Title: Spike's Choice

Author: Mrs Muir and Slayer's Gift Disclaimer: We own nothing it all belongs to the great and powerful Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Summary: This is a sequel to 'An Argument in a Bathroom'. It is now two years later and Spike has the upper hand. Will he use it for good or to exact revenge on those that hurt him? Rating: R Spoilers: Through season 6

Chapter 11 - His Choice

Buffy lay on the floor sobbing. The familiar pain wrapped around her like an old friend. Somehow she just wasn't enough for any man to want to stay. Spike said he loved her but he didn't stay.

She slowly made her way to her feet. This wasn't the first time she had been left but it would be the last. She wiped the tears from her face and resolved herself not to cry anymore. She was not going to be pitied by her friend's because she had another collision on her highway of love. When they asked her what had gone wrong she would stoically tell them that Spike loved her but she couldn't accept it. As the thought went through her mind she realized that was exactly what the problem was. Spike LOVED her. Buffy. He had always loved her and always would. She just had to be happy about it.

"You are such an idiot sometimes!" She said aloud as she smacked herself on the forehead. She quickly locked up the house and took off at a run to find Spike. After running a couple of blocks she spotted him ahead of her.

"Spike! Spike, stop!" She yelled but he kept walking. She didn't know if it was because he didn't hear her or didn't want to stop. But this time she wasn't letting him get away. She hollered louder at him to stop. She started running faster toward him. Finally he stopped but he didn't turn around.

Spike stood still as she caught up to him and came around so that she was facing him. He didn't say a word just stood looking at her. Buffy reached a hand up to caress his cheek. He had been crying.

"I'm sorry Spike." She told him gently.

"Yeah, you said that already." He tried to walk around her but she put her hands on his arms to stop him.

"Please listen to me."

Sighing he looked down at her then looked away from her pleading face. Why was she making it so hard on him?

"Spike, I love you. I've always loved you but I was too stupid to admit it. And I know that you love me. Please don't leave!" She took her hands from his arms to hold his face making him look down at her.

"And just how do you know that I love you?" He had to be sure. She still didn't look too happy about all this.

Buffy hesitated trying to find the exact words to make him believe. When she hesitated he snorted and tried to walk away again.

"Damn it, Spike. Give me a chance. Just hear me out then walk away." Buffy demanded blocking his way. Her hands positioned on her hips.

"What Buffy? You can't even come up with one thing that shows that I love you!" He was tired of playing and just wanted to be alone. Once again he started to walk away.

"Because there aren't any buts in your eyes." She didn't know where that came from but she was glad it did. It made him stop and turn around.

"Excuse me?"

"Because when you look at me there aren't any buts in your eyes." Now that it was there she realized with relief that this was not only her proof he loved her but one of the reasons she loved him. "I don't have to be anything but be who I am and you love me." She continued. "With my Dad he loved me as long as I was a good little girl. Angel loved me as long as I was the Slayer and not a girl with dreams of a prince. Riley loved me as long as I was the young girl with dreams and not the Slayer."

As the tears ran down her face she stepped toward Spike again. Looking up at him she reached out and put his hands on her hips.

"You, Spike, you love me as the Slayer, as a girl with dreams, weak or strong, you love me. You even love me when I am a depressed mess and push you away." She wrapped her arms around his neck and started to pull him down toward her. "Stay with me."

Spike looked down at her and resisted her efforts to kiss him. She was saying all the right words but there was still the tears. He wanted her to be happy but maybe it would come in time. He pulled her arms down and stepped back. Knowing that she was feeling rejected he reached out to run his fingers through her hair. He knew that she waiting for him to decide. For his choice. To stay with her or to leave. Hoping he wasn't making a mistake he told her that he would stay. That they would try to make it work.

Then his dreams came true. She smiled slowly. It quickly turned into a grin that transformed her face. Her eyes lit up with the power of her joy. Then he couldn't believe it she was quivering from her toes to her head. He reached out a hand to make sure his eyes were right. Her whole being was full of the happiness and love she felt.

He melted and pulled her into a kiss. The Slayer and Vampire met in a kiss that joined their hearts and souls. She moved closer then took a jump, wrapping her legs around him in an effort to be closer. They were so lost in each other they didn't notice the car pulling up beside them and were startled as a voice told them to get a room. Spike looked at the kids and started to say something as they drove away. But his thoughts were interrupted as Buffy laughed at them. She turned his face back toward her and kissed him quickly. Then she let go falling back into the air her legs still around Spike. But she knew she wouldn't fall. Spike would catch her and he always would.