Chapter 1

I was at home alone. My brother, Jake was with a friend. My mom was visiting the mayor. Dad was at the bakery. I was glad I was alone. I had the house to myself and I could do whatever I wanted to do. My name is Jasmine Hope Mellark, I live in District 12. Everyone knows me because my parents are the famous victors of the Hunger Games and won the rebellion that ended the Hunger Games. I'm glad they ended most of the bad in the world but of course someone is there to ruin it.

If you guessed by now I am talking about Gale. Ever since the war ended Gale moved to District 2 then when I was born he moved back to District 12. You would think he changed and moved on but of course he didn't.

When I was 1 years old he tried to convince my mom to run away with him but, my mom would not go with him. She told him to move on but, he never did. I've seen Gale when I was 7 I didn't like him at all. I could tell he was full of hatred and I would never like that.

Since I was home by myself, I decided to text my best friend Lexi.

Heyy Lexi! Whats up?

I'm being bored as usual.

Well I'm by myself for like 2 hours you should come over. :)

Great! I'm coming over right now.

Yay! See you soon!


Sorry if its soo short. THis is just the beginning of it. :)