Cherubi's Sexy Suspender Striptease

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: This was done as a birthday present for a friend. Or something. This will likely be an in joke that only very few people would understand.

Space Ghost tapped his blue card on his yellow desk, staring at the camera directly. He smiled as she cleared his throat.

"Hello! Welcome to the show that nobody cares about! I'm Space Ghost, the guy no one cares about!" SPace Ghost introduced as he pointed to the chair to his left. "Joining me on the show tonight is some Pokemon that no one cares about. Please welcome, Cherubi!"

Cherubi giggled as she sat in the orange chair in front of Space Ghost. "Golly, it sure is swell being here with you, Mr. Tad Ghostal!"

Space Ghost blinked. "Tell me, Mrs..."

"Oh, I'm single," Cherubi replied with a cute squeaky giggle.

Space Ghost tapped his card several times. "Ms. Cherubi. Tell me, what's your purpose in the Pokemon world?"

Cherubi gasped as she took a moment to thought. "Well, as a fruit, I help give nutrition to the wonderful plants! I also make the world a better and brighter place! I make things blossom with joy!"

Space Ghost laughed as he turned to the camera. "You know what makes me blossom with joy, Cherubi?"

Cherubi tilted her head sideways. "What, Space Ghost?"

"Blasting Zorak!" Space Ghost exclaimed as he then fired his destructo ray at Zorak, blasting him into smithereens. He laughed, turning back to Cherubi. "Nothing makes me feel better than blowing up an evil mantis. Locust. Bug." He turned to the camera again. "It works perfectly if you're stuck for an ending."

Moltar shook his head. "You idiot. We're not even halfway through."

"Oh, but we are, Moltar." Space Ghost commented as he kept tapping his blue card. He looked at Cherubi. "So, what type are you?"

Cherubi raised her awareness, picking herself up. "I'm a grass type! We're pretty well situated in battles!"

"Grass type." Space Ghost repeated as he started writing on his blue card. "Grass type..."

Cherubi bopped back and forth. "Do you have any Pokemon, Space Ghost?"

Space Ghost looked back up at Cherubi. "Well, I did have a Carnivine." He then looked back down, still writing on his card. "But it tried eating me, so I blasted it.

Cherubi blinked. "That must be... um... terrible."

"It was awful. My first and only Pokemon, and he tried to eat me." Space Ghost said as he frowned, shaking his head. "I get depressed thinking about it. In fact, I think I'll blast Zorak again to make me feel better." He then blasted Zorak again, burning him to a crisp.

Cherubi gasped as she started bouncing up and down. "Golly gee, you must be fond of that destructo ray of yours!"

Space Ghost chuckled as he turned to Cherubi. "And you're pretty cherry for a grass type, might I reply!"

Both Space Ghost and Cherubi laughed as Moltar groaned, overhearing the pun Space Ghost made.

"Well, that's all the time we have for tonight, Cherubi," Space Ghost said as he patted Cherubi on the head. "We'll see you next time on the Ghost Planet!"

Cherubi squealed with joy. "Oh, thank you Mr. Space Ghost! It was an honor!" She giggled with glee as she bounced off the set.

Space Ghost turned to Moltar, having watched Cherubi leave the set. "Moltar, which special Pokemon guest do we have next?"

Moltar shifted the channels my pushing the lever down. "Let's see. We got a garbage bag Pokemon all ready to go."

Space Ghost gasped with joy. "A Trubbish! That would increase the ratings!" He turned to Zorak, who was in ashes. "You better not go and play with him when we have him on the set."

Zorak coughed as he shook his head. "Oh don't worry. I'll play nice... heh heh heh heh heh..." He coughed as he blinked twice.

THE END... for now...