A/N Just a little disclaimer that may be obvious but still. I do not own Glee, I do not know personally anyone mentioned. This is purely a fiction exercise. Also because English is not my native language you may have to excuse some mistakes I may write. That being said I hope you enjoy it. :)

You were still very tired from the journey home. You had spent over two months in Australia and New Zealand in the set of a big production movie. You loved your job as a makeup artist but sometimes these long periods of time away from home could almost leave you exhausted.

Anyway, even though you had only arrived the day before there you were getting ready for Dianna Agron's birthday party. You had been friends with her since you worked in the makeup department of Glee, throughout most of season one. Then bigger, more interesting artistic wise opportunities came in, mostly great movie productions and you had no shame in accepting them. But still your friendship with Dianna grew stronger and you were pretty much best friends. You were also friends with some of the members of the cast but not very close. People who had joined the show by the end of season one or later were merely acquaintances to you and some of them you had never even met.

So there you were trying to find Dianna in the party. Nearly everybody had some kind of costume or fantasy since the party was themed. Circus themed, she had told you.

You were not very willing to leave the comfort of your couch at home, let alone managing to find or even think of a costume for the party. So there you were, no special fantasy, just the first skinny clean jeans you found and a black top. Of course you were the one feeling weird among all those people in disguise.

You look around and you can only spot Kevin McHale or at least you think it's him because he has all this weird and heavy makeup on. "Jesus, what a lousy job, very bad makeup artist," you think he might have done that himself. He's talking to a taller guy who had the same makeup job on his face. "Jesus, it's a circus indeed," you chuckle amused.

As you approach Kevin and the other guy you quickly recognize him. "So, this is the famous Sebastian Smythe." You remember some of the episodes he did and you remember thinking "Like there weren't already enough hysterical fangirls and fanboys watching this show, they go and put on a guy like this."

As you reach Kevin he looks at you and shouts "Oh my god! It's you!" he immediately hugs you. "How are you? Wait a second, why are you dressed like that? Weren't you told this was a themed party?" He frowns amused.

"Ah, for fuck's sake, Kevin, less than 24 hours ago I was arriving at LAX from probably the most intense two months of my working life. If Di wasn't one of my best friends I wouldn't even be here. I would be sleeping at my comfy bed. Think of me as the freak of this party." You make a weird comic smile and immediately Kevin and the Sebastian guy burst into laughter.

"Oh, by the way this is Grant." As Kevin introduces you both Grant extends his hand and you shake hands in a somewhat clumsy way. Grant stares at you for a bit which makes you feel a little self-conscious. "So, where's Di?" You ask suddenly to Kevin, breaking the awkward eye contact with Grant.

"I'm pretty sure I last saw her over that corner, near the bar." He points in the opposite direction.

"Ok, I'll try to find her. See you guys." You smile. "Sure, but I still want to hear all about your time in Australia and New Zealand!" Kevin shouts as you are already walking away. You look back nodding at him only to find Grant staring at you again with a stupid smile. "Is he stupid or something?" You wonder amused as you make your way to the bar.