nails dug into his back as her body trembled and her hips bucked. Emmett continued to pound into her, as hard as he could.
"Pull over." She ordered, against his lips.

Never breaking the heated sensation, he turned into an abandoned alley with a dead end. Immediately, he put the car in park and allowed his hands to wander Rosalie's body. Rose could hear the car unlock. She tightened her legs around Emmett's waist as he stepped out, continually pounding into her. She gasped with the realization that they were outside and anyone could see them.

Emmett opened the back door and gently laid Rosalie down onto the seat. He unintentionally slipped out of his girlfriend. She pouted and groaned at the loss of contact. It didn't last long. Emmett crawled over top of her, lined himself up before hammering back inside with a single stroke. He could feel her muscles contracting around his member, throwing him over the edge.

Emmett gripped her hair as she grabbed her bosom. He immediately started thrashing as hard as he could, earning moans and screams from Rosalie. Her slender body slid back and forth with each thrust. Emmett's climax hit with Rose's following his a few seconds after. He was exhausted. His body dropped on top of hers, but he rested on one arm to prevent all of his weight from being on her.

Her face rested in the crook of his neck. She was sweaty and so was he. Emmett's shaft rested inside of her, neither of them bothering to pull it out. They didn't want to lose contact. He could feel her breathing from under him. He pecked her sweaty forehead before pulling out.
"Gosh I love you!" she exclaimed, covering her face with her hands.

The young couple quickly threw on their clothes before someone decided to grace them with their presence.
"I should take you back. The concert should be almost over." He said, starting up his car.

Rosalie nodded in agreement. She outstretched her hand and he intertwined her fingers with his.