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Chapter 2

He cheats a little by seeing her at school the next day, but he doesn't care. He has to get his education, right? The important thing is he's staying away from her home.

"Then who are you?"

Her words from the previous night echo in the vampire's head, as he grits his teeth, and wrenches his eyes closed.

He surely has to stay away from her home. He was her friend once upon a time. Someone she depended upon and trusted. He cannot take advantage of her by acting upon whatever ludicrous urges and desires suddenly possess him. He will not.

"That'll be $3.75."


Stefan watches Bonnie make her way through the crowded school cafeteria, over to the gang's circular table in the lunchroom, and immediately knows his vow will be easier said than done.

As the beautiful witch approaches the scooby gang with confident strides and a timid demeanor, he can't help but notice her long flowing curls, and the make-up caked upon her neck that does absolutely nothing to hide the love marks from his sharp vampire eyes.

He can't help but smile sadistically at the sight of the dark hickies on her neck. His mark. His bites, his suctions, whether she knew it or not. She was claimed. She belonged to him! No one else. Ever.

The ripper shakes his head dizzily and swallows slightly, at the sudden bout of possession.

He has to stay away from her! What the heck was he just thinking? He's losing his mind.

"Stefan keeps glaring over here at you, why don't you go talk to him, Elena?"

Matt Donovan's deep voice has the vampire suddenly breaking away from his tumultuous thoughts, as he notices his flustered ex hastily making her way across the cafeteria, over to him.

Why did everyone always assume it was about her?

Because it always has been...

Not this time. She couldn't be further from his thoughts.

"What do you want? I'm being a 'good little doppelganger,' Stefan, so you can be on your merry way! It's not like you truly give a damn about me anyhow."

Elena's words are cold, accusing, and filled with hurt, when she reaches him. Unfortunately his ears hear none of them, as they tune into a different conversation.

"Okay, someone had a hot night last night!" Caroline suddenly squeals as she covertly wraps an arm around her best friend's shoulder. "I didn't see them before, but now that I'm up close, I'm noticing at least THREE hickies! Who is he, Bonnie? Spill!"

"Actually, it looks like four..." Tyler nonchalantly piggybacks his girlfriend's excited chatter, while Stefan smirks with pride and satisfaction.


The vampire all out grins at his little witch's clarification, absentmindedly licking his lips when she worries her bottom one.

"...I told you someone was sneaking into my house." she sighs and finally opens her closed eyes to meet her friends dumbfounded expressions. Matt's worried, Tyler's intrigued, and Caroline's impressed.

Only one word seems to fly to the forefront of the group's minds.


Stefan's ego couldn't be bigger if he owned a helium tank.


Hot air surely shoots out of his ears that night.

He paces his bedroom like a madman for hours. Chugging scotch, chugging beers, smashing bottles, smashing decanters.

His feelings quickly morph from lust to hate.

He watches the glass shatter against the wall and explode around the room. He hates Bonnie fucking Bennett for having this pull over him, this...control over him. That's what she has! A sort of control over him, that attracts him to her every night! Beyond his will! Stefan doesn't like being controlled. He despises being controlled!

So as an act of defiance he leaves the Manor and takes off for a night on the town.

He sucks the life out of three innocents, and merely rips a fourth apart for good measure, before proceeding to have quite the ferocious orgy with not three, but five women.

In the morning he kills them all, and leaves them in the lavish Holiday Inn suite, because he isn't satisfied. Not with them! Not with the killings! Not with his blood lust! Not with anything!

He's dissatisfied. Dissatisfied as hell!


That night - Saturday night - he gets into a fist fight with Damon.

His brother demands to know about the 9 vicious massacres Carol Lockwood is tearing the town apart over. And since Stefan answers to no one, he allows a powerful uppercut to do his talking.

Damon goes to punch him hard across the jaw, but ends up getting kneed in the gut instead.

He's high off of a ridiculous amount of human blood, so his older brother ends up getting the shit beat out of him, to be quite frank. It feels good as hell too.

Allows him to let off some much needed steam.

Damon saves a massive amount of lives that night. Whether he knows it or not.


Sunday afternoon he's at the grill, minding his own damn business, munching on a chicken salad sandwich, when she interrupts this peace.

Up until this point he's experienced the most natural day of his entire weekend. He'd only killed three town's people, fucked two women, and he'd managed to feel significantly less antsy and unsettled than the previous days as well. Until she came storming into the restaurant, mid-huffy sentence, with boy wonder hot on her heels begging for her forgiveness.

Stefan would've been fine, he'd like to believe, even though he immediately closed his eyes at the mere smell of her lavender body wash, hitting his nostrils with her natural honey suckle scent. He would've been fine, had she not done the one thing that instantly obliterated his will to stay away from her any longer.

She cried.

The seventh night he's back to his old ways, so fuck it.

He stands in her empty house, amidst her quiet bedroom, chewing into his bottom lip, as he prepares to do something incredible stupid.

He slowly walks over to her bed, eyes glued to her caramel form, as he carefully sits onto her mattress.

Bonnie's eyelids are fluttering, her breathing is shallow, and her skin is sweating again, as his right hand slowly caresses down her left arm, and he wonders why he cares.

She shivers, and he moves the appendage up to run the backs of his fingers against the bags under her eyes.

Her sleep's been worsening. He noticed at the grill.

Why the FUCK does he care? About her sleep, about her hurt and pain, about her CRYING? Why the FUCK does he care about any of it? HE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO FEEL!

She whimpers suddenly in her sleep, and before he knows it he's wrapped around her like a second skin. Strong abs pressed firmly to her back, as his right arm wraps rigidly around her middle, crushing her lithe form to him.

It happens so fast, he barely even registers, till it's done. And they're fused together like Velcro.

What the fucking fuck fuck?

He can't seem to get out of her bed fast enough.

He's haphazardly scrambling in the expanse, and nearly tumbling out of it, when he suddenly feels a certain weight settle onto his torso. Like a light and comforting bed sheet.

"Don't go." comes her quiet whisper, as he looks down to see her draped around his taut abs with her head resting against his chest...heat teasing and titillating, beyond subjection, even through the fabric of his black wife beater.

"Stay. Please." Bonnie's lips move against the cotton shirt. "Stay here with me."

She's asleep, and doesn't realize what she's asking. But his determination to keep from taking advantage of her is waning.

She would not be asking this if she knew you'd ruthlessly murdered a society of people not even two days ago! The voice in his head determinedly reminds. Don't do it, Stefan! She would not be asking if she were awake! You're a murderer! She'll hate you forever when she finds out!

The ripper grits his teeth and lays his murdering tail down onto the bed with a vengeance, taking a deep, man slaughtering breath, and slowly letting it out when he feels the little witch sigh contently against his homicidal chest.

"You really should stop taking those sleeping pills." he rasps quietly, as he relaxes a bit further into her mattress, and tentatively brings a strong arm to rest around her small frame.

"I know."

He smiles a bit as he feels her hold on him tighten slightly.

"Don't leave, okay?"

For unknown reasons he feels the need to assure her, even if it is falsely.

"I won't."

What's wrong with him. He's not supposed to feel anything. Why does she make him?



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"Stefan" "I want you inside of me." "Please. Take me. Make love to me."