So its official. I have two last events to do. The uneven bars and the balance beam. The coaches have us train everyday for these events. Tomorrow is the big day for is the uneven bars and the balance beam.I can't wait too see if I can get a gold medal.

Tiffany is going to do the vault, which she is best at. That girl can go high on the vault. Alicia has the floor exercise.

I've been nervous all day. Mom, Dad, Jake, Lexi, Jamie, Syrus, Annie, and Johanna is going to be here tomorrow. The more I think about the event the more nervous I get. I haven't felt so nervous since the day I fell off the uneven bars.

"I hope that you win today" Tiffany says

"Thanks, I'm just really nervous" I say

"Don't be nervous, just think of this as a regular gym competition" She suggests

"I guess I might have to think like that"

Our hotel phone rings. I quickly rush over to it and answer it.

"Hello?" I ask

"Hey Jazz" His voice says

"Syrus?" I ask

"The one and only!"

"Oh my gosh, I've missed you!" I exclaim

"I've missed you too. I'm going to be there tomorrow and watch you perform" He says

"I know my mom told me. I haven't been able to go out because we've been training for hours and hours" I say dramatically

"Don't worry it will all be over soon"

"I know"

We talk on the phone for an hour before coach tells us thats its curfew. I have to wake up early to get some practice in before the event happens.

"Its time, Jasmine" Coach says

"Ok" I say

I stretch out my legs while waiting for the announcer to call my name. I look at the crowed, looking for my family. I spot them sitting in the middle. They see me and smile and wave. Next I look for my team, they are sitting up front. I look at the crowd one more time but I recognize someone there. Melissa. She catches my eye and she gives me a little smile. I return it then turn around.

"Next up is Jasmine Mellark on the balance beam" The announcer says

I walk up to the beam. I put my hands on it and lift myself on there. I start doing the routine, I've been practicing everyday. Coach told me not to worry about the balance beam because its really easy for me too do and I never fall. I do my front flips, my leaps, my twirls, anything. Soon I hear the buzzer ring. I stand at the edge and do a back hand spring and land perfectly on my feet. I wave at the crowd and go over to my coach.

"Good job, One more event" She says

I nod and grab a bottle of water. I look up on the scoreboard and see that I have a score of 16.022. I might have won a silver medal this really good but I know its not my best.

I make my way too where the uneven bars are at and wait for my turn. I turn and look for my family one more time and I see Syrus mouth I love you too me. I mouth it back too him. Soon they call me up to the bars. I slowly walk over to them and get ready to do my performance.

I use the springboard to jump to the high bar. I start off by Pushing my self up so I can circle around the bar two times. I then jump too the next bar then quickly jump back to the higher one. I do what I normally do Its almost time for me too end it but I risk doing one more thing. I want to let go when I'm at my highest point on the bar. I know coach is going to be surprised and maybe a little angry but I really want too show one more move because I don't think this routine is complete.

I let go at my highest and grab ahold of the bar again and circle it once more to land. I land almost perfectly but I don't think anyone noticed really. I wave at the crowd one last time and quickly walk to the side.

"Great job kid. I think you beat them all!" She says

I raise my eyebrows. I thought she would be mad that I added one more move to the routine. And I'm also surprised, I didn't really think that was my best performance. All I have too do is wait.

I wait anxiously looking at the scoreboard waiting for the judges to announce the scores. Finally the scoreboard lights up and everyone looks at it.

1st- Jasmine Mellark 16.126
2nd- Christy Alveraz 16.125
Monet 16.034

I won by one point! I'm still trying to make sure I won. I can hear my family screaming with joy. I see my gymnast team cheering for me. And one of the greatest things I saw was Melissa looking straight at me and clapping and smiling a little. I smile right back at her. I'm glad she is getting friendlier because I'm tired of fighting with people. Its time too move on.

I then look at the crowd and smile.

I did it.

Ok. I finally updated again. I think this should be the last Olympic chapter. Hopefully I'll update next week because I have a few other stories too update. I should be updating even more than I have before. So hopefully I'll see you guys soon! :)