The RAW opening started as usual with the theme and then Micheal Cole and Jerry 'The King' Lawler opening the show.

"I don't know about you King, but things are about to get personal now that Ivy is in the picture of AJ, CM Punk, and Daniel Bryan." Cole stated to King.

"Yeah, not only that Ivy had it made her personal goal to beat AJ at the Money in the Bank PPV." As King said this, the match card for Abigail's match with AJ appeared on the titantron screen.

"Yeah she said and I quote 'I will beat anyone who get's in my way.' We all know Ivy has a temper and it looks like she'll go on her way to keep her promise." Cole said.

AJ's theme began as she got out from backstage with a microphone in hand.

"Speaking of AJ." King said. "Here she comes."

In the FCW locker room, 2010

AJ and Abigail sat next to each other watching Monday Night RAW while eating ice cream. This was all AJ Lee's idea of getting this all set up because Abigail lost her match against Heath Slater. She was mad because she thought that she would have won the match, but AJ soon got her to calm her down and watch RAW with her. It was AJ's final days with the FCW and she was about to get a contract with WWE on Smackdown.

"You made us a promise...that you'll always be there...for the both of us."

AJ looked at her confused, but she smiled at her. "Yeah..." She turned her head back to the current match RAW had.

"Hey." Abigail once again had AJ's attention when she turned to her. Abigail grinned at her and said, "Got it memorized?"

"Hey, Abby!" John Cena broke her thoughts and caused her to look right at Cena himself. "You might want to hear this." John Cena pointed at the TV infront of him and Sheamus. Right now in the ring there is Daniel Bryan, AJ, and CM Punk.

"I'm so not going to miss this..." Abigail grinned and left the locker room. As she was in the hallway, she could hear the crowd making noise. It was getting louder and louder as she came close to getting into that arena then walking her way to the ring.

"You know AJ? CM Punk doesn't care about you! He only cares about one person and that is CM Punk. Just look at what he did to Ivy!" Daniel Bryan said and pointed at CM Punk

"First of all, Daniel. You don't know the first thing about me or how I really feel about AJ, so shut your mouth alright? Second of all, why don't you leave Ivy alone?" CM Punk gave one good glare at Daniel when he grinned at him.

"No I'm not going to leave Ivy alone because for once I feel bad for her that she has to go though this pain-"

'Black hearted evil? Brave hearted hero? I am all... I am all... I am all of me!'

"Cut my music!" Abigail said as her theme fading. "If anyone has shown more concern for a best friend it should be me!"

Abigail came from backstage with a microphone in hand. "AJ. I want you to know that...I'm not mad at you anymore."

AJ brought a small smile on her face. "That's great, Ivy." CM Punk however grew a confused face.

"Maybe what you said was true. Maybe I have to move on..." Her voice trailed off as what the WWE fans thought, but they saw the grin quickly grew on her face. "However, that doesn't change the fact that both of us are still facing each other in that Money in the Back PPV!" Abigail couldn't help, but see the little frown she just flashed. Her smile quickly returned like a coin a few seconds later.

As the WWE fans cheered for this, AJ said, "O-Of course."

"None the less, Daniel did you wake up this morning thinking that you were going to propose to my best friend and thinking that you were going to suck up to me?" Abigail asked Daniel Bryan.

"Yes and no!" Daniel's face showed that he was a little paniced and also showed Abigail that he was lieing. "All I'm trying to be a friend, Ivy! That's all."

"You are not my friend and never will be. Simple as that. I don't want your simpathy Bryan so cut the act already." Abigail angerly said.

Ring! Ring!

"That is the most annoying thing I heard tonight." Abigail randomly said as Micheal Cole stood up from the commentary table.

"May I have your attention please? I just recived an e-mail from the anonymous RAW GM!" Cole went on to the laptop and began saying what the laptop read.

"And I quote...'Surprise! I'm back and I'm in charge tonight! I enjoy this love fest that is going on a personaily I think Punk and AJ make a great couple! That is why I'm putting Punk and AJ in a mix tag team match against Daniel Bryan and Eve!'" After that being said from the GM out of Micheal Cole's mouth, Daniel Bryan paniced like if that was a bad idea.

"What? No! This can't happen! AJ and I should be partners!" Daniel yelled out.

"Oh what's the matter tough guy? Can't face the fact that CM Punk and AJ are tag team partners tonight?" Abigail grew a grin and was about to leave the ring when...

Ring! Ring!

"And I quote...'Oh and one more thing. The special guest referee is none other than the Rated R Daughter, Ivy. This will be done after another mixed tag team match. Dolph Ziggler, Vickie Guerrero, and David Otunga will take on Ivy, John Cena, and Kane!'"

By the sounds of the WWE fans cheering at that statement, they seemed to be happy about this. Abigail smiled and looked at everyone in the ring. "Things got a lot more interesting...Anyway, just don't worry I'll call it down the middle alright? And you..." Abigail pointed at CM Punk.

"Stay out of this. I think to safe to say and sorry if I sound like AJ, but I don't think Kane will try anything during my mixed tag team match." Although, Abigail wasn't so sure about that since she wasn't in good terms with Kane. It doesn't hurt or might hurt to find out, but she'll have John Cena at her side. He wasn't in good terms with Kane too.

CM Punk watched Abigail leave the ring as her theme hit in the arena. He wasn't going to promise anything, but he was going to keep a close eye out if Kane did anything that might harm Abigail.

"And their partner...the Rated R Daughter, Ivy!"

'Black hearted evil? Brave hearted hero? I am all... I am all... I am all of me!'

Abigail came from backstage and entered the ring with John Cena and Kane. Her 'Rated R Daughter' wrestling attire is now in a black, blue, and white scheme instead black, red, and white.

She pointed at Vickie and yelled out, "You get in this ring now!"

Of course, that wasn't happening. Vickie didn't want to enter the ring and instead Dolph Ziggler entered the ring. Abigail backed away when Kane wanted to face Dolph Ziggler. Abigail didn't agure about that nor did she want to and let Kane start the match against Dolph Ziggler. As the bell rang, John Cena and Abigail got behind the ropes.

As expected from Kane, he was laying out on Dolph Ziggler and giving him no chance of tagging in his partners. After a two close call pins from Kane, Dolph decided to try and tag in either Vickie or David Otunga. Dolph punched Kane then ran towards him, but it was a good thing that Kane caught him by the neck. When Kane was about to chokeslam him, Dolph kicked Kane's stomach and quickly tagged in Vickie.

By the looks on Vickie's face, she wasn't to happy about getting in the ring with Kane. She didn't have to worry about that, because Abigail jumped over the ring ropes ran towards Vickie and tackled her down. She began to punch Vickie repeatedly until the refeere told her to stop. Abigail backed away from Vickie, but before she would tag someone, Abigail would take Vickie's leg to pull her away from her partners. Next, she held Vickie into the Sharpshooter and held it there as long as she can.

Before Vickie was about to tap, Dolph Ziggler pushed Abigail away from Vickie. When he pushed her she fell out of the ring and her head landed hard on the ground first. Kane got in the ring and threw Dolph Ziggler out of the ring, then attacking Dolph so he would weaken him. This took plenty of time for Vickie to tag in David Otunga. With the only man behind the ropes, John Cena didn't need a tag and went right after Otunga.

"My head..." Abigail slowly got up with her head hurting like she got hit by a steel chair.

She touched her head and felt a bump there. Angered by this she turned to Dolph Ziggler, but her eyes quickly turned to the match just when John Cena lifted Otunga on shoulders. Once John Cena hit the AA on Otunga, he went for the pin.




The bell rang and the referee raised John Cena's wrist then walked towards Abigail to raise her wrist.

"The winners of this match...the team of Ivy, Kane, and John Cena!"

"Heh...We won anyway and nothing too bad happened." It was only a bump on her head and all she needed was a ice bag.

'Weeeelllll, its the Big Show!'

Abigail stopped in her tracks when she heard the Big Show's theme. He was walking his way to the ring where John Cena was, but after Big Show and Abigail glared at each other John Cena ran his way towards Big Show. He wasn't going to wait for the Big Show to come to the ring. As for Abigail, she made her way back to backstage, so she could make her way to the medical room to get an ice bag.

When she made it inside the medical room, she asked, "Hey Jack! You have a ice bag?"

Jack nodded at her and threw her an ice bag. She caught it and placed it on her head as she made it back to her locker room. Josh finally caught up with Abigail and yelled out, "Ivy!"

Abigail turned to her left side to see Josh with a camera man. "Hey Josh."

"Hey, Ivy! Can you tell me your comments on being the guest referee on the mixed tag team match at the main event tonight?" Josh asked Abigail.

"For one I'm going to feel like if I'm in someone else's shoes, Josh. Tonight, the mixed tag team match is in my hands and I pick who wins and who doesn't. Others might be thinking that this is my first time being the guest referee. That is true, but I did my homework on this one. I think I'll do a really good job on being the guest referee." Abigail grinned at Josh and walked her way to her locker room and went inside to get a little break before the main event.

Abigail was just streching before she got in the ring. She wore the same wrestling attire she had on in her match, but there was a simple referee shirt over her tight shirt. When she was done stretching, she spoted one person she didn't like at all.

"Great. What in the hell do you want?" Abigail asked harshly.

Daniel Bryan only smiled at her. "Hey, calm down. I just wanted to talk to you about AJ and CM Punk."

Abigail rolled her eyes. "I'll take it that you're trying to mess with my head, but I'll let you talk anyway."

Daniel shoke his head. "No! It's nothing like that! It's just that she almost got married to CM Punk. Doesn't that make you a little upset?"

Abigail looked away from him. "Like I said before I'm not angry at AJ anymore. I'm only concerned about AJ."

"Are you sure? It just seems to me that she might be using you just so you won't get angry at her. Of course, you don't have to take it from me. You are the kind of person that sees it to believe it." Daniel offered to shake hands, but Abigail didn't do anything or turn to him. Her back was facing Daniel Bryan.

"See ya at the match, Ivy." Daniel left Abigail to think about what he said.

She suddenly grinned when no one or Daniel was looking at her. There was something planing going on in the mind of Abigail and no one seemed to knew her plan as of tonight. "It's the only way of getting even..." Abigail said.

Who was she getting even at?

Daniel Bryan came out from backstage as he yelled out 'Yes! Yes! Yes!' over and over again. He was the one who has been trying to get to Abigail's good side more than AJ. Even so, he is still concerned about AJ's well being or just pretending to in Abigail's eyes.

'She looks good to me!'

The next one to come out from backstage is Eve. Possibly Abigail's main rival in the WWE and the one who turned on her, Zack, and John Cena. Since then, the two went their ways and never saw each other as friends again.

AJ's theme can be heard next when she made her way to the ring. AJ's 'best friend' and the one who kissed CM Punk on Smackdown. She was the one who calmed Abigail down and told her she 'needed' to move on.

'Look in my eyes what do you see? The cult of personality!'

The WWE champion himself made his way to the ring after yelling out 'It's clobbering time!' Even after that fight he and Abigail had, he still loved her. However, it looks like he'll soon to be ex-boyfriend. Or thats what he and the others thought...

'Black hearted evil? Brave hearted hero? I am all... I am all... I am all of me!'

Abigail came out from backstage and the last one to do so, because of her being the guest referee of tonight's main event. When she made to the ring, she pointed at the bell keeper and he rang the bell for the match to start. The match started with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

The Rated R Daughter watched the match very carefully. She had to count a few close pins in the match and when AJ tagged herself in CM Punk looked at her and said, "I hope you know what you're doing."

She just smiled at him as she entered the ring with Eve. The two started brawling in the ring and trying to give as much damage to each other as possible. When Eve was throwing punches at her and AJ couldn't even defend herself, Abigail pulled Eve of of AJ. When she told her to stop punching her and she didn't, she pushed her away from AJ.

"What was that for?" Eve yelled at Abigail.

"For not listening to me! I told you to stop!" Abigail yelled at her.

"Pft. You can't tell me what to do." Eve went passed Abigail, but when she did Abigail punched her in the face and let AJ get the roll up.




"The winners of this match AJ and the WWE Champion CM Punk!"

Abigail raised both AJ and CM Punk's wrist in victory. She hugged AJ and said, "Congrats."

She nodded at turned to CM Punk and hugged him.


The boos shot out quickly towards Daniel Bryan. "AJ! You mean more to me than some WWE Championship match!" Daniel Bryan touched her face. "Look, why don't we get married right now?"

Abigail sat on top of the turnbuckle and waiting for the right moment to finish her plan.

As Daniel Bryan waited for AJ to come with him to get married, CM Punk was sick of Daniel trying to use AJ. So he grabbed a microphone and said, "AJ. I'm going to try to use you and lie to you to win the match at Money in the Bank. Daniel says he wants to marry you, but not for you! He wants to use you, so he could win the WWE Championship!"

AJ looked right at Daniel who was still waiting behind the ropes for her.

"I'm going to lay it on the line here. I don't care if what I'm about to say cost me the WWE Championship. I'm not going to marry you. If me saying that is not the answer you are looking for then I'm sorry. I," He paused and pointed at Abigail. "I love her and that doesn't mean that I don't care about you, AJ. I do and at least I care enough to not lie to you and tell the truth."

Abigail suddenly felt a bit bad, but noticed that AJ was about to cry when suddenly she slapped CM Punk. There was a bit of surprise on Abigail's face, but when she saw Daniel laughing at the sight, AJ was smiling at him. She would walk towards him and slap him as well.

Her angry expretion turned into a crazy smile and laughed at the two, chanting 'Yes!' over and over again. When AJ got to her third 'Yes' in the ring, Abigail got off of the turnbuckle and quickly kicked AJ's stomach. Next, she hit the Killswitch on her and stood there at she layed on the mat in pain.

"I'm the second best at what I do!" Abigail yelled at AJ. "And what I do second best? Well that's mind games! Another book out from my dad!"

After getting the quote out of X-23, Abigail chanted 'Yes' over and over again. This was directed towards Daniel Bryan and AJ. Once she was done with the 'Yes' chants, her theme hit and left the ring.

Both Daniel Bryan and CM Punk looked a bit shocked, but Daniel was the one who was angry at her. CM Punk ran out of the ring and towards backstage to catch up with Abigail.


Abigail turned back to see CM Punk runing towards her. "Look...there's something I wanted to tell you." Before would say more, Abigail held out her hand.

"Can I tell you something first?" She asked. CM Punk nodded and let her talk first. "I think we need a break..."

CM Punk just took a few seconds to stare at her. "Really? It's funny, because I was going to say the same thing."

"Oh wow..." Abigail now didn't have to fell awkward. "Seriously, I think we do need a break...but how long?"

CM Punk smiled at her. "As much as we need until things are patched up. I'm sorry for kissing AJ, by the way."

Abigail shoke her head. "It's fine...I just so angry that I didn't even what to hear what you have to say..."

"And I don't blame you." CM Punk simply hugged her and stated, "It's my fault alright? So don't you fell bad about any of this."

Abigail hugged CM Punk back and kissed his check. She lets go of him and says proudly, "I'm going to beat AJ! No matter what!" Abigail's confidence came back and ready for Money in the Bank to face AJ.