1 Title: Spike's Choice

Author: Mrs Muir and Slayers Gift

Summary: This is the sequel to "An Argument in a Bathroom". It is now two years later and Spike comes back to Sunnydale with the upper hand. Will he use it for good or will he use to exact revenge on those that hurt him?

Rating: R for right now

Spoilers: Set after Season 6

Disclaimer: We own nothing it all belongs to the great and powerful Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

***************************************************************** *******

Chapter One: Changes

Buffy heard voices from outside and went to look out her bedroom window. She smiled when she saw that the voices belonged to Xander, Anya and Willow. She went back to the mirror to make sure she looked okay. As she stared at her reflection she realized that it had been two years today. Two years since Spike had left. After their argument in the bathroom he had simply vanished. Even Clem hadn't heard from him in all this time.

So much had changed since those days. Since the year they had brought her back. The year they had fallen apart on their way to growing up.

Today was Dawn's graduation day. That was why everybody was assembling here today. So, they could all go as a family to the ceremony. And they were family. The bonds forged in the aftermath of Willow's fall into madness and Tara's death. They had come together stronger than ever. But for Dawn and her there was an empty spot where Spike should have been.

After much talking and fighting Xander and Anya realized they were meant to be together. They had slipped away to Las Vegas last March and gotten married.

Willow was still mourning Tara but had slowly started to rebuild her life. She had spent time in a rehabilitation clinic getting her self back together. But she had come back healthy and emotionally stronger. She had gone back to college and graduated at the top of her class. Now she was teaching a computer class at the high school.

"Buffy, everybody's here are you ready?" Dawn was standing in the doorway looking at her expectantly.

Buffy looked over at her and nodded yes. Then walking over to her sister she reached out to pull her into a hug.

"You look beautiful and all grown up." She told her.

Her little sister had been her saving grace for all this time. Buffy had kept her word and poured her heart into raising Dawn. She had quit the Double Meat and taken a job in the school office so they could have the same schedule. Dawn now patrolled alongside Buffy and was really good at it. She had grown to be a beautiful and competent young woman.

Buffy pulled back when she realized she had been hugging her a little too long.

"You okay?" Dawn questioned her.

"Yeah I'm fine. Just thinking about all the changes in the last couple of years." Buffy smiled at her and took her hand.

Dawn hesitated making Buffy turn back to her.

"Still missing him?" She asked.

Buffy looked into her eyes startled at her sister's perception. Then she quickly looked away from Dawn's prying eyes.

"It's over and done with. Come on, we have guests and you have a graduation to get to!" Buffy announced pulling Dawn with her down the hall.

Once they got downstairs Dawn was quickly engulfed in hugs and well wishes from everybody. The only person missing from the celebration was Giles. He hadn't been able to attend because Olivia was due to give birth to their baby any day. But he had sent Dawn a present. It was a sword that he had custom made just for her. Her initials were encrusted on the handle with her birthstone.

"Well, Dawnie, you ready to greet the real world and be grownups like us?" Xander asked with a grin.

"Like you guys are grownups!" Dawn joked back.

"Well I don't know about anybody else but I feel really damn old." Willow stated.

"You are not old," Dawn replied hugging her surrogate sister.

"No you're not old. Because you're the same age as Buffy and Xander and if you're old then they're old and I just don't think that 23 is old. Not when you have been around for over 1200 years like me." Anya prattled.

The group smiled fondly at the ex-vengeance demon. That was one thing that hadn't changed was Anya's speeches. But no one thought of them as annoying or stupid anymore. They were something they could count on and know that it was a part of them.

Xander reached out and put an arm around his wife. They exchanged one of those married couple secret looks. The others looked away and Willow started to ask Dawn about the ceremony when there was a knock on the door.

"That must be the limo driver." Buffy remarked as she went to open the door.

"Oh my God, you got a limo! Oh my God Buffy I don't believe it" Dawn squealed.

Buffy opened the door for the driver and turned to the others.

"Let's go everybody." Buffy turned to reach for her coat but was stopped by Dawn excitedly hugging her. "It's your special day and you deserve to be treated special." Buffy whispered to her sister.

"You gotta hand one to the Buffster she definitely knows how to celebrate!" Xander complimented Buffy.

"Yeah really, she's our party girl with style!" Willow agreed.

Buffy smiled indulgently at her friends as they all climbed into the white car. She wasn't a party girl by any means but celebration she knew. Each moment of life was special and things like Dawn's graduation had to be celebrated fully! You never got a second chance and if you didn't grab it and savor it, it would be gone.

To Be Continued