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The first three times he only looks.

He's long stopped analyzing the situation, and searching for an explanation. It doesn't make a shred of sense, and it makes his head hurt. So he simply sneaks inside her bedroom window and watches without question. He'd like to say her sleep is peaceful, her heart is steady, and her breathing even. But her breathing is ragged, her heart is pounding, and her sleep is anything, but peaceful.

He watches her toss and turn endlessly, with a deep frown about his features and a furious tick in his jaw.

"Jeremy, how could you?" he hears her whisper the second night he's there. Only confirming the reason for her troubled sleep, which he's known all along.

Why is he here? Why does he care?

The fourth time his eyes get an accomplice...his hands betray him.

Her soft caramel body glistens with a thin layer of sweat, as she clenches into a fetal position.

"Grams, no! Don't leave me again! Don't leave me..." her closed eyelids work furiously, as her head lulls slowly, from side to side, fighting to exit the nightmare.

He's supposed to be watching her best friend, making sure she stays out of trouble, and doesn't get hurt. Why is he back here, watching her instead? For the fourth time in a row?

"But, Jeremy...I love you." she shivers in her sleep, and he breaks away from his tumultuous thinking to slowly move and retrieve the sheet she's long ago kicked from her form.

He gently covers her, the view of short shorts and a tank top, swiftly being replaced by a white cottony sheet, as she immediately calms slightly.


He nearly darts out of her window at the soft whisper, but thankfully her slumberous sigh lets him know she's still asleep. So instead of leaping, he smiles.

She'd spoken to him. Even if it was in her sleep.

It's been so long since they've spoken...

He doesn't even realize he's touching her cheek, until she leans slightly into his palm and he feels her soft sigh against his skins.

He's out of her window faster than a speeding bullet.

He's got to stop. Whatever he's doing. It's got to stop.

It doesn't stop.

The fifth night his hands develop minds of their own.

His fingers caress her cheek, her nose, her eyelids, her lips.

And before he knows it, his lips are pressed to her forehead, kissing her gently.

What the HECK is going on?

He hears her heartbeat skip, and take off, and he takes off. Forgetting to close her window.


The next day he hears from his brother, who heard from her best friend, that she thinks someone has been sneaking into her house...

It's a warning sign if there ever was one. He needs to stop.

He can't stop.

The sixth night he loses his damn mind.

He goes in with the mentality merely to watch her. But she's clearly too much to resist. Bonnie Bennett is too much to resist...

First he's caressing her cheeks...then he's caressing her lips...then her arms...her creamy legs...

She whimpers softly at his ministrations.


"I don't know." he finds himself whispering, though it's a tossup whether she'll comprehend or not.

"I just need to." he bends to kiss her forehead. Playing with fire.

When she doesn't wake, he moves his lips down to her nose. He kisses her cheeks, and then hovers above her lips, licking his own with barely restrained desire.

What's going on? Why is he doing this? What's going on? Why isn't she waking?

His eyes suddenly zero in on the closed bottle of sleeping pills atop her bedside table, and the empty glass beside it.

Before he knows it, he's on top of her. And it's wrong. SO wrong. But the ripper inside of him doesn't care, as he leans forward and captures her full lips into his own.

It amazes him when she kisses him back, soft lips meeting his for every searing kiss he claims her with.

"Mmm Jeremy..." she whimpers, and his heart breaks for her, just as fiercely as his fists clench with anger.

"Jeremy?" the monster inside of him roars out, as he forces his tongue into her mouth, and kisses her possessively.

His lips vengefully move down to her neck and kiss her wildly, nipping, biting, and heartily suctioning her supple skin.

"I'm not FUCKING Jeremy." he sucks her neck particularly long and hard this time, as she moans femininely and rakes her fingers through his hair.

"Then who are you?"

Bonnie's sudden question has the vampire breaking away with slightly scathed eyes.

He's someone who has no business doing this to her...

What the heck is happening? Has he lost his mind? He's crossed the line. He needs a break.

This time he'll have one.



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