"What about her?, what's her name?", A man with long brown hair asked an orphanage owner. "Who?, you mean the cat girl?", he said reffering to a girl with brown eyes which are slightly cat slited. "That's Katherine, her surname is unknown but ain't matter if she gets adopted, she was left behind on the hospital in the Warren when born, never had a family...friends, hard life for the girl", the owner said to the 'future-adopter' of the cat girl. "What's she like, what does she do daily?", he asked, "Well Mr. White, she's an artist, singer, guitarist, took a big interest in pro MMA fighting and SwordsPlay...not the best in school though", the owner replied to 'Mr. White'.

Mr. White took a look at Katherine who was sitting on the staircase sketching into her sketchpad, she wore a baggy, long, dark-greyish sweatshirt, baggy, black jeans along with black fingerless leather gloves. Her hair was layered, medium-long black hair, and her brown, cat-slit eyes were surrounded by black eyeliner which gives her eyes that realistic sense, similar to a cat's. Mr. White aproached the girl, who stiffened a little to having someone chosing her for adoption, "Hello there, My name's Leon White, I'm twenty, how old are you Katherine?", he spoke in a calm warming voice, "Eight-teen", Katherine whispered, trying to focus herself into her sketch but instead she gazed at what she was drawing and at Leon every second. "Perhaps we can be, ya know, brother and sister, what do you think", Leon said, sitting next to Katherine who brought her sketchpad to her embrace and stared at Leon, "Sounds...comforting", she responded in that still silent whisper.

"Well do you want to get out of this place?", Leon asked staring into her eyes, at least now he knows why they call her a cat girl, "Is that suppose to be a trick question?, this place isn't a walk in the beach ya know", Katherine answered a small smile finding their way into her face and her volume grew more fond to his company. Leon gave a small laugh, "Well that may be true, so it's settled?", Katherine sat for a second looking down at her feet for awhile then stood and walked up the stairs, with a toothy smile on her face. "I saw the smile she has Mr. White, that's her yes to your question", the owner said, "Come for her papers".

As Leon signed Katherine's papers, she was packing up, "So you already found a home, huh Kat?", a small girl said, hugging her legs and resting her head on her knees in the corner of her bed. "Seems so lil' doggy", Katherine said walking towards the girl, ruffling her hair, "Can I see the person who's going to take you as family?", the small girl asked, "Okay, c'mon", Katherine said, as both girls headed to the lobby down the stairs. Well who's this little girl with you?, Katherine White", Leon said and singing her name out, "Oh, this is Elizabeth", Katherine replied, a little excited on finally having a surname since FOREVER, "Hello Elizabeth, how old are you?", Leon asked looking at Elizabeth's eyes, "I'm twelve", she answered, not as shy as Katherine was at first. "Elizabeth, me and Katherine are now brother and sister ya'know?".

"Katherine must like to have someone to call a brother", Elizabeth smiled looking at Katherine who blushed a little," Now Elizabeth, I'm going to ask you something", Leon said staring down to her, "Yes?", Leon walked into the office talking to the owner about something and came out with a folder, "How would you Elizabeth, like to come home, with me and Katherine?", he asked with a smile, knowing Elizabeth's answer to well, "Will I ever say no to that?, yes", Elizabeth hopped up and down. "Then welcome to the family, Elizabeth", Leon chuckled and left to fill Elizabeth's papers up as well.


"Woah, you live all the way in the Historic District", Elizabeth mused as Kat lip sinked a song on the radio, "Yup, long way from where I found you girls", Leon responded. "Hey Leo, we almost there?", Kat asked as she moved to the music. "When she grows fund to people she gives them nicknames and gets really outgoing", Elizabeth whispered to Leon who nudded understandably.

"Well here we are, oh and Katherine, if you need someone to hang with, just go and ask my neighbor next door", Leon said as he parked his car next to his small, suitable house, "Uhh, alright", Katherine responded with a shrug. "Oh hey Leon, who did you adopt?", a girl asked, must be the neighbor he reffered to, "Ah, Emily, this is Elizabeth, and Katherine", Leon introduced them both to this, 'Emily'...Elizabeth again wasn't shy but Kat was enough emberrassed that she walked inside her new home with Elizabeth's and her suitcases all on one time.

"Well, she seemed...uncomfortable...and strong", Emily said amazed on Katherine's behavior and carrying six whole cases of luggage, "She spends alot of time building herself up in shape", Elizabeth replied. "I see...", Leon responded, "Also she gets REALLY shy when she comes close to befriending someone...especially with girls", Elizabeth finished. "Now I understand", Emily responded.


"It took you a while to get used to being around me Kat, and happy birthday", Emily responded two months after being adopted, "Yeah well, thank you", Kat mumbled in emberrassment. "Hey Emily, you don't mind going to the store and get some things while me and Elizabeth clean up right?", Leon whispered to her as Katherine went out the door," Wouldn't mind at all Leon", Emily said as she took the grocery list and headed out the door.

"Hey Kat I'm going to the store, call me if you need anything okay birthday girl", Emily teased as she left with a reply of 'Yeah,Yeah'. "You're fun Kat, I'll be back soon", she giggled, "Hey, mind if you bring an apple, Emi?", Kat yelled, "Sure, I'll bring you one", Emily yelled back as she walked off.


'It's been two hours, where is Emi?', Kat thought as she sat at the edge of the sidewalk. "What the hell?...", Kat heard a male voice in the middle of the street, a bike carrier who opened a package, revealing a strange sphere. 'What is that?', she questioned herself.

Until all of a sudden...things went black.