I've decided to post this story separately from what was being posted in The Saturday Chronicles, just so people don't have to go searching for it in there. Anyways, this is a "what-if" fanfic about what would happen if Argost knew that stealing Zak's powers would react horribly with his own powers from the alternate dimension. Please, enjoy!

Argost led Zak through the heavy doors before they slid shut behind them. It practically killed Zak to leave behind his protesting family, especially his mother. However, with Van Rook dead and the lives of millions, if not billions of others at stake, Zak decided it was time to end the War of the Cryptids.

"My dear boy, why don't you tell me what you think my plan is? Humor me," Argost said as he led the way down a flight of stairs.

Zak thought about everything he knew about Argost. "I think you want my Kur powers to yourself. Then there would be only one Kur."

Argost laughed, "Oh no, that's not my plan at all. Although I must admit, I did consider that plan for the longest time. With only one Kur, I would have no opposition you know. However, my powers are from Zak Monday, as you call him. My powers are of a different dimension than yours. Not only that, but they are your anti-powers. Therefore, they do not mix."

Just what was Argost up to, then? Zak hoped that he wouldn't have known about the chaos and destruction matter and anti-matter caused when in each other's presence. If he knew about that, then what would Argost do?

"Be patient, young Kur. All will be revealed soon enough," Argost said. He led Zak into a stone chamber that contained nothing but a couple statues on the far end of the wall. He stopped in the middle of the room and turned to Zak. "Tell me, boy. What do you want most right now?"

Zak answered without hesitation, "I want this war to end."

"I can stop it for you."

That struck Zak speechless. He stared at his nemesis, the one who had started the entire war. Now, here he was, saying he could stop all of the fighting. After several long moments, Zak asked, "What's the catch?"

"What? I can't do something nice for you?" Argost teased.

Zak had finally reached the end of his patience. Van Rook was dead because of this monster and countless others possibly had lost their lives as well. "I'm tired of this nonsense, Argost! I know as well as you do that this war isn't going to end just because you said it will!"

"I can end your war."

Zak stopped in his tracks. He stared at the Yeti and said, "You're planning on killing me?"

"I've been trying to kill you even before I knew you were Kur. You reacted like this is something new," Argost sighed, as if Zak's impending death was nothing but just an obstacle to overcome. "However, I have come to believe that killing you would not be in my best interest, so you have earned yourself a reprieve. For now, anyways."

Zak wasn't sure if this information was a relief or just something more to worry about. "Then just what are you planning, Argost?"

"All will be revealed as soon as we get to my lab. I have a gift waiting for you there."

It took all of Zak's willpower not to run back up the steps to his parents. Argost was a madman, and he was admittedly terrified of him. He wanted nothing more than to run into the outstretched arms of his mother and listen to his father's reassurances that everything would be okay in the end. However, this was war and everything would be okay in the end for only one side. Zak could only hope and pray that the okay side would be his own.

Argost led Zak through a hidden door between a pair of statues. The two traveled down a dimly lit hallway before entering another room. Argost's lab would definitely be a sight to see if Zak wasn't so fearful of what was to come. Machines and gadgets were everywhere around the lab. Zak couldn't be sure what most of them did. A large screen took up one wall of the lab. It currently displayed a map of the world with glowing red circles on cryptid battle hotspots. The room was dimly lit like the hallway.

"You'll have to excuse the lighting. I prefer to work without light glaring into my face," Argost said. He led Zak over to a metal stand towards the back of the lab. "Here's something I've been working on that I think you'll be quite familiar with.

A reinforced dome encased a neural parasite. Zak noticed that there was something different, though. It was smaller and now flesh-colored. The wings and tail were much smaller than before. "I've been working on this for a while now," Argost started. "I've been designing it specifically for today."

"What are you going to do with it?" Zak asked tentatively, fearing he knew the answer.

Argost removed the dome and used one hand to place the parasite into the other. "You're telling me you haven't figured it out yet? I had hoped my lessons didn't just teach you about cryptids."

Zak turned on the spot and tried to run for the door. His escape plan proved to be short-lived as Argost reached out and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. "I can't wait to see your family struggle to get this parasite off of you. They will be mortified when they discover only I know how to remove it."

Struggling, twisting, and turning all were futile attempts against Argost's vice-like grip. That didn't stop Zak from trying, though. He pulled against Argost's strength, but he soon felt the Yeti's furry hand at the nape of his neck. The parasite latched onto Zak's skin and firmly planted itself in place. Zak's struggling slowly weakened as his thoughts blurred. Eventually, the world around him faded to black.

I hope I don't get in trouble for double-posting this, but I felt it needed to be separate from the Saturday Chronicles, as I've said. Thank you all for reading and don't forget to review!