Rosalie sat quietly in her room with the lights off. Her parents punished her for cursing at them. She could watch television and get on her laptop, but that's not what she wanted to do. It was Saturday. She wanted to meet Emmett.

A knock on her door filled her silent room. She wasn't going to answer. The only company she wanted was either Lauren's or Emmett's. It couldn't be Emmett. She knew that for a fact. It couldn't have been Lauren. She would have just walked in without knocking.

The knocking continued… She wasn't planning on saying anything. Rose couldn't wait to leave for college. She needed a break from everything mafia related. She needed to start now. College was going to be perfect. She was going to a place where no one has heard of Antonio Romano…or at least hoped no one has heard of him.
"Rosalie." Paolo whispered, cracking her door open, "Are you in here?"

"No." she remarked, crossing her arms, "Go away. I'm not up for company."

"Why are you in the dark?" he questioned, turning on the light.

Rosalie adjusted her eyes to the new brightness. Paolo closed her door behind him and headed over to take a seat next to her.
"What do you want?"

"Rosalie," Paolo sighed, patting her knee, "I don't know if I can keep this secret…They're blaming my daughter for everything that has happened to you."

"Deep down my parents knows it's not Lauren's fault." Rose responded, pushing his hand off of her knee.

"I don't know that for sure." He remarked, standing up, "I was assigned to protect. I get paid for my loyalty. My dad was your grandfather's trusted guard. Loyalty runs in our family. Lauren will never turn her back on you. That's just how we are, but with this…I chose to protect you. It's my duty as Lauren's father to protect her."

"I understand." She whispered, giving him a small smile, "Do what you have to do."

"I'm sorry. I-" Paolo started, before getting cut off.

"I GET IT PAOLO!" Rose screamed, slamming her fist on her bed, angrily, "You're not making it any easier by continually talking about it!"

Rosalie stood up and walked over to her window. She looked outside to see her father carrying a few bags to his car. Where was he going?
"Rose you are both 18." He began, slowly approaching her, "That's too young for love. You both don't even know what love is."

"That's coming from you." She spat, keeping her eyes on her father, "The man who has serious commitment issues. I know Paolo. You were my guard for basically my whole life. I was around. I heard every conversation. You have the nerve to tell me I'm not feeling what I'm feeling. The man who hasn't been in a relationship in more than ten years is giving me advice!"

"Yes. It's coming from him." Paolo commented, moving up to also glance out of her window.

"Don't speak on something you know nothing about!" she exclaimed, turning to face him "I love him!"

"No you don't Rose." He asserted, turning to face her, "You think you do, but you don't."

"Yes I do."

Rosalie turned away from Paolo to look out of the window again. Now bags were in the back of her father's car. He was currently talking to her grandfather, Jasper and Lucas.
"You have your whole life to find love." He informed, closing her curtains to take her attention away from them.

"Stop talking." She growled, as he realized tears trickled down her cheeks, "Do what you have to do and leave me alone."

Rosalie walked back over to her bed, flopped down, and tossed her head into her pillow. Paolo could hear her cries being suppressed by the pillow. He didn't know what to do. This wasn't his area of expertise. Yes, he had Lauren, but he was never really there when she got like this. That's what Nicole was for.

"What?" she snapped quickly lifting her head.

Paolo opened his mouth to speak, but no sound came out. He didn't know what to say. He wanted to make her feel better, but he didn't know how.
"What Paolo?!" Rose repeated, growing angrier the more seconds that pass.

"I don't want to leave you like this…I…uh…don't like to see anyone cry." He carefully worded, taking a step towards her.

"Well get used to it!" she spat, watching him boldly take a seat on her bed, "Why are you here anyway? Don't you have a daughter that needs to be raised?!"

"My daughter is 19." Paolo reminded, intertwining his fingers, "She's grown."

"I'm 18." Rose added, sitting up, "So am I."

"My daughter isn't the one crying."

Rosalie tossed her pillow behind her and stood up. She wiped underneath her eye as she turned to face him.
"I'm not crying anymore!" she exclaimed, throwing her hands into the air, "Happy?!"

Paolo's lips remained lined together. No emotion was evident on his face, but that was usual. The look on Rose's face faltered. Her emotions were coming back. She wanted Paolo to leave. She hated people seeing her like this.
"Why are you always following me?!" she questioned, crossing her arms, "Mario is my guard, not you!"

"If Mario found out, it would be no convincing him! Your father would have found out!" Paolo declared, rising to his feet.

"He's finding out regardless." She growled, stepping back as he took a step forward, "You're telling him."

Paolo's head hangs low as he contemplated what Rosalie just said. He knew her since she was a baby. He could tell she was hurt. She uses anger to try to hide the fact that inside she's hurting. The thought of losing Emmett hurt her that much.
"Leave…me alone." She muttered, voice cracking as tears released from her eyes, "You're not my guard anymore and therefore we shouldn't have to converse."

Rosalie ran her fingers through her blond hair. She used her other hand to cover her mouth. She knew after today, there would be no hope for her and Emmett ever being together. Paolo stared up at her.
"I understand you're hurt, but-"

"Damn right I'm hurt Paolo!" she screamed, dropping her hand from covering her mouth, "I'm hurt to the point where crying isn't going to make me feel better!"

"Rosalie." He whispered, extending his hand towards her.



"You're not my guard," she spoke up, smacking his hand away from her, "and you're definitely not my father."

Rosalie walked back over to the window, arms crossed and eyes damp. She stared out into the sky as the sun began to set. This was not the relationship she dreamed of having. Emmett was the man she was in love with. She didn't choose to fall in love with him, it just happened.
"I may not be your guard, but I was your protector longer than Mario ever was!" he shouted, causing Rose to turn around in complete shock, "I continue to follow you because I care about you! Your father deserves to know! If this was Lauren, I would want to know!"

"No, not about this."

Paolo didn't seem to understand. He never will. As much as he tries to, he will never be able to grasp her situation. He laid his hand on her shoulder, prepared for her to knock it off, but she didn't. She glanced at his hand, and chose to allow it to stay.
"The truth shall set you free."

"Or put you in a grave." She quickly remarked, shrugging her shoulders, "You know, whatever."

"He's your father!" Paolo affirmed, sliding his hand off her shoulder, "He deserves to know who his daughter is dating!"

"Stay out of my business." She spat, shoving Paolo out of her way, "Seriously Paolo."

"I'm sorry I can't do that." He asserted, taking a step back in front of her, "I would just love for you to realize that I'm only doing this to keep you safe."

"And I would just love to punch you in the forehead with a staple gun."

He shook his head at her response. She was exactly like her father. She didn't even realize the similar characteristics.
"Do you always have to be sarcastic?" he asked, watching her take a seat at her desk chair.

"Do you always have to be in my business?" she retorted, moving her mouse to allow her laptop to flick on, "Leave me alone."

"Is everything okay?" Lucas questioned, pushing his sister's door open.

"No." Rose quickly commented.


"Which is it?" Lucas wondered, looking between his sister and his father's trusted guard.

"Please escort Paolo out of my room." She mumbled, averting her eyes from Paolo to Lucas.

"I'm leaving…" he trailed off, glancing at Rose before exiting her room.

"She's punished." Ella announced, watching Lauren close her car door, "Sorry Lauren, but no company."

"When will she be off of punishment?" Lauren asked, reopening her door.

"What are you doing here?" Ronnie asked, coming outside.

Ronnie caught Frank, Frankie and Jasper's attention. Ella didn't really blame Lauren. She had nothing against the young girl. Yes, she felt that Lauren made a mistake, but she didn't hold it against her. Ella would always remember the good things Lauren has done for Rose. She was Rose's best friend. Ella admired Lauren's loyalty towards her daughter, just like she admired Paolo's loyalty to her husband.

Tony slowly walked up the stairs. He saw Paolo pacing completely frustrated in the hallway. His daughter's bedroom door was closed. Lucas was sitting in his room with the door wide open. He was at his computer, bobbing his head to whatever music was coming out of his ear phones. Lucas wasn't the problem. Jasper was outside, so he wasn't the issue. Tony pieced it together and figured the root of Paolo's pacing was his daughter.
"What happened Paolo?" Tony asked, coming to a stop at the top of the stairs.

"Oh…uh." Paolo mumbled, looking around the hall, "Nothing happened sir."

Tony looked into Paolo's eyes. His brown eyes bore into Tony's. Eye contact was the way Tony could tell if someone wasn't telling him the truth. Paolo knew how to get around that.
"Are you sure?" Tony questioned, lifting a brow, curiously, "If something happened, I need to know. You already know how I feel about surprises."

"Sir, nothing has happened." Paolo asserted, stopping abruptly, "Have I ever given you a reason to doubt me?"

"No," he answered, walking up to his daughter's room, "but there's always a first time for everything. Do not disappoint me. Do not lie to me. I trust you, and you do not want to break that trust. Trust me when I say that."

Paolo nodded his head before heading down the stairs. Even though he was Tony's trusted guard, he didn't have his boss's complete trust. Tony didn't trust anyone 100%...maybe except for his family. Tony watched as Paolo disappeared down the stairs. He turned to face his daughter's door and opened it.
"I don't regret it." Rose stated, sitting up in her bed.

"Regret what?" Tony asked, closing her door behind him.


It clicked in Rose's head. Tony didn't know. Antonio entered her room and took a seat next to her. If he wasn't in such a rush, he would question her about her slip of the tongue. It was obvious she was lying.
"I'll be gone for a few days."

"Where are you going?" she asked, leaning her head onto his shoulder.

"I have to handle some," he started, thinking of the right word to use, "…business."

"Are you killing anyone?" Rose questioned, lifting her head to look at him.

"I wasn't planning on it." Tony admitted, watching her lay her head back onto his shoulder.

Tony turned and laid a kiss onto her blonde head. She smiled as her eyes rolled. Even though Rose was mad at him, he was still her father. He always was, and he always will be.
"Am I still punished?"

"You cursed at all of us." He reminded, patting her knee, "We may support a lot of things, but we don't support disrespect."

"You were blaming Lauren!" Rose exclaimed, closing her eyes to intake a deep breath.

"Because it's her fault." Tony responded, feeling her hand cover his.

"Dad, I don't want to go through this again."

Tony smiled. His daughter held his hand. He couldn't remember the last time she held his hand. She was what…maybe around ten, eleven or twelve. Time definitely flies.
"You get more like me each and every day."

"You say that like it's a compliment!" she joked, standing up.

"Because it is."

Tony stood up as well. He threw his arm around his daughter's neck. He pulled her close as she laughed. Tony used his free hand to pull an unlit cigar out of his suit jacket.
"Am I still punished?" Rose wondered, feeling his hand leave her shoulders.


He purposefully ignored her. She knew it. Tony lit his cigar and began making his way towards the door.


Silence continued to follow. Tony opened her bedroom door. He passed her a smile as she watched him leave out.
"Am I still punished?!"

Consuela heard the shouting of the boys from the living room. They were watching a football game. They would be busy for the remainder of the night. Consuela took this as her opportunity to enter Emmett's room. It was dark. She turned his lights on and smiled as she took in his so called 'bachelor pad.'

The boys yelling at the television allowed Connie to know they were occupied. As long as the game was on, they were busy and their attention wasn't on anything, but the TV.

Connie had to know what was up. Emmett's been acting weird. She figured he would be moping around over Rose. He claimed he loved her and she broke his heart. Consuela didn't expect for him to be over the relationship after three months. She definitely didn't expect for him to move on.

She spotted his phone. It lay in the center of his bed, connected to the charger. Connie took a small seat on the corner and picked up his phone. He had a password. She thought to herself as she typed in a variety of options. None of them were right. It wasn't Veronica, Carla, Consuela, Eva, or even Emmett's own name.
"This better be wrong." She muttered to herself, typing in a four-digit nickname.

His phone unlocked. Rose was the password. Connie shrugged her shoulders and figured Emmett never got around to changing it, even though it's been three months. A face she didn't recognize graced the screen. The girl was pretty, with blond hair and a big smile. She had her arms wrapped around Emmett's neck. He was grinning widely. Connie couldn't help but smile, her brother was so happy. Consuela pushed the photo to the side and claimed that it was an old pic. It was no way that picture could have been recent. Emmett hated Rosalie. He had to.

Connie brought up his recent text messages. Rose. Her name graced the top of the list. Consuela opened up the text messages and skimmed through them. Her hand clenched tightly around his cell phone as she exited out. She brought up his call logs and squeezed her eyes shut after realizing how much they call each other.
"What are you doing?" Emmett asked, making his presence known.

Consuela didn't even care that she was caught in his room. She didn't care he caught her with his phone. She just needed answers. Connie needed him to be straight with her.
"Emmett," she sighed, setting his phone down, "why?"

After seeing her place his phone down on his bed, he automatically closed the door. She heard the lock click before he turned around and approached her.
"You had no right." He growled, snatching his phone from beside her.

"You're my little brother!" she bellowed, standing up, and crossing her arms, "I had every right!" she lowered her voice to make sure no one else could hear, "You're sleeping with the enemy Emmett."

"She isn't the enemy!" he hollered, slamming his fist against the wall, "She isn't! Okay?! She's not the enemy!"

"Her family killed abuela, Aunt Dolores, and Uncle Nico." Connie muttered, pulling his fist away from the wall.

"She didn't order the hit." Emmett added, snatching his fist out of her hand.

"She might as well have…She's using you Em." Consuela replied, wiping the corner of her eyes, "Dad needs to know."

Connie moved around Emmett to make her way towards his door. This couldn't be it. It couldn't be the end of him and Rose's relationship.
"Connie!" he hollered, turning around to face her, "You can't!...Please…I-"

"Don't you dare say you love her!"

She was upset. Tears welled up in her eyes. Consuela wasn't sad because Emmett betrayed the family, she was sad because she was worried. She didn't want Rose's family doing anything to hurt him.
"You can't love her!"

"I do." He whispered, nodding his head to back up his statement.

"Did you two ever break up?" she asked, rubbing her forehead with the back of her hand, "Please tell me you did."

"We did." He admitted, slowly approaching her, "When I first found out, I honestly wanted to kill her."

"Why didn't you?" Connie questioned, throwing her hands in the air, "Why didn't you kill her when you had the chance? Emmett, you have to end this. Now."

"I'm not." Emmett asserted, typing the password into his cell phone, "I can't."

"Please!" Consuela pleaded, grabbing his free hand, "Please Em!"

Connie threw her arms around her younger brother. The muscles on his body made it hard to hug him tight. She pecked his forehead before wiping the tear from her eye.
"I can't…" he sighed, pulling away from her, "I love her too much."

"Stop saying that!" Connie screamed, snatching his cell phone out of his hand.

Consuela covered her mouth to drown out her voice. She walked over to his bed and took a seat. Emmett sighed to himself before taking a seat next to her.
"You have to keep quiet."

"I don't have to do anything." She spat, handing him back his cell phone.

"If you love me, you would."

"Please don't say that."

"What are you guys talking about?" Eva asked, entering Emmett's room.

"Nothing." Emmett quickly answered.

Eva's eyes drifted over Consuela. She looked worried. Her eyes looked as if she was crying. Eva knew Emmett was lying.
"Sure does look like something." Eva whispered, taking a seat on the opposite side of Consuela.

Eva pushed her brunette hair over her shoulder and gave Connie a bright smile. The older brunette stood up and stormed out of her brother's room.
"Connie!" He shouted, chasing after her.

"You win." She growled, after he grabbed onto her arm, "I'm not going to say anything. Just know that if she does anything, anything mafia related, I'm telling dad. I may even kill her myself."

Emmett nodded his head. He leaned forward and pecked his sister's cheek. He knew it was a reason he always confided in her. Even though she was upset, he was glad someone on his side, other than Tyler, knew of his relationship.
"This is going to be so hard." She whispered, wiping her wetted cheeks.

"No it isn't." he replied, flashing a dimpled smile, "Just try to forget it."

"How am I possibly supposed to forget my brother is in love with our biggest rival?"

"She's not our rival." He corrected, stuffing his hands into his front pockets.

"She's his daughter." Connie responded, backing towards her room, "Same thing."

"Thank you for not saying anything."

The more Emmett talked about it, the guiltier Consuela began to feel. This wasn't some small secret. This was something that could get seriously out of hand. If anything went wrong, Emmett could pay for it with his life.
"Just know," she said, lowering her voice, "if she hurts you mentally, physically or emotionally, I'm going to kill her."

"Thank you."

Emmett went back downstairs to watch the game. He wasn't too worried about Consuela. He trusted her with this secret. Even though she would most likely continually threaten Rose's life, he knew she would never act on it.

Connie pushed open her bedroom door and ignored the loud noise it made when slamming against her bedroom wall. She flopped down onto her bed, grabbed her pillow and held it against her face. A piercing scream left her mouth, but was lowered because of the force from the pillow.
"What's wrong?"


"Connie…" Eva sighed, closing her sister's door behind her, "I know when you're lying."

"No you don't."

"I know you're lying right now." Eva asserted, pulling the pillow away from her sister's face.

"Please just leave me alone!" Connie pleaded, laying back onto her bed.

"Tell me what's wrong." She pushed, laying back.

"I can't."

"We never keep secrets from each other." Eva remarked, crossing her arms.

Connie stood up. She needed to get away from the prying questions. She knew Eva wasn't going to drop it. She was going to snoop and snoop until she got her answer.
"This time…I'm going to have to."

"Emmett! You're missing the game!" Luis hollered, clenching his hands together, "Come on! What are you doing?!"

Emmett was in the living room, but his attention wasn't on the game. It was on his cell phone. Ignacio and Carlos quickly rushed into the living room with two big bowls of popcorn. Isabel, Teresa, Cecilia and Alma were currently in the kitchen preparing sandwiches for the game.
"What's with the long face?" Veronica asked, entering the room, holding a big bowl of chips, "Your team is winning."

Emmett discreetly slid his phone into his pocket. His mother slit her eyes after watching the phone disappear. She set the bowl of chips down onto the coffee table.
"Who was that?" she wondered, pointing towards his pocket.


"What did he want?"

"Ma." Emmett asserted, pulling his cell phone out after it vibrated.

Veronica agreed to give Emmett his space. He wasn't technically a child anymore. She had to give him space.
"Oh, sorry." Veronica whispered, grabbing a few chips out of the bowl.

Don't worry. Tonight I'm going to be there.
-xoxo Rose.


Sneak out.
-xoxo Rose.

"Yeah! Woo Hoo!" Luis screamed, pounding his fists in the air, "That's exactly what I'm talking about!"

"Boss we got word on a hit that has been made." Alberto informed, quickly entering the room.

Luis continued to stare at the television. He heard Alberto completely. He had to take in what he was saying. A hit has been made. Alberto knew Luis heard him, especially since his boss's hands started to clench together.

Emmett was nervous. He hoped the Romanos had nothing to do with it. Most likely they did, but Luis had other competitors. One can only hope.
"Where?" Luis growled, averting his eyes from the TV to Alberto.

Alberto looked over towards the other henchmen. He didn't know the answer to that question. Enrique stepped forward and answered.
"Warehouse on 57th."

"Send Juan, Bernardo and Ernesto to go check it out." Luis ordered, muting the television, "I want an update every five to eight minutes after you arrive."

"Alright." Enrique replied, backing out of the living room.

Luis looked back at his son. Emmett avoided any and all eye contact with his father. He knew Luis figured it was the Romanos and he had a plan.
"Emmett, you go with them."

"Dad, but I'm-" he started.

"You're going." Luis asserted, nodding firmly, "Go upstairs and get ready. Make sure you're protected and if someone is raiding my warehouse I want you to shoot to kill."

"Are you going?" Lauren asked, filing her nails.

"I don't think so…" Rose trailed off, shrugging her shoulders, "I'm going to text him that I can't make it."

Rosalie and Lauren couldn't talk face to face, but they had the powers of Skype. Lauren sat in her bedroom at home, skyping Rosalie who sat in her bedroom at her house.
"You're going!" Lauren asserted, coming closer to the webcam, "I mean it Rosalie."

"Lauren I-"
"No! I don't care!" she responded, picking her laptop up, and placing it on her bed, "Your family can blame me all they want. Emmett brings you happiness. After those two douchebags you were with, you deserve some happiness."

Rosalie sighed to herself as she ran her hand through her hair. She was risking a lot as it is. She couldn't afford to sneak out, have her mother realize she left, get her father to track her, and end up getting caught with Emmett. That was just a risk she wasn't willing to take.
"Lauren, I appreciate you looking out for me, but-"

"No Rose!" Lauren said, cutting her off once again, "I love you! I don't have much family. It's just me and my parents, but I have you too! I want to see you happy! You're meeting up with that hunk of a man."

"How?" she asked, crossing her arms, "Can you answer me that?"

"I'm going to sneak you out." She gleamed, smiling brightly, as she held up her car keys.

Jasper clenched his fists as he listened in on the conversation. He was walking to Rose's room to see if she was hungry, but overheard her talking to Lauren.
"Paolo is not going to let you out of his sight." Rose responded, sliding out of her bed.

"The good thing about that is my dad knows."

Jasper clenched his fists completely. He pushed himself off of the wall and stormed down the hallway. He was looking for Paolo.
"Where's Paolo?" he questioned, peeking his head into the kitchen.

"Did he leave?" Bianca wondered, facing her grandparents.

"No, I think he's in his room." Rosetta replied, thinking to herself.

"No, he's outside smoking a cigar." Dino informed, making himself a plate of spaghetti.

"Oh, was Rose hungry?" Lucia asked, stirring the pot.

"No." he answered, walking out of the kitchen.

Jasper pulled the front door open completely. He stood under the threshold, watching Paolo on the curb smoking a cigar.
"What's going on Paolo?" Jasper hollered, quickly appearing next to Paolo.

Paolo averted his eyes to Jasper before focusing back on his cigar. He took another puff and blew out the smoke. Paolo didn't have to answer to Jasper. He wasn't Tony, Ronnie, Frankie or Frank. He was just the son, grandson and nephew.
"Answer me!" Jasper shouted, snatching Paolo's cigar away.

"What?" Paolo asked, watching Jasper toss the cigar onto the ground.

"What's going on Paolo?" Jasper repeated, clenching and unclenching his fists continually, "And do not lie to me."

"With what?" Paolo wondered, pulling another cigar out of his pocket.

"Emmett and my sister."


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