Rosalie sat on the hood of her car, impatiently waiting for Emmett. She continuously checked her phone, but she received no text or call. Her nerves were already on edge since she had to sneak out. Now that Emmett isn't here, they were going on overload. She couldn't imagine the penalty she would suffer if she got caught. Her nails tapped along the hood of her car, as she crossed her legs. Rose looked out over the horizon, it was beautiful as always, but she couldn't really appreciate it since her boyfriend wasn't here to enjoy it with her. The more time that passed, the quicker her heart beat. What could have been keeping him? He knew she was punished. This wasn't like him.

Rose pulled out her cell phone to check the time. He was supposed to be here thirty-five minutes ago. She was about ready to leave until she heard an engine pulling up signaled to her that he arrived.
"You're late." She asserted, sliding off the hood of her car.

"I'm sorry!" he quickly replied, shutting his car door.

"Why do you have that?" Rose wondered, eyeing the gun clasped in his holster.

Emmett unhooked his gun as her eyes remained on it. He was late, and when he did show up, he wore protection…serious protection. Emmett pulled the gun out and opened his back door.
"That's the reason why I'm late." He answered, tossing the gun into his back seat, "My father ordered me to go with some of his henchmen. There was a break in at his warehouse."

She relaxed knowing he wasn't armed. Rose came with protection too, but she had a knife, and everyone knows you should never bring a knife to a gun fight. Emmett's answer finally settled in her head. Earlier her father said he had to leave to handle business. He never specified what that exactly was, but she knew it was mafia related.
"Rose…" Emmett whispered, approaching her, slowly.

"What did you do?!" she bellowed, running her fingers through her blonde hair, "Was-"

Rosalie couldn't even finish the sentence. This was always going to be an issue between them. Emmett couldn't quite pinpoint her discomfort, but he was going to find out.
"We caught a robbery happening in my dad's warehouse." He explained, watching her shift uncomfortably.

"Did you-" Rose started, lip trembling in wariness.

"No!" Emmett assertively answered, knowing where she was going, "It wasn't the Romano mafia."

"Who was it then?" she asked, sighing in relief.

"We don't know." He replied, taking her hand in his, "There's a new mafia in town."

Paolo lit another cigar as he ignored Jasper's pleas for the truth. He couldn't be the one to tell Jasper. Paolo didn't know how he would react. If Jasper found out, he would most likely go to Frank and tell him everything, including Paolo's involvement.
"Where is my sister planning on going?" Jasper questioned, growing more frustrated the more Paolo refused to answer, "And don't say you do not know. I know for a fact that you do."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Paolo whispered, averting his eyes from the distance and over to Jasper.

"You know the truth!" Jasper hollered, knocking the cigar out of Paolo's hand, "You know, so tell me! What's going on with Emmett?! What's up with Rose?! What were her and Lauren talking about?!"

"Calm down." Paolo sighed, glancing at the discarded cigarette on the ground, "You're getting worked up over nothing."

Jasper appreciated Paolo's loyalty towards his sister, but that shouldn't apply to him. He was Rose's brother. He only had her best interest in mind.
"I'm going to find out." He growled, stepping onto the cigar, "Just know Paolo, that if you don't tell me and I find out, I'm going to inform my dad in the part you played."

"Jasper your sister put her trust in me." Paolo muttered, pulling his eyes away from his squished cigar.

"Do I need to be worried?" Jasper asked, looking towards the drive way as the garage lifted.


Jasper couldn't take Paolo's word for it. If Paolo would start telling him the truth, then he could trust it. He knew Paolo was more loyal to his sister than him, since he's like a second father to her.
"I can't drop this." Jasper remarked, watching his grandfather pull out of the garage, "She's my sister."

"Do you trust me?"

"Of course."

Jasper did trust Paolo. He trusted the man with his life. He trusted him with his sister's life.
"Then let me handle this." Paolo asserted, walking up the drive way.

"Handle what?!" Jasper proclaimed, jogging to catch up to him, "What's going on? What needs to be handled?"

Paolo nodded his head. That was his answer to Jasper's question. The young Romano stopped in his tracks as Paolo continued walking towards the house.
"I'll just inform my father and grandfather that you're hiding something from them, involving Rose." Jasper taunted, pulling his cell phone out, "How about I dial my dad's number? And we'll see what he thinks."

"Wait." Paolo interrupted, reaching out for Jasper's cell phone, "I'll…tell you."

Rosalie crawls back into Emmett's back seat. He smiled as he crawled in after her. All of the doors were closed and locked. All of the windows were rolled up to the top. His large hands rested on both sides of her. She used her elbows to prop herself up, and smile into his eyes. Within a minute, Emmett's mouth was on hers. She gasped in shock, but welcomed the kiss completely. Rose wanted him desperately. It's been entirely too long. She needed him.

Emmett's tongue danced against hers in an urgent attempt to show her just how much he needed her. Rosalie's tongue synced into the dance their make out was turning into. She wanted to show him the same amount of urgency in the kiss. Her slender fingers intertwined itself around his neck. Emmett didn't move his hands, he allowed for his muscular arms to hold up his weight.

It has been entirely too long. She wanted all of him. He wanted every fiber of her being. Rose's brain was constantly screaming at her. She knew this was wrong. Everything about her and Emmett was wrong, but she didn't want it to be right. It made it all more thrilling.

All of this went against Emmett's immediate instincts. He was supposed to hate this woman, not love her as much as he did. He knew this relationship had no happy ending. The rough kiss he initiated turned into something gentle. This was love. Everything about him and her was love.
"I want you." She whispered, slowly unbuttoning his shirt, "I want you right now."

Emmett wasn't going to put up any argument. He smiled as he adjusted himself. His arms were starting to hurt from all of the weight he was putting on them. Rosalie lay impatiently on her back as he weaseled his way out of his shirt sleeves. She irritably rolled him over so she could straddle his waist.

Emmett lay back, as Rosalie leaned forward to press a kiss against her cheek before sitting back up. He reached around her to unbuckle his pants and pull them down. This was going to be a momentous night for the both of them. Rose's hands gripped the bottom of her shirt before quickly pulling it over her head. Her black lace bra rested onto the floor of the car after she freed herself from it.
"If you could read my mind," Emmett whispered, pecking her ear, "you'd be blushing."

Rosalie leaned forward once again to kiss his lips. Her large breasts pressed up against his chest. She could feel his bare member rest against her backside. Emmett was ready for her. As her body pressed forward, she unbuttoned her jeans. Emmett helped her weasel her way out of her jeans. She placed both of her hands beside Emmett's head to hold herself up, as he rested his atop her buttocks.
"Protection." She mumbled, glancing back at his shaft.

Emmett impatiently rushed and grabbed his jeans. He pulled out a rubber and handed it to her. As she opened the plastic with her teeth, his arousal grew stronger. He sat up to allow himself to watch her quickly and sensibly slide the condom down onto him. He was ready. Emmett gripped her hips and lowered his girlfriend onto him. She was use to him by now. Usually she had to slowly lower herself, but now she could take him all at one time.

Her medium-length nails burrowed into Emmett's shoulders as she welcomed his full force within her. With Emmett's hands gripping her hips, he helped direct her body fully up and fully down. The speed was sensual and slow. He sat up to meet her halfway, and wrap his whole arms around her. Rose threw her head back as he continued to meet her needs. His pelvic muscles began to kick in to keep up with Rose's strong and relaxed pace.

Emmett ignored the tearing scratches on his shoulders from her finger nails. He had more to worry about currently. He flipped her over with one swift movement to allow himself to hover over her. He did manage to not slip out of her.

Rosalie covered her breasts with her hands to hold them steady as Emmett's pounding began to move her body. He pushed in completely and pulled out in less than a second. She could feel him hitting against her walls. Both of their even breaths turned into whimpers. An occasional yelp or scream would slip through Rose's lips as his thrashing quickened.

Her thin frame slid up and down along his leather seats. He was done yet. Emmett could feel her walls tightening around him, but that didn't make him stop. Rosalie felt her body lift as Emmett rolled them back over. She was like a slave in his large hands. He controlled her and she didn't mind.

Rose was now over top of Emmett. She had the control. Her hands pressed against his stomach as she continued to ride up and down. He sat up and felt her breasts press against his chest. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders as she sloppily smashed her lips against his.

Pretty soon Rose's rhythmic ride started to slow. Her chest filled with heat as she released her wave of pleasure all over their protection. Emmett pushed once more inside of her before releasing his own into the condom. One last good time, Emmett pulled away before pushing into his girlfriend. She moaned loudly as she squeezed her eyes shut. Her hand pressed against his six-packed abdomen, before flopping down on top of him.

He pulled out of her and wrapped his arms tightly around her waist. She cuddled into his arms, as they lay there, naked from top to bottom. He pecked her forehead, before rubbing circles into her back.
"I love you." He admitted once again, placing another kiss onto her cheek.

"I know." She whispered, tilting her head up to look at him.

Her head lay on his chest, facing upwards. With Rose's reply, Emmett quickly looked downward to meet her gaze.
"I love you too!" she laughed, rolling her eyes playfully at Emmett's face.

"Consuela knows." He informed, feeling her head leave his chest as she sat up.

"Knows what?"

"About me and you."

Rosalie ran her fingers stressfully through her hair. This isn't good. She looked around the car, spotting her clothes. Before she could reach for them, Emmett grabbed her and pulled her naked frame back onto him.
"It's okay." He sighed, laying her head back onto his chest, "She agreed to keep our secret."

"This is going to end badly." Rose stated, listening to his heart beat through his chest, "We're both just digging our own graves."

"As long as I'm buried next to you," he asserted, glancing down to look into her eyes, "I don't care."

"You're so cheesy!" she laughed, rolling her eyes.

Rosalie sat up to have a better look at her boyfriend. He rested his hand on the side of her face and brought her mouth to him. Rose smiled into the kiss and pulled away. He held up another condom and revealed his deep dimples through another smile.
"Round two." He asserted, flipping her over.

Tony sat in the backseat of the SUV being driven by Salvatore. Tony's legs were relaxed in the back of the spacious vehicle. Next to Salvatore sat Dante, who continuously checked his cell phone for updates.
"Boss," Dante called out, turning to face Antonio in the back seat, "a hit has been made on the Montez mafia. We have word that whoever made this hit is heading towards your warehouse."

"Turn the car around." Tony ordered, unbuckling his seat belt.

"Who is this making the hits, if not the Montez's?" Ronnie wondered, leaning against the door as Salvatore made a sharp turn.

"I don't know, but we're going to find out." Tony growled, pulling his cell phone out.

Tony speed dialed his father's number. He needed to inform him of their change in plans. The ride to the warehouse was short. Salvatore didn't pay any attention to traffic laws. He needed to get to the warehouse in record time.

Frank sent out Giovanni and Jackie to meet his sons, Salvatore and Dante at the warehouse. Frank wasn't planning on going. Although he was still technically a part of the mob, he wasn't in charge. He gave his son that job. Frank was there as a mentor to his son. He advised his son on what to do if Tony is stuck in a dilemma.
"We're here." Tony asserted, hopping out of the car, "Salvatore, Dante, everyone, prep up!"

Antonio took lead. He was the boss man; he had to be in charge. Tony kicked down his warehouse door and allowed his men to run in. Bullets were discharged. Curses were shouting.
"Grab one of them!" Tony ordered, shooting the ceiling, "Do not let all of them leave!"

Frankie spotted one of them trying to climb out of the window. He gripped onto the man's legs and pulled him back down. The man hit the ground with a loud thud. Tony inhaled a sharp breath as another masked man ran into him. During the bump, Tony slipped his cell phone into the boy's pocket. The boy continued to run out of the door with Tony watching behind him.
"You let him go." Ronnie said, jogging up to his brother.

"We'll get him later." Tony replied confidently, watching his younger brother tie up the caught man, "Good job Frankie."

Tony proudly walked over to the tied man. Frankie pulled the man's mask off of his face. Tony slipped his gun from his pocket and held it up.
"Why are you here?" he asked, threateningly.

The man didn't say a thing. He just glared up into Tony's eyes. Ronnie and Frankie smiled as they leaned against the wall watching their older brother work. Tony shot the ceiling, took the hole of the gun and pressed it against the man's face. A loud scream erupted throughout the warehouse. His deep growl bounced off of the walls as it surrounded the room.

Tony pulled the gun away, revealing the circular mark embedded into the man's cheek.
"Who sent you?" Tony questioned, averting his eyes from the man's face to his hands.

He still remained quiet. He bit down onto his lip and ignored the burning pain in his cheek. Tony took the butt of the gun and smashed it down onto the man's fingers. Salvatore shuttered after hearing the sound of the man's knuckles shatter.
"Your other hand is next." He growled, talking over the man's grunts, "What are you doing here? Why did you decide to try to rob me?"

Tears pressed through the man's eyes. He squeezed his eyes shut before opening them. Ronnie couldn't help but smile as the man laughed. Whoever his boss was, trained punks…not professionals.
"Alright then-" Tony started, raising the gun.

"Wait!" the man shouted; glancing up to meet Tony's eyes, "I'm Boris Kiselow, from the Russian mafia."

"What's your boss's name?" Frankie asked from over Tony's shoulders.

Boris glanced at Frankie before ignoring his question. Tony raised the gun and slammed it down onto his other hand. Boris shouted profanities as he glanced down at his red and swollen hands.
"Answer him." Tony asserted, pointing his gun towards his kneecap.

Tony pointed the gun quickly at Boris kneecap before shooting. Boris screamed watching as blood gushed out of the bullet wound.
"Alexei Oborski!" Boris screamed, squeezing his eyes shut.

"Thanks." Tony replied, aiming his gun at Boris before pulling the trigger, "We have a new threat," he informed, turning to face his brothers and guards, "Find the leader and bring him to me. Giovanni call my father."

"Emmett!" Rose moaned, riding up and down on his shaft.

The first waves of pleasure started from the very pit of Rose's stomach. The tremors forming from the pleasure spread throughout her entire body. Emmett trailed kisses down Rose's neck as her speed quickened.

Emmett's hands remained on her hips, guiding her up and down.
"Oh Emmett!" she exclaimed, setting her hands on his shoulders.

Emmett pressed his lips against hers, kissing her long and hard. The kiss silenced her last moans and shrills of pleasure. He could feel her teeth against his tongue. She separated her lips from his and tossed her head back in thrill.

She flopped down onto his chest completely out of breath. His arms wrapped around her protectively as his rapid breathing slowed down.
"You are so damn beautiful." Emmett breathed out, wiping his sweaty forehead with the back of his hand.

"Oh, stop it!" Rose giggled, listening to the sound of his heart beat through his chest.

"I'm serious!" he proclaimed, running his fingers through her damp with sweat hair.

Rosalie grinned against her boyfriend's chest. She could definitely get use to this. A rustling noise pulled her attention away from her boyfriend. She quickly sat up and glanced around.
"Did you hear that?" she wondered, grabbing her bra.

"No." he whispered, peppering kisses around her hand.

"Emmett, stop." She replied, clipping her bra back onto her body, "I hear something."

Emmett sat up and passed Rose her clothes. The young couple silently threw back on their clothes. He grabbed his gun and took the safety off of it. If someone was out there, they weren't going to last long if Emmett caught them.
"Stay in the car." He ordered, opening the back door.

Rosalie smiled to herself, before rolling her eyes. She grabbed her knife out of her purse and flipped it open. Her finger gently ran along the edge of the knife before hopping out of the car.
"I told you to stay." He asserted, slamming the door behind him, "If something or someone is out here, I don't want-"

"Me to get hurt?" she finished, twirling the knife around in her fingers.

"Yeah." He whispered, trapping her between his arms and the car, "I'm trying to protect you."

"Thanks but protect yourself." Rose remarked, rising to the tip of her toes to peck his lips, "I don't need it. I can take care of myself."

"You aren't bullet proof." Emmett mumbled into the kiss.

"I didn't say I was." She replied, pulling away, before flipping the knife closed.

"Just because you're a mob boss's child, doesn't mean a bullet won't kill you." Emmett asserted, snatching the knife out of her hand.

"The same goes for you." Rose declared, holding her hand out for her weapon of choice, "How about we protect each other?"

Rosalie took the kiss her boyfriend placed against her lips as a yes. He placed the knife securely back into her hands. Emmett took the lead as he entered the forest, holding out his gun. Rose followed behind him closely, gripping her knife tightly in her hand.
"You should never bring a knife to a gun fight." Emmett conversed, filling up the silence.

"That may be true, but not for me." Rose commented, twirling the knife in her hand, "By the time someone is able to pull a trigger, I would have already aimed and tossed the knife into their heart."

Emmett shrugged her shoulders and took Rose's word for it. He could believe it. The day they broke up, she was confident in her competence in knife combat. The rustling and rumbling noise came back.
"Who's there?!" Emmett shouted, brushing his finger over the trigger.

"Seriously Em?" Rose remarked, coming to a stop.

"What?!" he questioned, glancing back at her, before turning back forward, "Announce yourself! Where are you?!"

"Emmett, if I'm a predator, I'm not going to just shout who and where I am!" Rose affirmed, rolling her eyes as he shrugged his shoulders.

"You never know."

They continued further into the woods. She hated being out here, in all of this. Branches were scratching against her skin. Animals were howling and growling in the distance. Leaves were crunching under her feet.

Emmett grabbed onto his girlfriend's hand as a young man fell out of the bushes. He looked visibly upset. He looked scared. He looked evil. He looked like he was up to no good.
"Who are you?!" Rose shouted, holding her knife out.

"Oh, so now is the perfect opportunity to as who is he!"


Emmett shook his head at his girlfriend's logic. He leaned forward and gripped the man's arm. The young boy couldn't have been older than 20. Emmett pulled the boy to his feet and watched him brush the dirt off of his black outfit. As the man straightened himself, Rosalie kicked his gun as far away from his body. She knew he was up to no good. There was no reason he should have a gun, be dressed in all black and hiding behind a bush.
"I am Vladimir." He introduced in a thick Russian accent.

"Why were you watching us?" Rose wondered, as Emmett stared at the man with suspicious eyes.

"I…I wasn't." Vladimir responded, shaking his head quickly.

Vladimir didn't have a weapon. His gun was closer to the blonde. It was best to stay on their good side.
"Why were you creeping in the bushes?" Rose continued to question, approaching her boyfriend and the mysterious man slowly.

"I was hiding." He whispered, looking between Rose and Emmett.

"From who?" Emmett questioned, gripping his gun tighter.

"Her father." Vladimir answered, nodding his head in Rose's direction.

Her face immediately scrunched up. She didn't know this man. How did he know about her family? How did he know their location? Rose tucked her knife back into her pocket before flashing her eyes in Emmett's direction. He didn't take his eyes off of Vladimir for one second. Emmett moved over towards his girlfriend, while at the same time, aiming his weapon at Vladimir.
"How do you know who my father is?" Rose asked, crossing her arms, "Why are you hiding here of all places?"

"He killed my guard not too far from here." Vladimir answered, leaning against the tree grown out behind him.

"Why did he kill your guard?" Emmett wondered, since speechlessness took over his girlfriend.

"We broke into his warehouse." He answered, flashing his eyes from Emmett, and over to Rose.

This caught Rose's attention. Was that the reason her father had to leave? She glared daggers into Vladimir's eyes. He held his own eye contact and didn't even think to break it.
"Wait." Emmett interrupted, breaking their stare down, "Did you break into my dad's as well?"

"I didn't, by my father did."

Rose was taken aback. No torturing. No begging. He just offered up information after they only asked once.
"Why are you telling us all of this?" she questioned, not being able to contain her curiosity.

"Because we're a threat and all of you should know who you're messing with. It'll be only a matter of time before my family takes over both New York and New Jersey." He explained, tucking his hands into his jacket pocket.

"You're underestimating our families." Rosalie responded, approaching him, before feeling Emmett's hand wrap around her forearm.

"No. We know everything about your families." Vladimir asserted, watching Emmett pull his girlfriend away from him, "For instance, your families hate each other, but yet you two are sneaking around and hooking up."

Emmett released Rose's forearm and clenched his fists. Vladimir couldn't help but smile, as he noticed Emmett getting worked up. He loved pushing people's buttons.
"So you were watching us…" Emmett trailed off, unclenching his fists from around the gun.


"I suggest you leave before I kill you." Rose warned, pulling the knife back out of her pocket.

"I suggest you leave before your daddy gets here." Vladimir quipped, pulling Tony's cell phone out of his pocket, "He slipped his cell phone into my pocket. I managed to keep it there. He should be on his way."

A panicked expression crossed Rose's face. She couldn't get caught here, especially with Emmett. He would kill Emmett first and ask questions later.
"How did you know we would be here?" Emmett asked, using his free hand to rub calming circles into his girlfriend's back.

"I was assigned to watch you and your girlfriend." He explained, dropping Tony's cell phone onto the ground, "This isn't your first time sneaking around. I came here on a hunch that you both would be here."

"Emmett I have to go!" Rose exclaimed, pacing circles into the ground.

Vladimir smirked at the panicked couple. He eyed his gun resting on a pile of leaves. He was too far from it to make a move. He had to keep their minds off of him.
"Aw, did I cut your little date short?" he mocked, slowly moving towards his weapon.

"Get out of here." Emmett growled, focusing all of his attention on his girlfriend, "Babe, we got this. We won't get caught. I promise."

"Rosalie you better go." Vladimir taunted, reaching his foot out to bring his gun closer, "I'll give you a head start before I spill everything I know to Daddy Romano."

"You can't!" Rose pleaded, running her fingers through her blonde hair.

Vladimir's gun lay in front of him. The dark night camouflaged the gun from being seen by Emmett and Rosalie. He just needed a quick motion towards his weapon.
"I can, and I'll watch as he takes Emmett away from you permanently. It'll feel so good to watch as your girlfriend is ripped from your arms. Say Goodbye," Vladimir started, quickly diving to grab his gun, "to-"

A loud gun shot rang out. Smoke exited through Emmett's gun. Rose looked to Vladimir's fallen body and over to her boyfriend. This was bad. This was really bad. She left her boyfriend's side and rushed over to Vladimir's limp body.
"What did you do?" Rose breathed out, pressing two fingers against his wrist, "He's dead."

"He was going to shoot. He was going to tell." Emmett told himself, tucking his gun into his pocket, "I…I couldn't lose you."

Rosalie knew Emmett was right. Vladimir had to go. He was just a casualty. Rosalie paced circles around his body. This was not supposed to happen. She glanced down at Vladimir's face before quickly looking up to meet her boyfriend's eyes.
"He isn't some random man Emmett," Rose began, inhaling a sharp breath, "he's the child of a Russian mob boss. We're dead. We're so dead."

"No we're not." Emmett asserted, taking hold of her upper arms, "He isn't the only child of a mob boss. Our family will not let anything happen to us."

"Have you forgotten?" she questioned, squirming out of his arms, "I'm not supposed to be here, especially with you!"

Rose backed away from Emmett. She flipped her knife closed before tucking it back into her pocket. There could be no sign that she was here. She glanced down at Vladimir. Her father's phone lay resting beside him. He lay, dead, in his own blood. Emmett couldn't be caught with the body either. She had to make sure nothing happened to him.
"Em, grab his arms." Rose ordered, grabbing Vladimir's ankles, "We're going to dump the body."

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